A friend has tag me on her blog for a mini questionnary funny. I didn’t put the rules here because it’s a french questionnary (i translated my answers below). Anyway, i drew some of my answers, because… i wanted. :o

  • A book that, in some way, changed your life?

I would say…that book about a 16 old girl who die in an accident and she go to the « paradise », where time are reversed. And she became younger every day.

  • If you can have the power of a famous fictional character, which one would you take ?

Green lantern. Create what i want only by the power of imagination and willpower… it’s more than a dream!

  • Your Pokemon trip will start, what one will accompany you in your journey?

Whimsicott (エルフーン) He’s so cute, I can’t resist ;_;

  • A popular person you’d like to meet after death?

I have a few names that come to mind, but i don’t know what to say to them… I’d prefer see my grandmother ^^ ’

  • If you could put the Sorting Hat of Hogwarts, what you want hear screaming ?

Ravenclaw !! °^°

  • A city, a place where you really don’t want to go back?

Chanay (France)

  • Rather snow or sun?

Snow ! More things to do :3

  • In which animal would you reincarnate ?

Deer <3

  • A video game from your childhood you remember the most ?

Double dragon

  • What was the last really bad song that you had in mind?

The Little Chick Cheep .. and now i will have it in mind AGAIN, THANK YOU! è_é

  • And for the body in the basement, … we did what ?

What basement ? I thought i put it in the laundry!