lucky blue smith icons


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Gif icons: Lucky Blue Smith.

Under the cut you’ll find 106 gif icons of lucky blue smith made by me, please like or reblog if using. These are from almost all the youtube videos of him out there and are sized 100x100, i personally don’t care about what you do with these as a long as you give credit so go wild!! If you have any requests my ask box is open, enjoy!!! 

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Rose always hated the fact that Albus and Scorpius where best friends. She never liked the idea of Scorpius and her being in a relationship, especially when Scorpius asked her out on multiple dates. Each and every time she would say no. That didn’t stop him though, it only made him step up his game.Eventually after months of ignoring him, Rose saw him in a different light. Besides his last name, Scorpius stood for everything his dad was too afraid to express. Rose fell for him in that moment.