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…aaaaand now for something completely different - a messy sketch of Steve visiting a recovering Bucky in Wakanda!

they were chillin during a Food Network marathon and Bucky’s slouch intensified until he passed out on his pile of pillows. awwww! <3

been meaning to draw artist!Steve for a million years and was finally motivated to do it for…secret reasons. more info coming in December. :D
How They Make You a Weapon

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How They Make You a Weapon    fic series

How Hydra turned Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier  (told through the Winter Soldier’s eyes) | 39K words total, runs from pre-CA:TWS to post CA:TWS

includes side- missions: Control (1989), Juneau (1994), Siberia (1953), Woodstock(1969)

How They Make You a Weapon — the Comic:

Shave and a Haircut


1989-comic: part 1, part 2

words by monicawoe, art by luckyraeve

[screaming] MOOORTAAAL KOOOMBAAAT!!! [techno music intensifies]

bucky circa 1994 about to check out what the cool kids are playing. :P

i wasn’t gonna post more WIPs for this comic, but i think we could all use a distraction right now so…here’s a shit quality gif cuz i’m just trying some stuff out at the moment.

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fanfic this comic is based on
HTMYAW - the comic


MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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inking in progress of my old-timey #team freezer geezers illustration for a steampunk AU story by @monicawoe <3

the finished illustration and story will be published in the @notwithoutyoufanbook - over 300 pages of new artwork, comics, and stories from 60 contributors! *u* there’s still 13 days left to reserve your copy at the Kickstarter page.

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they call him the crayon soldier.

finally! a trad media bucky to add to my collection of buckys. wow, i need to use my sketchbooks more often. the last thing i drew in there was from 2014.

i made a sketchbook tag and i’m trying to be a good little artist and actually use it. so here’s another bucky sketch rendered with salmon pink and red-violet crayon. R.I.P salmon pink crayon. we had good times. you shall be missed. ;A;

ASDFGHKL!!! I mentioned wanting to add a few animated elements to my Winter Cyborgs comic, so I did a little animation test and HOLY JEEBUS LOOK HOW RAD THIS TURNED OUT!!! It’s a bit spoilery, but I’m just too flippin’ excited about it not to share!!! (I used a ref photo for the Cyclone, of course, and I seriously don’t understand why it had so many signs on it, and so close together too…wth? Also, I never want to draw a roller coaster again.)

ahem…lift your hand if you thought this comic project was dead. *lifts own hand*

i vaguely recall being frustrated and unhappy with how pg2 was turning out, so then i saved and closed (and probably took a nap) and then completely ignored it for 5 months, ah ha ha haaaa…*sigh*

but yeah, today i braced myself and opened the file and…i’m totally ok with it now. like, i dunno why i was even grumpy with it 5 months ago? i guess i just wasn’t in a comic drawing mood. *shrugs*

anyhoo, pg1 is done. pg2 panels are in various states ranging from almost done to rough sketch to not even properly planned out (and yet, i opened pg3 just to see what’s what and it had all panels properly planned??? wth, past me?!!).

HTMYAW - the comic