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this is a story abt a girl named lucky………EARLY MORNING……. SHE WAKES UP. KNOCK KNOCK KONCK ON THE DOOR

Offbeat (Part Two) - Auston Matthews

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Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,625

Warnings: Language 

[Part One]

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Ford had always been an organized girl, and it all stemmed from the first time she came back with a grade less than an impeccable “A.”

It was in her first year of middle school.

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please tell me they won't be so shitty to kill off cas permanently and replace him with an alternate cas that won't be our cas

pffft. no.

I’ve seen both episodes twice now, and I want to watch them both again before I write proper meta, but Dabb wasn’t lying. HE IS UNDOING THE ENTIRE NARRATIVE.

We’ve gone back to 1973, and seen what would’ve happened if Mary had left John dead there… if Sam and Dean had never been born… which they’d said would be BETTER in 5.13…


This is actually why I wore my Lucky Led Zeppelin t-shirt… which is “The Song Remains the Same.”

I wore a meta-relevant Led Zeppelin t-shirt. On purpose.

Kelly telling the baby that an angel was watching over him.

Dean and Sam and Cas seeing that the world was 100% NOT BETTER if they’d never been born.

Absolute proof that no matter what else had happened in their lives, the world is better for all the crap that Heaven and Hell have put them through all their lives.

SOMETIMES DOING THE RIGHT THING IS THE HARD THING, but it sure beats the hell out of the alternative.

But just like Bobby, whatever “Castiel” is in the alternate universe, it’s not OUR Cas… it’s not Dean’s Cas.

And what would be the POINT of bringing Cas through two thirds of his journey and then swap him out for a fake? One from a world where Dean doesn’t even EXIST?!

No, I am still trying to hold the magnitude of the whole story in my head, but GAH!

No, our Cas is going to be back…

Actions Speak in a Peculiar Language

a/n: I use too many commas and the title is meant to be a spinoff of “actions speak louder than words”

Alfred was always one for school spirit, but he tended to draw the line at spontaneous contact sports under the boiling heat of the spring sun.

“Rule one, don’t guard too close to the flag!”

Sure, every day brought them closer to summer, which meant class rigor was beginning to taper off, resulting in, well, this. Whole classrooms were transferred out onto the football field because screw review periods, capture the flag was way more fun.

“Rule two, if you get caught, you’re basically a prisoner for the other team until your own team member comes in and gets you out!”

Alfred wasn’t dressed for this. He’d long since abandoned his heavy leather jacket, yet nevertheless, his legs cooked under his full-length jeans and little droplets of sweat gathered at his forehead under the swoop of his slightly damp hair. It wouldn’t be long before his glasses threatened to slip down his nose.

“Rule three, whichever team gets all the flags by the end, or at least most of them by the time class is over, wins.”

Of course, since luck was always on his side, his team had elected him to guard their flag. He would’ve much rather been in an offense position. Hell, he was a fast runner and at least the wind from moving would give him some air, but as always, fooled by his muscular demeanor, the people had assumed he was a better defender. Their mistake. Alfred didn’t really care, he just didn’t like doing math in class.

“Alright that’s enough rules, you can start.”

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a kitty pome monster mash up - theres a bug of some sort cowering or penguin dead -  some times i 4get that its a miracle im knot - or locked up - but i whine a lot anyway -   no pre ma donna she  dances in the shadows caused by rain -motivational turtles interpret the polliwogs movements -  a lucky t shirt - ex static injured moth balls - island girl mia everywhere that im not - the heartbeat of the street - theres a cafe in my mind - i go there often - every one i love is there - always - a grown up startled start up artist paints the scenery - and i play without apology - no sorry excuses - infinity written on a sand grain 

Clumsy-Lucky Blue Smith Imagine

There were so many people crammed into The Royal Suite at the Plaza that Y/N was thankful that Vogue hadn’t decided to have the photo shoot in a room any smaller than the lavish suite. There were makeup artists, hair stylists, light technicians, nail technicians, assistants, and agents running around making sure everything looked perfect. Y/N had been so nervous about the shoot that the only thing she could stomach was a tall Starbucks cappucino; her agent will be delighted.

Unlike most of the young models, Y/N was scouted by a Ford Models representative in her home of Chicago. She had been wandering the streets with her friends while on winter break when a stylish, middle-aged blonde woman approached her, asked her if she ever modeled, and handed her a business card, telling her to give her a call. Her friends teased her about it since she was the clumsiest of all of them but they all made her promise to introduce them to Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, or Niall whenever she met them. Y/N’s parents weren’t extremely excited that their only daughter planned on taking a gap year before college in order to model, but the money she could possibly earned put student loans out of the question. A couple of years and countless jobs later, Y/N was awarded the coveted position of being on the cover of Vogue magazine. It was a milestone all of the flourishing models reached; it was a sign that they would definitely have a good career in the business. However, Y/N wasn’t so sure about the whole modeling career.

Most of her work consisted of editorials, photoshoots, campaigns, and the occasional TV spot, but no runway. Y/N was probably one of the clumsiest people to ever stumble onto the earth and when Karen, her agent, discovered this, she banned her from doing runway and Y/N was thankful for it; she didn’t want thousands of people watch her struggle down the runway like a baby giraffe.

So, Y/N sat quietly in the makeup chair as Heidi, a super-thin raven-haired woman, made her eyebrows look as good as Cara’s. Y/N’s long y/h/c hair was fashioned into big voluminous curls as though she was a ‘60s pinup girl. Her eye makeup was dramatic and she was wearing a black lace Rodarte slip dress. She was playing Temple Run on her iPhone in order to remain calm because not only was she shooting her first Vogue cover but she was also doing it with the likes of Lucy Blue Smith. He was one of the finest male models to walk onto the scene and was obscenely Instagram famous with his bleached white hair, ice blue eyes, and a stare that made girls weak in the knees. Y/N would be lying if she said she didn’t have a little crush on him, but it hadn’t been an issue for her since they had never met before the shoot. Y/N hoped that she wouldn’t embarrass herself in front of him.

“You look beautiful, Y/N, absolutely beautiful,” Karen said from behind her.

“Thanks.” Y/N didn’t look up from her phone.

“You’re nervous.”

“How am I not supposed to be nervous?” Y/N paused the game to make eye contact with her agent in the mirror. “I’m about to shoot the biggest job of my career with a guy so cool that his name is Lucky Blue. My name definitely pales in comparison as well as my modeling talents.”

“Don’t say that!” Karen chastised. “You’re an amazing model. Anna wouldn’t have handpicked you herself if she didn’t think otherwise.”

“I’m going to embarrass myself. I’m going to trip over something and bust open my lip.”

“Oh no you’re not!” Heidi said. “You are wearing nude Dolce & Gabbana lipstick and I will not let you ruin my work!”
Y/N held her hands up in surrender and allowed Heidi to finish her makeup job. In about five minutes, Heidi declared Y/N’s makeup to be completed and shooed her over to Mario who was doing the shoot. 

Mario was taking some test shots when Y/N nervously approached him. She had worked with Annie Leibovitz before as well as many other top photographers, but this was her first Testino shoot. How was she supposed to approach this fashion legend? What was she supposed to say?

Mario looked up from his camera. “Oh, Miss Y/L/N, it’s an honor to meet you!” He grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her cheeks, not noticing the young model had grown stiff.

“Oh, um, it’s very nice to meet you too,” she said. “I just wanted to know where you wanted me.” 

“Oh, I’ll let you know when Mr. Smith is done with his hair and makeup.”

But as if on cue, the tall blonde walked towards them with enough grace and swagger to make James Dean hate him. He wore a white Ralph Lauren button down with most of the buttons undone to show off his chiseled upper body and dark jeans that clung to his long legs. His usual smolder was replaced with a smile that could’ve made Y/N faint. 

“Hey, Mario,” Lucky said as he hugged the photographer. When they pulled away, he eyed Y/N, making her look away as her face burned.

Mario pulled away and turned to Y/N. “Oh, Mr. Smith, have you met—”

“Y/N Y/L/N, yeah, I’m a big fan.” He reached his hand out towards Y/N and Y/N prayed her hands weren’t too clammy as she shook it.

“Oh, um, thanks so much. I’m a big fan of yours, too,” Y/N said. 

Mario clapped. “Well, now that we all know each other, I want you two at the entrance. The whole idea is that you’re coming here to rendezvous after a date, okay?”


As they began walking towards the door, Y/N suddenly tripped over a spare cable and would’ve begun falling if Lucky hadn’t grabbed her arm. She felt her face burn as he helped her stabilize on her feet with a look of concern on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I just, uh, trip….a lot.”

Y/N could’ve smacked herself in the face. It was certainly impossible to make herself look like a bigger dork in front of him now. But Lucky didn’t seem to mind as he chuckled and they continued towards the door. Mario positioned them so that Y/N would pretend to walk through the door while grabbing the unbuttoned portion of Lucky’s shirt as though she was dragging him behind her. However, she had to keep a seductive look on her face as she did so. 

Mario called “Action!” and it began.

Y/N and Lucky faked walking through the door while keeping the poses as natural as possible.

“Give me more of a smolder, Y/N! That’s it! Perfect, Lucky, perfect!” Mario said as he snapped the shots. 

It took an hour to get that shot alone and it took another two hours since Y/N and Lucky had to change into their second outfits. This time, Y/N was wearing a light blue Agent Provocateur lingerie set underneath a silver silk robe. Lucy was shirtless and only wearing a pair of Calvin Klein jeans. Mario positioned them so that Y/N was lying on Lucky’s lap on the bed and he was leaning over her as though he was about to kiss her. Y/N was stunned by his eyes the entire time so it was hard to keep the chemistry between them going.

“Perfect, you two look perfect together!” Mario called. “Y/N, arch your back a little more, there it is!”
Y/N tried no to laugh since she was practically thrusting her flat chest into Lucky’s face, not that he seemed to mind. Lucky’s hand brushed a piece of hair out her face as he cupped her face. Y/N could feel herself getting hot from nerves again.

“Okay, now, kiss her!”

“What?” Y/N shot up from her position, knocking heads with Lucky, and giving her the biggest headache of the moment. She winced as she laid back down and several assistants crowded them. 

“Ouch,” Lucky muttered.

“I’m so sorry!” Y/N said as some assistants pulled her to the other end of the bed in order to expect her head. 
“The bump’s only showing a little,” one muttered.

“Are you feeling okay?” Karen asked.

“Yeah,  just embarrassed,” Y/N muttered.

Karen sighed as Heidi patted some concealer on the bump on Y/N’s forehead. “It wasn’t too bad. You’re actually kind of cute out there.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Mario called them back over and they continued the pose from where they left off.

“I really am sorry about that,” Y/N said.

“If you didn’t want to kiss me, you could’ve just said something,” Lucky teased.

Y/N opened her mouth to say something but promptly closed it. She definitely wanted to kiss Lucky Blue Smith but she was too scared of injuring both of them again. 

“You don’t have to be worried about head butting me again.”

Y/N’s eyes went wide. “Did I say all that out loud?”

“Every word.” He smirked back at her and Y/N blushed.

Before he got his chance, Lucky and Y/N were called for the final outfit change. This time, Y/N was wearing a red and white floral Dolce & Gabbana dress and Lucky wore a white t-shirt and black Balenciaga trousers. They were both barefoot and Mario instructed them to hold hands and jump on the bed. Y/N felt like a little kid again as she tried to jump higher and higher than before.

“I bet I can jump higher than you!” Lucky shouted.

“Is that a bet?” Y/N teased.

So, the two took turns trying to jump higher than the first. Lucky began pulling some crazy poses as he did his and Y/N copied him, laughing the entire time. Mario praised them for each pose as he took the pictures. This was going to make for an interesting Vogue spread. 

Y/N started to jump higher only to be pulled harshly down. The shock and strength of the pull forced Y/N to collide with Lucky and they both landed on the bed. Y/N blushed furiously when she realized their position and tried to get up.

 “Sorry,” Y/N muttered.

“No,” Lucky made his grip around her tighter, “I like this position.”

Y/N glanced at his lips and then at his eyes, but she didn’t want to make the first move. Fortunately, Lucky leaned forward and kissed her himself. His lips were soft against hers as Y/N leaned into it more and brought her hands to feather into his hair. It was like they were in a world of their own until a series of flashes broke them both out of it. 

“Anna’s going to love this spread!” Mario declared.

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who did the laundry my shirt is pink with minjoon!!💓

The whites are dead. 

The whites are blotchy, baby pink now, including Namjoon’s lucky t-shirt, and he’s holding Jimin’s brand new red gym shorts in his hand. 

“Jimin!” he shouts, and hears him pounding up the basement steps. 

“Yeah, babe!” Jimin shouts before he even rounds the corner. 

The first thing he sees is Namjoon with his shorts. “Uh-oh,” Jimin says and starts to flush. He brushes the paint on his hands off on his smock. “I…fucked up, didn’t I?” 

“Babe, even I know you can’t put stuff like this in with the whites,” Namjoon groans. 

“I,” Jimin hesitates, looking helpless, “had an absentminded artist moment?” 

“Yeah, well…” 

“I’m sorry, sweetie. It won’t happen again. Maybe we can…” he sighs, looking down at the ruined load of laundry. “Maybe we can rewash it with like…a shit ton of bleach?” 

“Can’t hurt,” Namjoon grunts. “If we do nothing, we have to toss it out. If the bleach doesn’t work, we have to toss it out.” 

“Great,” Jimin claps, looking suddenly more cheerful. “I’ll throw it back in then.” He reaches out for the laundry basket, wiggling his fingers. 

“Ah, no,” Namjoon declares. “I’ll do this load. You just keep…being your beautiful self.” When Jimin looks crestfallen he adds, “I love you, you’re amazing, but laundry’s not your skill set, babe.”

And well…Jimin couldn’t argue with that.



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