lucky original stories

notes for the end episode rewrite

-opening credits w all the pics of past episodes with tord and the gang should include a photo from spares that shows (real) tord gleefully killing one of his clones in the foreground while the others do the same to other clones.
-no edd tord should reference other timelines where tord betrayed his friends and ruled the world (likely during cheesy “join me” monologue to real tord)
-real tords reason for being “back in the neighbourhood” isn’t stated. when tom bumps into him he’s having an inaudible convo on a flip phone.
-instead of breaking in fake tord knocks on their door while they are home. asks “where are your chairs” instead of “what happened to the chairs” important detail
-instead of being hit with a memory eraser gun it shows a badly animated flashback (like the lucky can origin story) of matt crossing the street without looking and getting hit by a bus.
-fake tords reason for being there is mainly to learn more about the real tord so he can take his place better. shows him subtly prompting edd to talk about all their “good times together” and about how he was while still living with them.
-fake tord is WAY too friendly with tom which really starts to piss him off because tord was gone so long and never returned their calls and thinks he can walk right back in and be super chummy. not to mention they weren’t the best of friends before he left either. tom leaves really frustrated because his friends don’t really see what the issue is because tord is back and it’s great!!! and edd finally snaps at him being super brooding and cynical and tells him to just leave “if he wants to be selfish.” and that he’s being a terrible friend (tom and edd reconcile in the end)
-real tord goes to destroy the dimension travelling device (very similar to future edd’s version) he stares at it for a while and we hear matt call him from the house because the movie is starting. we see tord roll up his sleeve and take off his wristwatch, and then it cuts to tord walking back to the house with the wrecked dimension travelling device (?) on the ground in pieces beside a hammer. tord is shoving something into his hoodie pocket and yells back at matt “don’t worry! i’m coming”
-afterwards tord plops down on the couch. same scene where edd asks tom about his eyes like in the original etc.

meant to be

pairing: bokuto/akaashi
summary: a bokuaka side-story to the iwaoi hogwarts!au (though you don’t have to have read the original fic to understand this one!)
note: for camila; happy belated birthday! i’m super, duper lucky to have someone as lovely as you in my life ^^

“And we’re off!” Bokuto exclaimed, plastering himself to the window as the train finally jerked on the track, the whistling of the steam overshadowing the noisy farewells from the families on the platform. One of his pumped fists hung a little aimlessly in the air, like he’d forgotten to put it back down in his excitement.

Behind him, Konoha caught the eyes of the other boys in their compartment and rolled his own. “A whole train ride to the castle,” he drawled, slumping where he sat. “That’s a lot of Bokuto.”

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Okay, realized I’ve been viewing my own big photos incorrectly for a year now, it should be fine. Just look at it in hi-res u vu

WELL IT’S DONE. IT’S FINALLY FUCKING DONE. Click picture and select to view it in a different tab to see the details of this thing, I don’t know how to put up big photos on tumblr without it losing its quality in the preview (aside posting it in a text post but who wants to do that?)

Anyway, after weeks of breaking my back for this it’s done…Heaven and Hell main characters look on in disdain and other mixed emotions at their common enemy, Isaac and his creation, Even. Also the binary in the back DOES say something but I’m not telling :}

I hope you all like- no, you ALL BETTER LIKE THIS THING YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS I HAD TO DO TO WORK ON THIS but I kid, like it or not, up to you ; v; <3

Ps: Check the DA link for it to really see the detail cleanly

HEYYY everyone! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been busy with school and also got addicted to Minecraft again so there’s that!

Anyway, need to make illustrations for my demo reel as well so trying to make big ones I can pan over in after effects. With that, I decided to do a big chunk of the cast from my Apocalypse plot! Here’s just a WIP of what I want to do: Heaven vs. Hell and Isaac

Hope you like it and that I see you all around more often!