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Dom’s Interviews...

Alex Ow

From what I can remember… Her job, clothing line, and eating with Coca Cola addiction.  Didn’t really focus too much on the interview just Cody’s body language.  Ya’ll Cody went early to the interview to line himself up a front row seat to the interview.  Alex spoke and made no eye contact with Cody (maybe when she looked at Jason she snuck a peek) though you can see Cody staring in awe of her.  I truly love his level of respect for this woman because she’s hard core.  You know she’s there to win and she’s working hard to get that 500k.  He was shaking his leg nervously cause he couldn’t ask questions because he was with his woman. 

Ramses Soto

Ramses was so scared he started drinking Champagne as he sat down and he’s lucky he did.  Student, restaurant job, cosplay, and artist.  She went into the 25k question of who you think won it…  Do you think the person is still here… Chilllle… Dom started down a slippery slope of questioning and she didn’t stop.  He said one might still be here, one might have left.  She couldn’t get him to name names of who he thought took the 25k so she went and asked him to pick two people from the crowd and tell how you think they’d spend the money.  She talked about his sexuality… Just threw it out there like a bucket of water.  Based on your demeanor we all know what you are…. basically… so tell us who are you dating.  Yooooo… she was bold.  His brother is the only person he’s told I think.  Dom went in on Ramses and wanted his chronicles from childhood. SMH.  I was uncomfortable for him.

Cody Nickson

The Pièce De Résistance!  He’s a handcuff man… can get out of them with a bobby pin.  His attraction to Jessica and the showmance, even though it’s not a showmance.  Said he didn’t like Paul at first, he didn’t get a bracelet.  Megan had to go she disliked marines.  Now she goes into him being a leader and the decision he made to get Paul out did he forget the word TEAM.  He said he was selfish and just wanted to beat Paul.  Dom asked was there no communication at the time with your team.  Then Paul gets ahead of him self and shoots out the question was the decision yours or were there others.  Cody said that has to be a private conversation, we’ll talk.

He kept saying he knows he’s going home.  He would never campaign against Alex.  He didn’t want to show his love completely for her so he said there’s 3 people he wouldn’t campaign against, ever.  Those people are Alex, Jess, and Raven.  In that order people.  He said they are deserving, I respect them and I care about them.  Alex is Cody’s Achilles heel.  He told the whole room he knew he was being back doored.  Called Ramses on using his nomination this week.  Then Dom wanted to know if he had a spy… he’s like nah Dom I’m smart.  Then she kept pushing and he dropped the bomb that he just wanted Megan out and then chill the next couple weeks while they plucked off the outsiders

Outsiders…. Ramses face in shock… Yah don’t say Cody!  Then Josh came at him with a question and Cody shut him down.  I won’t answer any questions from you.  Then Dom wanted to know how Jess will cope… Cody says I won’t discuss it.  THEN MARK OPENS HIS MOUTH!   The one or two people who knew is going to help Jess’ game… That’s when Cody went the fuck off cause you threatening Jess in front of me.  You’re gonna go after her when I leave is that what you’re saying.

He went dark son…  Mark was like so one or two people were involved…  Then Paul says are you gonna tell us who.  Cody’s basically like fuck ya’ll I’m going home.  The whole time Matt and Raven made the decision to stay quite.  Elena tugging at Marks shirt to shut the fuck up… Lord… Jesus take the wheel.  Kevin looking spiffy… Ramses and Josh are like this has nothing to do with us.  Jason and Alex in the corner internally laughing I bet.  I was beautiful. 

Nothing else was important… End of Interview.  Then the HOH room with Paul and Cody discussing Christmas, Mark, and Dom was whole different ball game.

Super City Pt. 2

Here we are with part two of Super City. Jon and Damian are finally getting started and things are going to get fun. I hope you guys enjoy the chapter. 

Words: 3,330

Rating: Gen 

First Chapter | Next ChapterAO3 Link

Jon waited until his parents and Bruce left the restaurant to open the envelope his dad had handed him. He pressed the two ends of the metal tab together and opened the top flap before upending the contents onto the table.

A small plastic cylinder and an empty silver packet fell out. Damian picked up the packet to frown at it. Jon lifted the plastic tube and turned it over in his hands. It had a wrapper with the words Astrorox written on it next to a picture of an astronaut.

“What is this?” Damian asked, turning the wrapper over in his hands.

“It’s astronaut ice cream.” Jon said, “This one has the candies made into little pellets that are kind of like Dippin Dots but not at all the same.”

He looked over at Damian who was scowling. “What are you talking about, Jon? Dippin Dots? And how could that be an ice cream container? It’s insulation would be pathetic.”

With as smart as Damian was Jon kept forgetting that his friend was still so out of the loop about normal stuff. What kid hadn’t heard of astronaut ice cream or dippin dots? Jon had learned that Damian was the exception to the norm, but he didn’t mind. It made it all the more fun to share things with him.

“It’s freeze dried or something.” he shrugged. “Mom said they run it through a vacuum pump and use dry ice and stuff. They make different versions and flavors. I think the ice cream sandwich is good, but the rest are eh.”

“I know what freeze drying is, Kent.” Damian snapped, he only ever called Jon by his last name when he was frustrated, “What I want to know is why your father gave us trash as a clue. Mine isn’t even ‘ice cream’.”

“What do you mean? That looks like the wrapper for one of the blocks of ice cream.” Jon said.

“Well it’s not. It’s got Superman on the front, and it doesn’t say anything about ice cream.” Damian slid the metallic wrapper over to Jon.

His father was displayed on the front in one of his iconic flying shots. The description of the candy looked like it had been partially torn off leaving just the tagline: Perfect for every superhero in the making and the flavor at the bottom, strawberry.

“I guess we’re supposed to go to the place these came from.” Jon said. “I thought they were going to give us a riddle or something, but I guess it makes more sense to have physical clues instead?” He looked over at Damian for confirmation.

His friend shrugged. “I thought the same thing.” he smiled. “But this is preferable, this way we have to use our detective skills.”

Jon nodded. “Yeah.” he looked back down at the two empty candy wrappers. “There are only two places I can think of that carry these. There’s this candy store called Atomic Candy down on Main street.”

“And?” Damian prompted.

“And,” Jon rolled his eyes at him. “There’s a space museum in the historic district.” He thought back to the last time he’d seen flyers for the space museum. “Except they don’t have anything Superman related on display right now.”

Damian tapped a finger on the table. “If it were just the space ice cream I would say the museum, but they included the wrapper with Superman for a reason.”

“So, candy store?”

Damian nodded, “Then if we’re wrong we can check the museum.”  

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sterekwrecked  asked:

drunk!stiles (trying) to walk to derek's loft (because it wouldn't be very responsible to drive over obvs) because he misses him but he gets lost and has to call him to pick him up... also stiles is probs very cuddly when he's drunk so derek gets many hugs :) :)



Stiles was lost.

Very lost.

So fucking lost, and he didn’t even know why he was here in the first place.

He could at least admit that much. He didn’t want to, but he could admit it. Reluctantly. Because he was standing on a very dark corner, with the one very much not-on streetlight, next to a burnt down, probably arsoned, Chinese restaurant called Lucky Dragon, and he was drunk.

So drunk.

So very, very drunk.

He was legit about to die.

For real, there was a group of hooligans down the street who were definitely plotting to mug him, probably shank him in the process. His dad lectured him on this kind of thing, that happened, especially on the west side of town where he was. Right now.

He needed protection. That would be easy, he was in a pack of werewolves, these kids wouldn’t even know what hit them, it was about to be fucking awesome.

He just had to howl and signal them.

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People asked for Burgerpants.  So have 6 of him.

You’re welcome (◕‿◕)♡ (the door’s on your left)

A surprising amount of people asked for Burgerpants and Grillby.  Like, specifically.  In the same sentence.  To my knowledge, they don’t know each other??? Is there something I’m missing here????  I say as I decorate the edges wall to wall with burgerpants’ face  ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭

Also no more icon requests please, the next set is my last one.

I kinda wanna move on and just draw stupid comics about my dumb headcannons while spiralling deeper into hell (ノ´з`)ノ

Group 1, Group 2, Gaster, Asriel Boss, Group 3


This was my attempt six years ago at a Noir series featuring a protagonist who could make men gain weight by touching them.  It is incomplete but was a lot of fun to write. Someday, I might continue Lucky’s story. Until then…

First dates are boring. Lucky knew this; twenty eight years on earth taught him most gay guys were idiots. One on one interaction furthered this theory. Across the white tablecloth, David rambled on about his life and Lucky wandered the corners of his mind while keeping an interested face on. This was all pointless until any food arrived. Out of the corner of his eye, Lucky saw the waiter bringing their appetizers.   His attention snapped back to the real world.

David was the instructor of yoga at the Baltic Hotel. In an effort to stop any sprains from his constant working out, Lucky had been attending yoga sessions anywhere he found them while traveling. David was a good six foot five, with a lithe frame and tight lean muscles. In Downward Facing Dog position, David’s tight round ass made Lucky start thinking about how it would feel against his pelvis with another twenty pounds. Wouldn’t hurt to find out, Lucky reasoned.  This wasn’t some relationship where his boyfriend would complain about weight.  This is about sex.


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#11 for nalu please

11. Partners In Crime AU

This one isn’t the best, but I tried! I wanted this one to be funny!


“So, remind me again, why are you guys in jail?” Gray asks them. Lucy groans and Natsu grins at their befuddled friend.

“Well, you see, there was this guy, and he was hitting on Lucy, so I hit him, but then his friends showed up and Lucy jumped on one of their backs and she—”

“You punched a mall-cop, Natsu,” Lucy deadpans, burying her head against his shoulder. Her arms wrap around his stomach slowly and his arm slips around her in response.

What? That’s the only thing running through Gray’s head. What? What is wrong with these two? Sure, he expected this from Natsu, but not Lucy. Lucy is supposed to be the levelheaded one!

“He threw you into a wall!”

“Okay, no.” Lucy points an accusing finger at her spiky-haired partner in crime and pulls away to look up at him. “That’s not how it happened.” Natsu glares at her, and she glares right back. “The first part is right, a guy was being… less than gentlemanly and grabbed me where he shouldn’t have grabbed me, but then Natsu stormed up and started hitting him and I tried to get him to stop, but then the mall cops showed up, and one of them had a taser so I jumped on his back to stop him, and then I fell and Natsu punched him." 

Gray blinks. Once. Twice. A third time. “So…” he says awkwardly. “Natsu punched a guy while defending your honor, you jumped on a guys back to stop him from tasering Natsu, and then Natsu punched another guy because you fell?” He feels like there should be a punchline, but there’s not. “Alright, well, you guys are idiots.”

Lucy glares at him. “At least we weren’t arrested for public nudity.” Natsu laughs and tugs the fuming blonde into his side.

Gray blushes. “That was one time!”

"It was twice,” Lucy counters. “There was that time with Cana, and the other when you just started taking off your ants at that one restaurant. You’re lucky that it wasn’t filed as sexual harassment.”

“Fine,” Gray says, crossing his arms over his chest. “It was twice.” This isn’t how he wanted to spend his Friday, but at least it’s something he can laugh about later. “By the way, happy Anniversary you two.”

Lucy glares again, and she and Natsu stand as the cop from before shows up with the keys to their cell. “This isn’t how I wanted to spend our Anniversary,” she grumbles. Natsu laughs and kisses her quickly. Gray just shakes his head and grins at the happy couple.

Natsu pulls away from her slowly and smiles at her gently. “Now I can honestly call you my partner in crime.”

Mistletoe - EXO (part 1)

getting caught under the mistletoe with exo 

Dec. 21 (part 1): sehun, jongin, tao // Dec. 22 (part 2): kyungsoo, chanyeol, baekhyun // Dec. 23 (part 3): chen, lay, suho // Dec. 24 (part 4): kris, luhan, xiumin

Sehun: You stood in one of the doorways in the dorm, checking your phone. “Hey,” you felt a finger poke into your side. You immediately tried to shoo him away, only to see a Sehun’s slight smirk beaming down at you. “Hey, maknae!” You heard Jongdae yell over a sudden chorus of “Ohhs” and “Oos”. You followed the other members’ grinning gazes to the doorframe above you. Sehun looked up to see the mistletoe hanging above you. He narrowed his eyes, “What’s that?” You felt like you wanted to die. “Mistletoe,” you coughed. “Oh,” he said, face blank. There were claps and whistles from the other members. You face felt like you’d pressed hotplates against it and you needed to sit down. “Let’s just get this over with,” you said, turning toward him but not looking him in the eye. “Over with?” you heard him say, “With someone like me?” You forced yourself to glance at him, only to see a smug grin bordering on laughter. Sehun glanced at his bandmates, and you saw the first hint of embarrassment on his face. You took his momentary distraction to take control of the situation, pressing up onto your toes and pressing a light kiss on his lips. The second you did, whatever control you had gained disappeared. All you could focus on was the softness of his lips on yours, the light feeling fluttering beneath you. You slowly parted, rocking back on your heels and opening your eyes to see Sehun staring at you, running a thumb along his bottom lip. Somewhere in the background, you could hear the whoops and hollers of the other members. Your face turned a bright shade of pink and you turned on your heel, stomping into the room and past all the boys into a different hallway. As soon as you turned the corner, feeling the dread overtake you once more, you were pulled by a hand on your wrist. You turned to see Sehun as he pulled your wrist to him, regarding you intensely. “I-” he tried. You watched the struggle play on his face, “I didn’t mind that.” You stared at him with your mouth partially open in a little ‘o’. “Well?” he asked. You blinked, “I guess I didn’t mind it either.” “You’re so—” he began, but ending by bringing his head down to yours and kissing you once more.  

Jongin: It was near midnight, walking through an almost completely abandoned park. A leash wrapped around your hand, the ball of fur at the end of it pulling you through the frigid air. Jongin walked alongside you, holding another two leashes. Your midnight walks with the “children” had become a bit of a staple in your lives, not even phased by the freezing temperatures. You walked pressed up next to each other, because of the cold and because of the dogs’ leashes twisting together. It was comfortable for you despite the chill, wrapped in your thick coat and his arm pressed against yours. “Thanks for doing this with me. Even in the cold,” Jongin said, smiling through red cheeks. You rolled your eyes at your best friend, who knew you’d take the dogs on a walk through lava if you got to spend time with him. His schedule was so crazy, you rarely saw each other casually like this. “I love doing this,” you said. “Even in the cold.” Though you stared forward, you could feel his lingering gaze on your profile. After a while, you stopped under a tree and let the dogs sniff around while you stood in comfortable silence. You looked up at the boughs of the tree. “Mistletoe,” you said as soon as you saw it hanging on the branch above your heads. You looked at one another, then glanced away with awkward smiles. You felt the blush on your cheeks at your outburst. “Um, it’s poisonous, you know.” Wow, so much better. “Really,” you heard him say, though you were avoiding his gaze at all costs. “Uh-huh,” you swallowed, staring up at the plant. You felt a warmth and looked to see Jongin much closer to you, a small smile on his lips. “You really don’t mind being out here with me?” he asked. “Of course not,” you breathed, the little space between you full of your white breath, “When you’re gone, this is what I look forward to most.” The smile quirked up a bit more, “Me too.” Before you had a moment to think about his words, he closed the little space between you. Even in the cold, his lips were impossibly warm, accompanied by the burst of sudden warmth in your chest. You pressed together in the cold, the dogs scrambling beneath your feet.

Tao: “We’ll be late,” he said, grabbing your wrist beneath your coat sleeve. “We’re already late,” you laughed. He glanced back at you and shot you a slightly annoyed look, ruined by a content smile on his lips. He didn’t let go of your wrist, pulling you into the restaurant where you were supposed to meet your friends fifteen minutes ago. You both stood right inside the doorway, looking around at the tables. You saw your friends sitting right in the middle. One of your friends noticed the two of you and instantly grinned. He reached over and poked everyone on the shoulder, excitedly pointing at you. You and Tao looked at one another, knowing something was up. Your friends laughed, all pointing upwards. You looked up. A decorative mistletoe sat above the doorframe to the restaurant. “Lucky couple,” the hostess said, walking over to the two of you. You glanced at eachother again, the embarrassment lightly dusting your cheeks. You watched Tao mouth a “No!” at your friends across the restaurant. They all shook their heads ‘yes’. “Seriously,” he sighed, turning to you slightly, “They’re so juvenile.” Despite your own embarrassment, you couldn’t help but giggle slightly. “What?” he narrowed his eyes at you. “Oh, nothing,” you said with a smirk, staring at one of the most childish people you knew. “Um, I guess we should—I mean they won’t stop until…” he drifted off. “Yeah,” you weakly agreed, trying to suppress the excitement you could feel building in your chest. He shifted a bit, obviously uncomfortable. He bit his lip, “Okay.” He leaned down to you, to the point where you could feel the small intake of his breath when he laughed slightly, placing the curl of his finger under your chin. You smiled too, the awkwardness of the situation melting into kind amusement as he caught your smile in his own. It was sweeter than anything you’d ever tasted before. When he pulled away, you looked away from your friends in embarrassment, praying they couldn’t see the expression on your face. Using his finger still placed under your chin, he turned your head back to face him. “That bad, huh?” he smiled. You scrunched your nose and smiled, but before you could reply, he waved at your friend and began pulling you to them once more, this time his hand in yours.

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