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directors commentary re: starblaster interviews

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ok for a silly dialogue-only interview fic i ended up constructing a shit ton of lore and headcanons to back the text up - i did a lot of haphazard construction of meta re: 2 suns planet and what the taz crew were doing before they were chosen for the mission, along with some character work re: young ipre kids. this could be useful for people writing, or at least interesting. 

so, for all three people who care im parting the curtain and posting the notes i was taking/headcanoning for continuity and later use —also feel free to gank any of these ideas for your own stuff, just lmk so I can check ur shit out too!:

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okay but how!!!! iconic!!!! is!!!! this!!!!! episode!!!! 

  • magnus’ wood working beginnings and vulnerability with his first duck attempt
  • taako’s words of wisdom and start of blatant theft with zero remorse 
  • merle’s interpretive jazz and the line “the audience applauds hornily" 
  • barry!!!! lup!!!!!! in love!!!!!!  (side note: griffin playing two people in love all by himself) 
  • davenport canonically sings opera beautifully, well enough that the voidfishes want to broadcast it to the world 
  • stressed campus students representation 
  • the voidfish love magnus and lucretia #fact 
  • b a b y   v o i d f i s h

Meet the women on the new $10 bill

Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul will be on the back of the bill, while Alexander Hamilton’s image will still appear on the front, the Treasury Department announced.

“I’m very excited by it, and I think it’s much bigger than just honoring one woman,” Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told NBC News. “This is about saying that our money is going to tell a much bigger part of our story.”

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chateaudonterre  asked:

the fmk variant with a) taako magnus and merle and b) lucretia barry and lup

A) Okay, I’d go with getting randomly assigned as Merle’s lab partner for a whole semester because he might not have a clue what he’s doing but he’d at least try

Get stuck in an elevator with Taako because after the first hour he’d probably finish hi monologue about how much he hates elevators and how they’re the source of all evil and move onto other fun topics. This has potential to go either Very Wrong and both of us will die, Taako might just decide to blink out of existence for the remainder, or he’ll produce snacks from somewhere. It’s a toss up, but it’ll be entertaining

Get Magnus as my employee trainer because he’d be encouraging. Loud, but encouraging

B) Lup as my lab partner because it’d be a nice balance of fun and actually putting in the work to produce Excellent Projects

Stuck in an elevator with Lucretia because she has enough stories that the time would pass quickly and also she just seems like a really fun conversational partner. I enjoy deadpan humour a lot

Barry as my employee trainer because he’d patiently explain stuff I don’t get the first time

So I’m a sucker for motifs in music, especially when a motif in one song is brought back in another song

And I just listened to the “Lucretia” track on Griffin’s soundcloud and I was like “huh that sounds familiar” and then I remembered that there was a track called “Madam Director” and I was like “…..fuck”

So I listened to it and YEP it’s got the same melody they’re just stylistically different (the difference b/w Lucretia & The Director?) and I just wanna give a big shout out to Griffin McElroy for both making me extremely happy and emotional vis a vis musical motifs