@_02 and I have been trying to hang out for a while now and yesterday was a perfect day to meet up with him and several others! Matthew has a great eye for detail and loves meeting new people! His love for Jesus and people inspire me!! This was taken at #LuckyDogBooks ! I have never seen such a beautiful book store in my entire life!
This is by far one of my favorite portraits I’ve ever taken. Great meeting you Matt! Can’t wait to hang again!

Hey, Tumblr: Look who made Dallas happen!

Y O U!

What: In-store reading/signing of Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir

Where: Lucky Dog Books, 633 W. Davis Street, Dallas, TX, (214) 941-2665

When: 7pm on March 16, 2013

Event tags: #tredoesdallas @luckydogbooks #heartshapedmemoir @tremillernyc

Deets: In-store purchase not necessary for signing. (If you pre-ordered the book, bring it!) At the event, books will be $20 (cash only) and IRL hugs are freeeeee!

Logistics: Feel free to suggest a bar in walking distance for post-event. Also, can you park away from the store? Something about the closest four spots being reserved (but unmarked) for loading/unloading.