The ways he shows that he’s in love with her and doesn’t even know it are so adorable. Even when it’s just a picture of the girl he loves, his face lights up and his lips naturally curve into a smile. You can tell, just by looking at him, that his heart is happy. How can you not love him?


sorry but how cute are me & my girl?! together two years this year and i’ve never been so happy in my life. absolutely over the moon to be with my best friend and my soulmate!  completely besotted.  

to the monkey, from a most curious cat:

it seems i’ve gotten myself into a mess
i dared to provoke a monkey
i pushed the red button, but i must confess

that i’m feeling a little… spunky
i shall answer his challenge with a smattering of love
& if i am especially lucky

he’ll be flattered by this; he won’t give me the shove
for who can resist a nice rima job?
not the devils below, not the primates above;

do crappy cutesy poems make monkey hearts throb?


i really hope you hate this. i just want to be perverse.

massive thank you to @queerisaks for the banner, ily <3

hey guys! as a big thank you for helping me reach 6k followers (which i mean… how), i’m doing my first-ever follow forever. i can’t thank you guys enough for the massive support this blog has gotten over such a short period of time. every like and reblog and ask and prompt that i’ve gotten means the world to me, and i love you guys so so so much. you’re all so kind and incredibly cool, and i’m lucky to have you guys xxx

disclaimer: guys, i love you, but i follow like 300+ blogs on this website, and if i wrote down every single skam blog i follow + love, or every single one of my mutuals, there would be too many to count….so i really really really narrowed it down to my absolute favorites: the ones i admire from afar, the ones i love talking to, the ones that, in my head, are Iconic, you know? i love and cherish every single one of my mutuals, but i didn’t mention most of you  - please please please don’t be upset or angry…i love you! i really do !

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Okay but seriously? We, as a fandom, are so lucky rn. Like, most of our big headcanons actually turned out to be canon (Keith being Galra, Hagar being Altean, etc) so I think we should all just be happy about that

Honestly there is a lot in season 2 to be happy about and a lot to headcanon and build on!! like, it’s not perfect, but it’s not terrible either, and i’m sure the crew will be taking our reactions into account when it comes to season 3 <33 we’re lucky our creators and cast love us


«That’s what’s been bugging you?»

«I mean, when you look at me you wouldn’t think than I’m nothing but a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky joker. But that isn’t the real me. Behind all the quips and laughs, I’m a mess of hang-ups. I’ve always felt inferior to you guys. I’m not royalty and I’m not strong. I’m nothing, really. Unlike Gladio, I’m not good with people. The way he connects with them, he’s operating on a different level. Unlike Ignis, I’m not smart and I can’t cook to save myself. But when we hang out it’s so much fun I forget what I’m not. Then reality hits me like a splash of cold water, and I remember that I don’t belong. But I want to. Every moment I’m desperate to earn my place–to prove that I’m good enough»

«Think what you will, but I think you’re good enough for me»

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@Jtmaster. She's always positive, kind and sees the best in everyone. If I were Taylor, I would choose her to attend everyone of my concerts for free.

okay i honestly could not agree more wow, i’ve had the pleasure to Skype her a few times and she’s just as bubbly, hilarious, and beautifully kind as she is online, anyone would be lucky to be in her presence :))) love u jessssss


send me your favourite blog names and tell us what you love about them :)

this is the first thing i’ve drawn in 12 years and it shows

holy shit this is why i never draw their regular forms??? IT’S SO HARD??? HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT??

FOR THE EVER-LOVELY @supericebeam !!! HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY DEAR, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! thank you for being such an awesome person! i really look up to you and your art makes me happier than i could ever say <333333 i know i say it a lot i’m sorry lmao. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU AND AM LUCKY TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE I LOVE YOU

here is my paltry offering i’m so sorry it’s shitty omg i tried, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT ANYWAY


How do you get out of this labirinth? 

I’m working on my exams and my doubts -or at least I am trying- but there are a lot of things to do. The sky is getting dark out of my window and the lights in my room are not the best, but the tiny cactus is my lovely Lucky Plant 🌵🌺

listen to: Hold on we’re going home (Drake) Arctic Monkeys cover

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reminder that your friends, all of your followers and I love you for you and wouldn't trade you for anything in the entire world. i love you so much and I'm so lucky to have someone to loving, sweet, handsome, funny, nice, and caring in my life and im sorry people are treating you bad because you deserve the best life. I love you so incredibly much and thank you for bringing light into my life aj, I love you

camden thats super gay ur making me cry!!! fuckin!! ilysm


tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence