-.. I just think there’s this, love that you strive for your entire life for and you’re worried that you’re never gonna get it and you try your best to be the best that you can be, so you can find somebody to be with. And then you find it, and everything makes sense. Your happiness and your success isn’t as important anymore, because it’s all about the other person, but the other persons happiness and success, makes you the happiest you could ever be..
—  Kaelyn Petras (x)

Life is really short, no matter how you see it. And so if someone spends their precious time on earth disliking you for some shitty, superfluous reason, that sucks for them. That person is going to look back on their life when they’re 80, and they will regret spending all their time disliking or hating someone, when they could have spent their time doing something so much more fun.

Like going to Taco Bell.

—  Lucy Elizabeth

This video is so important.