Okay so I turn 18 in July, what!

So I’m going to Wales for a week starting on the 13th of July and you should totally come.

The house can…house…12 people, at the moment from uni friends and stuff I have at least 5 definites, probably 7. So it’ll be a mixture of tumblr-ers and uni friends, but rest assured my uni friends are all awesome and fandom-y and stuff. I’m thinking it’ll be a mix of first come first serve and fuck it let’s squeeze everyone in, because I’ve kinda over-invited at the moment.

What it will consist of:

A house in Wales, a week of independence, including sun, beach, cooking, games, chilling, pubs, etc. Relaxing funtime celebration woo!

ALSO on the 16th of July Edward Sharpe are playing in Manchester, and we’re totally gonna go. To make things easier to organise, you’d need to buy your own ticket from ticketmaster for the 16th, but my mum has said she’ll pay for most of the cost of a minibus taxi - we only have to pay £10 each, which is under half what it would be otherwise, so, sweet.

I’ll probably send individual messages, but will no doubt accidentally forget someone, so, yeah. Let me know ASAP if you want to and can come, and by ASAP I mean go ask your parents now you little crazy kid, tickets for edward sharpe may sell out.


luthienlight  asked:

Earl grey, green tea, and herbal! Hope you're having a good summer c:

Hey lovely, hope you’re having a swell summer too :))

earl grey: 
how do you take your tea?

- Ah this could be the longest answer ever because I drink copious amounts of the stuff, generally though I drink my breakfast tea with a smidgen of milk. All other teas plain (unless half a teaspoon of sugar will bring out the flavour, which with certain fruit teas it does), and sometimes when i’m feeling adventurous i’ll steam some vanilla milk for my Earl Grey to make a London Fog!

green tea: where do you feel most at peace?

- Early morning walks to uni, where there’s hope for the day and i’m in an environment i’ve chosen to be in.

herbal: post a selfie

That night I promised myself
that the bad thoughts would dissipate

I would go about my business as usual;
do as habit told me and ink my skin
as though nothing were amiss

but that was what made me realise that
I was inking the course of my envisioned ruin
and all at once I questioned why satisfaction
made me so inclined to be a danger to myself

I was so desperate to escape
my treacherously beautiful fleshy prison
that I forgot momentarily that there were others
who could see me and there were others
who did not need me to hurt
who wanted me safe
who loved

but you never once slipped my memory
for in the instant that I thought up these nightmares
you were there, fearlessly, amidst  
my shaking disarray
of clutter
ed feeli
ngs and fals
e mem

Thank you for being
my steady hand in the dead of night
when all I want to do is
tear myself to pieces

Thank you for being
my guide in the blackest of days
when all I can dream
is a place for myself in the ground

Thank you for being
my safety in the hazy afternoons
when all I want to do
is cry

Though I could more simply say
thank you for being.

Robin, this is Maz. 

I don’t think my portraits are reflective of personalities but I think this shows how compatible I think you two are. If you look at the two doodles, you can see that I’ve used similar colours yet the intensity and style of the doodles are different. I think this is because I view the two of you as similar but not the same, like, you compliment each other. A bit like Yin and Yang. 

♡ for my beautiful lady - songs from our past, present, and future ♡ [listen]

i. enchanted - taylor swift // ii. kiss me slowly - parachute // iii. fall - ed sheeran // iv. daylight - maroon 5 //v. friday i’m in love - the cure // vi. in the dark i see - lights // vii. munich - the fray // viii. past lives - kesha // ix. still into you - paramore // x. always - panic! at the disco // xi. parenthesis - the blow // xii. she keeps me warm - mary lambert

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A ‘follow forever’ of sorts, I suppose! Highly recommended blogs for both the content and the people who run them :) A mixed bunch this time, ranging from 'I talk to you often’ to 'we simply have a mutual follow and it is beautiful’. I tried to make the list concise, though sorry if I missed anyone out (I probably did)!