lucky people!!

I am home and a bit achy, but well-provided with pain management medications. I will say that everyone at the hospital treated me great (Beth Israel Deaconess, for anyone in the Boston area). If anyone out there has questions about my medical stuff, I’m open to asks and am happy to answer things privately. 

I may post some TMI-ish updates but if I do it’ll be clearly labeled, tagged, and behind a cut. 

<3 you all

ymsdjebzcwankr  asked:

Do you ever get excited by the fact that only you know all the ships and the entire story line of your au?

ahahah well actually there are a few lucky people that know already all the story but it’s because they are my counselors! they need to know in order to give me advice when i feel in trouble haha  

So today I woke up to tweets from fans saying that apparently fans that were invited to the reputation secret sessions 1) were being super disrespectful and cocky about it towards other fans 2) stole things from Taylor’s house & 3) leaked the reputation album son list… if any of this is actually true I’m so dissapointed that some fans would actually be this direspectful and do this to someone that is our idol and invited you lucky people into her home.. AND not only is taylor going to know what shitty people you are, you always probably ruined it for all of us that haven’t gotten invited yet 😩😭💔. OKAY RANT OVER

deepwrongfeelings25  asked:

Opinion on horseshoes being lucky or unlucky if hung the wrong way ?

The superstition is that, if the horseshoe is facing down, then the luck spills out.
Honestly you can make anything lucky. It really doesn’t matter. It’s like how people consider pennies lucky, but some people only consider them lucky if they’re heads up. It’s whatever. If it’s lucky to you, then it’s lucky.


RARE PHOTOS OF YANA TOBOSO APPEARING IN PUBLIC (2017/09/16, Black Label Pop-up Store in Osaka, Japan)

According to YANA’s tweet, she was the person inside this giant Bitter Rabbit costume suit. Of course, she didn’t tell her fans about it in advance, so all these people who went to the the Black Label store thought it’s just a random staff wearing an animal suit, when in fact they were shaking hands and taking photos with Yana! xD

Yana’s tweet from 2017/09/16

Today, when I was shopping at LUCUA at about 3PM, I suddenly got swallowed by Bitter Rabbit who probably mistook me for his afternoon snack and ended up spending half a day in his stomach. After the persuasion by the staff (they were like “Haven’t I told you not to pick up and eat everything? Spit it out now!”), he eventually spitted me out in the evening though. - Toboso

When I was in Bitter Rabbit’s stomach, I could faintly hear the [visitors’] voices outside. Everyone seemed to have fun, and this made me really happy. Thank you, Bitter Rabbit! Everyone, please come visit Bitter Rabbit, too. However, this rabbit is full of curiosity, so please be careful not to get gnawed [and eaten] by him like me!  - Toboso

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

yo dont send biphobic shit to my gf thinking she gonna kiki w you lmao??? on what actual planet does ya dusty self think she gonna date my hella Bi ass and gonna be about u being a dry sponge lmao that shit gets screenshotted and directly sent to me and i gotta be the one to calm her wrath down cause she ain’t here for that biphobia she just ain’t about it like lol??? go outside?? do yoga?? take a laxative?? the person u are trying to reach is unavailable - please hang up and try again???


“Have you had any awkward fan interactions?”

“I’m hugely lucky because people always tend to be very, very nice, particularly playing a character like Brienne of Tarth, people can be very enthusiastic…To one extent…”

Do you believe in soulmates?”
“I do”
“Do you think you’ll ever meet yours?”
“Hopefully. Which is why I’m not scared to love someone no matter the distance between us, because I’m not one of those lucky people whose soulmate is living in the same city as them.
—  Day 245