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Okay, realized I’ve been viewing my own big photos incorrectly for a year now, it should be fine. Just look at it in hi-res u vu

WELL IT’S DONE. IT’S FINALLY FUCKING DONE. Click picture and select to view it in a different tab to see the details of this thing, I don’t know how to put up big photos on tumblr without it losing its quality in the preview (aside posting it in a text post but who wants to do that?)

Anyway, after weeks of breaking my back for this it’s done…Heaven and Hell main characters look on in disdain and other mixed emotions at their common enemy, Isaac and his creation, Even. Also the binary in the back DOES say something but I’m not telling :}

I hope you all like- no, you ALL BETTER LIKE THIS THING YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS I HAD TO DO TO WORK ON THIS but I kid, like it or not, up to you ; v; <3

Ps: Check the DA link for it to really see the detail cleanly

anonymous asked:

But what If Penny continues some of these AU's but with some OC's? She could start small like that and maybe one day she will have a completely original book idea for you complete with OC's and everything. ^^

*shows ask to Penny*

Penny: To me, there is a great difference between an idea for a fan fiction and an idea for an original story. For example, if you tried to change Lucky Us into an original story, anyone would look at it and say, “But isn’t this the plot of You’ve Got Mail?” And they would be correct. It is a hybrid of You’ve Got Mail, Rainbow Rowell’s “Attachments,” and other such epistolary stories. One may forgive Marinette for being a Mary Sue in Lucky Us. One would not be so forgiving of whichever unfortunate soul tries to take her place.

Penny: This is the current struggle with our thesis novel. MSTK started out as a fan fiction until I realized it was too original to continue as such. However, because the idea was so closely wedded to the fandom it came from, it is difficult now separating it from the source and making it into something new. It took six pages of brainstorming just to find a way to make the protagonist unique.

Penny: Therefore, I would rather write an original story from scratch. (And I have many amusing ones to tell.) Let fan fiction be fan fiction and original fiction be original fiction. Building the latter off of the former is more trouble than it’s worth.

meant to be

pairing: bokuto/akaashi
summary: a bokuaka side-story to the iwaoi hogwarts!au (though you don’t have to have read the original fic to understand this one!)
note: for camila; happy belated birthday! i’m super, duper lucky to have someone as lovely as you in my life ^^

“And we’re off!” Bokuto exclaimed, plastering himself to the window as the train finally jerked on the track, the whistling of the steam overshadowing the noisy farewells from the families on the platform. One of his pumped fists hung a little aimlessly in the air, like he’d forgotten to put it back down in his excitement.

Behind him, Konoha caught the eyes of the other boys in their compartment and rolled his own. “A whole train ride to the castle,” he drawled, slumping where he sat. “That’s a lot of Bokuto.”

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So yes, here’s my White Queen Blanche! Ready for battle against her younger sister oh dear. If you didn’t figure it out her sword handle is suppose to look like a Queen chess piece while the hilt is the flower you see the Queen of Hearts holding on your basic playing card set. Ha ha!

Style is based off this lovely user’s work on Pixiv! Thought it was a cute style and wanted to try it out while still using my own method of drawing too.

Wow, so I was really surprised to see I have 200+ people following me the other day! Thank you so much for the follows and I hope I’m still entertaining (though I’ve been really lame with updating lately with my own art…)So have a picture! Decided to do Mammon because I missed him.

Little info on him since he is an ‘original’ character: Mammon is a Prince of Hell and controls greed and riches. Technically he was never a fallen angel but came into being after Lucifer was able to make an embodiment of avarice after observing the greed of humans. Because his existence is the fault of humans he’s one of the few higher up demons who doesn’t mind human beings.

I decided not to line his hair to make it look more solid, like gold. The writing on his sash is Hebrew for “wealth” and the hand not dropping coins is the mundra (hand symbol) for 'wealth [goddess]’. Normally the hand is upright but since he’s a negative version of wealth rather than the positive I decided to direct it going down. His eyes are also suppose to look more like some rare stone rather than a normal eye since he was never a true living being to begin with.

Hope you like! And thanks again! <333

So last night I came up with this baby, another original fairy tale character to add to the mix! This one is The Girl Who Accepted Her Fate/The Puppet.

To summarize it it’s basically about a girl who knows that she’s a character created by a writer and eventually falls in love with him, allowing him to manipulate her life as she trusts him after all the hard ships he’s helped her faced in her life. Later on she discovers that the man plans on killing her off to create a tragic story and, though she could change her own fate as characters have a tendency to sometimes take hold of their own stories, she willingly dies just for the sake of helping him create ‘the perfect story’. (Stupid kid)

Anyway I had a lot of fun designing her, though it got more fancy than I was planning on at first. Ah well. Thought I’d put this up while I still have 2 bars [at my apartment and we don’t get our own internet until Thursday and that’s if we can install it ourselves]. Hope you like it!


So one of my friends showed me a program which is Sai for Macs and I LOOOOVE IT. My inking looks so much better thank you so much, JD….

Anyway I found one of my old pictures from…two years ago? And decided to re-vamp it. Here’s a preview of Antoinette, Queen of Diamonds. I might finish the rest of the picture herp derp

HEYYY everyone! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been busy with school and also got addicted to Minecraft again so there’s that!

Anyway, need to make illustrations for my demo reel as well so trying to make big ones I can pan over in after effects. With that, I decided to do a big chunk of the cast from my Apocalypse plot! Here’s just a WIP of what I want to do: Heaven vs. Hell and Isaac

Hope you like it and that I see you all around more often!

Why do I put up my art at 1-2 am all the time…? Because I’m slow as Hell and it takes me that long to put it up, yeah that sounds about right….

Anyway, Ba'al! Simple picture for a simple looking demon. He’s the easiest to draw out of my Princes of Hell and I actually like his simplicity (along with his Plague Doctor look heheheh…). I also like adding his fly speck buddies, wheee~

Just felt like I’ve been uploading nothing but Amnesia lately and, as much as I loooooove the game and fandom, I wanted to change things if only for one post!

Two of my fairy tale characters based off the stories of The White Cat and Puss in Boots. The white cat is based off 18th century French fashion whilst Puss is based off a mixture of French and Spanish musketeer outfits. I still have to name them, if I finish this picture in a less sloppy version I’ll be sure to have them by then!

Normally I don’t make cat people but sometimes there is a time and place for them in my heart. Technically to humans the cats look like normal kitties but in clothes (because we have to have fabulous animals) but for the sake of not wanting to draw furries constantly I’ve decided if it’s just cat view they look like this. Okay? Okay.


Bonnie and Francois’ thief selves!

Bonnie goes under the guise of the Magnificent Maid, not only because it’s the complete opposite of her social rank in society (thus making it harder for people to guess who she is in real life) but also she likes to say she’s ‘cleaning the mess that Master Thief makes". She wears a wig to further her disguise and her mask is simple with a few frills on it.

Francois’s alter ego is the Master Thief Cyrano and wears a long nosed skin colored mask with a mustache, which if seen from far away looks like these are his real features, which helps him keep suspicion off of his real self. His thief name is based off the play Cyrano de Bergerac. He keeps most of his hair hidden under his hat.

Both characters are based off the fairy tales The Master Thief and the Master Maid

Just a sketch based off another fairy tale idea I thought up of called “The Enemy”.

It’s still in the making but so far it will deal with two girls who grew up as close friends. As they get older they’re married off to two men who, after some tension in their country, come from different sides in conflict. The sides eventually begin to fight one another. In an effort to help their husbands, who have developed a vendetta against the other after some events, the the two women leave their home in disguise to assassinate the other’s husband. The two cross paths and, mistaking each other as their intended target, kill each other only to realize who the other is.

Like I said, still in the process of being hashed out but that’s the general idea I’m working with thus far. Designs aren’t final either,again it’s just a sketch. I’ll make a much cleaner version some day!

Because I got behind, I’ll be putting up two entries to-day! Enjoy this one, I like this a lot u vu

30-Day Original Story Development Challenge

Day 7 - A major story location

Plot: Apocalypse

Character(s): Eloah and Lucifer

I was really torn on whether to draw Heaven, Hell, Isaac's laboratory(ies), or Eloah’s Divine Throne in the Araboth, but in the end I decided to choose one of my favorite places in the story: The Garden of Eden and more importantly the Tree of Life. 

In the plot, the only ones who are allowed in the Garden these days are Eloah and Lucifer, a place where both can meet on peaceful grounds then discuss various things, usually things dealing with how both their kingdoms are being run, and, on the rare happenstance, just talk casually (though when this happens, it’s more of Eloah doing this and Lucifer trying to act like he could give a rat’s ass about whatever is brought up.)

The Tree of Life is sort of a bittersweet place for the two, since it was a location the two would spend most of their time together before Lucifer’s fall, but for Eloah, it’s still a creation of pride for him/her since it was one his/her’s earliest works. It is still growing to this day and will continue to do so until the entire human population is wiped out completely or if Eloah somehow dies. Underneath the roots, there is a small river that flows underneath aka the water of life. If one was to try to find its beginning or end, they would not be able to find it. The beginning comes from the Araboth then ‘ends’ somewhere on Earth (still trying to figure out whether it should be the Tigris, Euphrates or Persian Gulf). The garden is located on its own separate plane but can be entered from all three main places (Heaven, Hell, Earth) and is guarded by two cherubim at each 'gate’. 

In the middle of the garden sits the Tree of life, but around it are various other plant life  that can be found on Earth along with other species that have not been introduced to our world. If Eloah is happy with a plant/tree/flower he/she’s created while in the Araboth, he/she’ll allow it to grow in the Garden to see how it fairs. 

The trunk and roots should actually be a lot bigger but I think the point is made enough ahahah. 

Alymar the Canary Prince

So I decided I missed drawing Alymar (plus I promised mi Michichichi that I would stop neglecting him) and realized I wanted to re-design his original outfit. Went with a more Italian medieval/renaissance look to it (such as the doublet underneath his cape) since that’s where the fairy tale originated, but made sure his design still resembled a bird (due to his ability to change into a canary).

Now that I feel like I can sketch again I need to get working on a friend birthday sketch *¬* And I promise I’ll draw more of him and even Sho btw, Michiiiii