Beckett: You said earlier that money doesn’t change us, it just magnifies who we are. What did you windfall magnify in you?

Castle: My inner child,at first. Kind of like Hixton. The one who likes, you know, private jets, five star everything. But then I realized, the only luxury I truly care about is freedom - the freedom to write, spend time with Alexis. Having that money just allows me to love life on my terms.

Beckett: You grew up.

CASTLE 3x14 Lucky Stiff

An Ahrens and Flaherty Opening Number


The thrilling opening numbers that result from the collaboration of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (minus Rocky, because).

  • ‘A Rumour in St. Petersburg’ from Anastasia
  • 'We Are Descended’ from Dessa Rose
  • 'The Glorious Ones’ from The Glorious Ones
  • 'Something Funny’s Going On’ from Lucky Stiff
  • 'A Man of No Importance’ from A Man of No Importance
  • 'Overture/Twenty Million People’ from My Favorite Year
  • 'We Dance’ from Once On This Island
  • 'Ragtime (Excerpt)’ from Ragtime
  • Oh, the Thinks You Can Think’ from Seussical