lucky ribbon

Day 2 - Domestic

It started with little things going missing. One of Jesse’s belt buckles. An arrowhead Hanzo was working on. Then it moved up to Jesse’s favorite serape and Hanzo’s lucky ribbon. The final straw, however, was the disappearance Jesse’s hat. Which so happened to line up with Hanzo’s lil’ noodle dragons, Soba and Udon, going missing. That was enough to get all of Overwatch on a Watchpoint-wide hunt for the missing items and creatures. Bastion was the one who found them in the end, items and dragons curled up in a nice corner of his garden that was shielded from the elements. Plus something the two men didn’t exactly expect.

“Hanzo? Did your dragons lay eggs?”

Hanzo knelt down next to the nest made up of his and Jesse’s worldly possessions. There, wrapped in a familiar red serape, were four eggs seemingly made of crystal. Within each one was a faint flickering light. Around the eggs slept Udon and Soba, both dragons too exhausted to even answer Hanzo’s silent summons. Hanzo lightly scratched Udon behind the horns. “It…appears so.”

“Huh.” Jesse sat down beside Hanzo, “How’s that, do dragons normally, aren’t they-”

Hanzo held up his hand to silence Jesse. “One, yes, spirit dragons can lay eggs. They are not formed in the usual manner. Instead the dragon removes a sliver of its power from its body to form the egg. Two, before you even bother to ask such a crude question no, my dragons did not have babies with each other. Clearly two are Udon’s, and two are Soba’s.”

“Unless it’s like a one-three split. Or they all belong to one. Soba seems the settlin’ down type.”

That got a smile from Hanzo. “We won’t know until the dragons wake up. Creation is an exhausting process, even for them.”

Jesse shuffled enough so he could lean against Hanzo. And, in return, Hanzo let his head fall onto Jesse’s shoulder. They sat together like that for a moment, watching the twin dragons slumber. When Jesse finally broke the silence he did so with carefully chosen words.

“But why? Why now? And why our stuff?”

The exact questions Hanzo was hoping Jesse wouldn’t ask. Hanzo grasped at Jesse’s hand, letting their fingers entwine around each other. “A lot of the knowledge about the dragons was lost with my father. However, I have a faint memory of seeing his own dragon nest like this. The dragon even stole my mother’s favorite kimono to make it. I remember sneaking out of my bed late at night just so I could look at the little egg with it’s shining green light within.”

“Aww, darlin’.” Jesse said in that tone he always used when he imagined lil’ Hanzo. “Wait. Green light? Don’t tell me-”

Hanzo nodded. “Nine months after that Genji was born, and the egg hatched.”

“I see, so you’re saying somewhere in the world four lil’ dragon summoners gonna be dropped off by the stork? Guess we can keep the eggs safe until then. Gotta admit it’s a shame we won’t be able to keep them. Bet dragon kittens are cute as all hell.” Jesse grinned. That sweet, clueless grin of a man who missed an important part of the story.

“Jesse.” Hanzo squeezed his husband’s hand. “The spirit dragons lay eggs when the head of the Shimada clan is expecting a child.”

“Yeah? But there ain’t a Shimada clan any-”

Jesse froze. He looked at Hanzo. He looked back at the sleeping dragons and the four eggs. He looked back at Hanzo. “Hanzo? Darlin’? You wouldn’t be expecting, are you?”

Hanzo tried to fight down a smile, but he couldn’t. Not with that adorable shocked look on Jesse’s face. “No, I am still biologically male and unable to carry a child. But…after you were injured last mission…the thought of settling down did cross my mind. Overwatch is rapidly growing and no longer requires everyone in the field. We could take on non-combatant roles, perhaps training the new recruits, or working solely on strategy-”

Jesse slipped his arm around Hanzo. “And adopt four dragon-summoning kids?”

“You did once mention always wanting a big family.”

Soba and Udon wiggled around in their sleep, letting their bodies flex and coil before resting back against the four eggs. Jesse moved as well, taking the moment to lean down and softly kiss Hanzo on a lips. A kiss that spoke of a future together. Of a future neither of them were expecting. But that didn’t mean it was unwanted.

“And there ain’t anyone on this Earth I’d rather have one with, darlin’.”

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Known as hag stones, holey stones or witch stones, rocks with a naturally occuring hole in them are said to give humans the ability to peer into the world of Faerie when they close one eye and peer through the hole. They are considered by cultures around the world to be a protective amulet when hung on a cord. The Irish say to have one is lucky; hang from a ribbon in your home if you find one.