lucky pocket

My lunar new year (2/6)

This is the favorite part in Lunar new year for many children, that is a lucky money pocket.

Its a tradition that older people give lucky money to younger ones, normally you will receive it since you was born until you are 20. Northern Vietnamese tend to give lucky money with greater amount than Southern counterpart, I think because the South really considers its as an tradition act and the number doesnt matter, but its different in the North. I used to received a lot when I was a child, but now I suffer because its my turn to give away my money to younger ones lololol

I heard somewhere that this tradition means for wishing the child a great year with full of luck and no harm. See the red pocket? We put money inside and give it to youngster, since we believe red brings luck and also it can fight away the demon.

Despite of the fact that I sucked at frying spring roll and burning my finger, my mom still gave me this, does she mean to tell me to stay away from sinning? Too late mom….

Haha, but what if, instead of secretly collecting Ladybug merch and obsessing over her, Adrien likes to collect little presents that he thinks she’ll like, but he’s just never had the courage to give them to her


So a couple of weeks ago I bought myself a pair of army surplus BDU trousers for a cosplay (I know, I know, guess which cosplay). I’ve been wearing them around ever since because of how comfy and sturdy they are, and how many things I can fit in my pockets while wearing them (my phone! My wallet! My keys! I don’t even have to carry a handbag anymore when I do my grocery shopping!). But only today did the full implication of the pocket situation come home to me.

That right there, if you’ll excuse the damp-hair-no-makeup look, is an ordinary B format paperback, very normal size and shape, half the books on my shelves look just like it. It’s due back at the library today, so I thought I’d head down to the park and finish off the last couple of chapters before dropping it off. How annoying, I thought. Everything else I need to carry with me fits in my pockets, and since I’m not going anywhere special I don’t really feel like taking a handbag, but if I’m taking a book with me for a walk I’ll need something to carry it in…


Paging @just-tea-thanks is this how you live all the time? How many book-sized pockets do you have in your uniform?? Are there more in the jacket as well???

141225 Donghae at Taco:

Just done eating ice-creams, went to hail cab for home but saw this dude got out of his car. We rly didn’t recognise him at all at first 

But suddenly he turned and doing something.. we saw him and we were like staring dumbly lols like he’s familiar…

But suddenly he looked at us, smiled and said “Happy Christmas!!!!” and we’re like … “Donghae?”

So we said “Merry Christmas!!” back. And he waved his V-sign at us and again said “Merry Christmas!” But then he froze like that and posed?

He really posed just like that and we’re like ???? we took our phones out and he was still smiling wiith the v-sign.

he was smiling with teeth! and actually waiting for us to take a pic it was so weird !! Then he said to us again Merry Christmas !!!

Then he got inside the car and left

-After one hour…-

We were spazzing in a coffee shop and I saw a sight that shocked me like hell. Lee Donghae suddenly standing behind  us!

He was leaning towards us and said “맛있게먹어요!” I was still frozen and the girls turned and he was still standing there smiling like wth .

Then he asked us “Why are you eating sitting here? It’s cold. Go sit a bit inside.” because we were seating near the door..Then we are like, uh.. After that he went out of the cafe, waved at us and bid us goodbye, we all waved like BYE?



Leysa rolled her eyes “another job, another city, another school, another first day.”

It had gotten to the point where the constant transfers due to her father’s work were getting on her nerves, still shed support him every step of the way.

Keeping her lucky dart in her pocket she waited for class to start. She decided to wear the girls uniform for once since it was too hot for the boys one.

“Let’s just get this day over with…”