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Wanted to draw some fanart of these three for a while now.

@mcsiggy, @caezsucksdangs, and @toastyhat have all been such influences on my artwork and I think everyone should give them lots of love.

So, here’s Nina (who I just really wanted to draw) with Seirath, Lucky, and Chazei. Because I think these three would totally be up for a selfie.


Remember that Snow Queen I made 2 years ago (she has a name btw, it’s Yekaterina [or Katya])? Well I decided to revamp her design because hey, it’s winter! What better time but now!

If you want more information on her just click the link. I’m not going to give all her info away though but lemme tell you: she’s pretty sad.

Hey all! I should have some final pieces up soon (most likely commissions and hopefully original stuff) but have a few more sketches! 

I’ve been reviving a story idea lately and it’s really picked up life faster than I expected! I won’t delve into it too much on such a little sketch but in the future I’ll happily share some more information. For now, have an apostle idea (I’m making up 12 apostles btw)! 

Basically a father loses his daughter and wishes to bring her back from death. He’s granted the ability to raise and manipulate the dead but the catch is those brought back are not possessed with their original souls but ‘something else’. Because of this, after accidentally bringing back his 'daughter’ when trying out his newly developed talents, he has to keep his daughter’s corpse securely locked up in a man made coffin he’s made so that it doesn’t get out and become damaged. He carries her around on his back wherever he goes, only setting her down when sleeping. 

That’s all you get for now! Hope you’re all doing well! 


I’ve been visiting my Apocalypse plot again and I don’t draw the angels as much as the demon characters, so I decided to re-vamp/doodle Uriel! His outfit has always confounded me but I think I’m getting somewhere finally.

Even with his name meaning “Light of God”, Uriel isn’t a ball of sunshine. One of the more cranky of the archangels, this cherubim has been under a lot of stress lately. Frustrated by having to sit back and watch his Lord’s power decline, Uriel has grown a strong dislike towards humans, not understanding why Eloah continues to let them exist. Having to guard the gates of Hell doesn’t improve his mood at all seeing the countless souls that are sent to Hell, feeling like each one’s lethal folly is an insult to his Creator.  

Despite being an archangel, Uriel gets along with demons. He sees enough at the gates to not hold prejudice against them like many other angels and has gained respect from many of them, especially due to his unforgiving, intense nature when judging humans. 

While his faith is the strongest out of the 7 archangels, his stability is probably the weakest. 

Might draw more of them, enjoy! 

“He struck them down, seven at one blow!”

(detail of his face and scissors)

A loooong time ago I made up a webcomic idea that revolved around fairy tales and my own twists on the characters in them, which I named “Conte de Fees”, that would have basically ‘short story comics’ for each character in the land of Märchen and its surrounding countries. It’s still an idea I’d like to carry out one day, so I find myself drawing characters from it sometimes. This time, I decided to re-vamp Jack: the “Giant Killer” and the Brave Little Tailor’s apprentice. 

In Jack’s hometown, the local tailor is the well known Brave Tailor, who every one thinks managed to kill 7 robbers in a single blow, can over power giants and is a master huntsman, capable of capturing even unicorns. Because of these beliefs, and many other gossiped stories around the tailor, Jack developed a huge amount of respect towards the man as a child, wanting to be just as adventurous and brave as he. Once he was old enough to work, he managed to talk the tailor into letting him be his apprentice, a dream come true…only to slowly realize that all the stories he had been told about the man had just been made out of assumptions by the other townspeople or were only accomplished out of sheer dumb luck. At first, he’s disappointed and wants to out the tailor on fooling an entire town, but after seeing that the man isn’t even AWARE people took all his stories out of context, he decides to stay quiet and eventually warms up to his teacher, liking him for the actual character he is. 

Needless to say though, Jack still thirsts for adventure, mainly to impress the local goose girl who he has a crush on. Though he’s gained the reputation of being a 'giant killer’, he’s actually quite friendly and courteous to them, having been taught by his teacher that giants are (normally) kind creatures of the earth that just like to live in peace (the giant he 'killed’ actually had been a very old, dying giant that had given some of his possessions to the apprentice [sewing scissors once owned by his wife, thread, and a sewing needle] since the two had been on good terms with each other before the creature became part of the earth again as a hill. The towns people assumed he had killed it due to the items he had 'won’ during his trip). In turn, the giants help him from time to time by telling him when a future adventure is felt in the wind. 

In the end though, Jack tries to be as cool as a teenager he can be, but slowly loses any composure when around the goose girl for too long, usually making himself out to be very awkward and quite the opposite of suave. 

Hope you like! Maybe more of my Conte de Fees people will show up again (like Kerr!) in the future! ALSO REMEMBER: THESE ARE MY VERSIONS OF CHARACTERS AND STORIES FROM FAIRY TALES, NOT ALL FACTS ARE GOING TO BE SAME BECAUSE I’M TRYING TO BE *~CREATIVE~*


Based off my Lineplay avatar, No Name Mage (let’s call him Plant for now) is a mage in training and quite the greenhorn at the moment in the eyes of magic users. To those not experienced in magic, he might seem impressive and talented, especially for his age. The fact he can’t get rid of the little sprout he accidentally made grow on his head is evidence of his lack of skill though.

He’s very studious but, being a young man, does enjoy getting out of study time and even getting in a bit of mischief here and there. He’s aware of his cute looks and, though being a good boy in the long run, won’t shy away from abusing his charms if it means getting things to go his way sometimes. 

Hope you like it! I’ll try to get a finished pic of him later but I want to work on a commish first ’ v’ <3

Okay, realized I’ve been viewing my own big photos incorrectly for a year now, it should be fine. Just look at it in hi-res u vu

WELL IT’S DONE. IT’S FINALLY FUCKING DONE. Click picture and select to view it in a different tab to see the details of this thing, I don’t know how to put up big photos on tumblr without it losing its quality in the preview (aside posting it in a text post but who wants to do that?)

Anyway, after weeks of breaking my back for this it’s done…Heaven and Hell main characters look on in disdain and other mixed emotions at their common enemy, Isaac and his creation, Even. Also the binary in the back DOES say something but I’m not telling :}

I hope you all like- no, you ALL BETTER LIKE THIS THING YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS I HAD TO DO TO WORK ON THIS but I kid, like it or not, up to you ; v; <3

Ps: Check the DA link for it to really see the detail cleanly


Se- *hic* Seriously though…yeah, I think I ne- *hic* need a few more of these.

I have to admit though, this movie is the kind of movie that you watch, and then you have to watch it again only to realize that it wasn’t the alcohol what made you see the things that you saw.

I can tell you one thing, it’s not scary at all. It’s really stupid, it’s really corny, it’s acted horribly, and it makes no sense. The main antagonist is a Leprechaun that kills people with pogo-sticks, drives around in tricycles and toy cars, and somehow they managed to make six sequels out of it. Six sequels! There is barely any substance to make one movie, let alone six! How did they manage such an atrocity!?

But, to be fair, it was a lot of fun to watch. I definitely don’t regret watching it. But then again, maybe it’s the alcohol talking.

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So I’m still waiting for my tablet to come back from being fixed, meaning I’ve been (forced to) focus on sketching traditionally again, which I’m glad! It’s helping me practice on certain things such as side profiles which I’m sure is evident with the amount of side views in the pictures, fast sketching with pens and basic shapes, designing, etc etc. Most of these are really crappy which I apologize but I enjoy sketching messy and half finished, what can I say. 

Now for a few comments on some of them individually:

Eloah and Lucifer doodles: Whenever I need to practice with markers or just want to draw characters via shapes I go towards these two since Eloah is circle based while Lucifer is rectangle base. I also like drawing them doing stupid things together. I’m hoping to do more of them.

Gregor: I still don’t know much about this guy aside the information given before but I still really love him and am intrigued/excited to figure out his backstory. I know he’s a total spazz and on the verge of losing it since he really doesn’t know how the Hell he got those creepy hands of his. 

Character designs:

First one was just a practice, made from a bunny boy generator.

Middle is a design for a friend’s otome game in the works, you’ll see more of her in the future.

Kitty is just a cat character I wanted to make. He’s escaped a home that had forced him to stay as property (hence the iron collar) and is attempting to live on his own. Ashamed of the collar on his neck he conceals it with a very long scarf (if you’re wondering about it: he doesn’t know how to take it off plus his owner created designs in the inside so, even if he were to get it off, the decorative scars on cat boy’s neck would just be another sign of ownership. Cat would be more ashamed of that than a collar either way)

The last two: An old character I missed and some random guy

Hope you enjoy! 


I realized I never put him up here and man, does this blog need an update!

This late summer I started D&D for the first time and decided to revamp an old character I never got to use much. As of late he’s finally gotten some use and has become one of the dumbest (but most fun) OC I’ve used. His name’s Mazhar Hassan. I’d talk about him but he’s got a bit of a secret so, if any of my campaign mates watch me, I don’t want to spoil them <3 

Anyway, hope you like! I’ll try drawing a cleaner version of him eventually.

NEW BRAT CHARACTER because I have no control over my life. He’s an alpaca! All I know is that he’s a snot, likes to order people around, and enjoys collecting stars in a jar. He also loves coffee and is a real shorty because of it.

Sorry I’m not as active as before on here! I actually post a lot of my shitty sketches (the real messy ones) on my twitter while I am trying to put the better things on here. See you around! <3


I need to update this blog more often. So here’s a character I made awhile ago named Feliks Stawski! He has a problem where he suffers from random bleeding of the head and nosebleeds. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a huge inconvenience for him to the point where he’s become a shut in. He’s got huge self esteem issues and a smart mouth. 

A lot of the tiny doodles deal with rps he’s been in so yeah, MOST WON’T MAKE SENSE but hope you enjoy the art either way %D 

And because I feel bad for my lack of activity here, have another thing I worked on recently: Ala al-Din’s cute but easily jealous jinni friend. She is a fairly weak jinn (due to her age and the fact she was stuck in a ring for awhile) which explains why her flame is a natural color. More powerful jinn–such as the one Al’s mother gets from the magic lamp her son gives her–are either blue or green. When tired or lacking energy (in her jinni form), her colors become a muted blue and her scarf becomes smokey.

I might change her jinni form eye colors in the future but we’ll see!

Btw sometimes I post sketches that never see the light of day here on my twitter so if you want to follow that and tolerate my ramblings, just click here

So my chuckle nut Eth introduced me to Ohcorny and their Rainbow Kingdoms project (can I call it that or is there a better name??) and I automatically fell in love with it and pretty much all the princes. Also I apologize to Vermillion, I swear I came up with Viridian’s bio before knowing your baby existed I’m so sorry for any similarities doesithelpIreallyloveVermillionokayenoughasskissingweh ANYWAY here’s my contribution: Viridian, Prince of the Caravans. 

Centuries ago, a king banished his son and his supporters from his kingdom, declaring that they were no longer allowed to settle on any land belonging to him. The banished prince, being the clever smart ass that he was, realized a loop hole in this declaration so, agreeing to the terms, he adapted the nomadic life via caravans, living on any of the king’s land in a non-verbal ‘fuck you’ to the man. Him and his people could not be punished for they were not permanently settling on the lands as citizens or anything, always moving by the end of a week at most; a tradition that continues to the present, thus bringing us to Viridian. 

Viridian is the current prince of his 'kingdom’, a proud, laid back young man who enjoys being social and just generally having a good time with others. Though not highly intelligent, the young man is also a smart ass, a family trait, and has a quick tongue to those trying to insult him or just need to be insulted. Because it’s hard to be elitist when you’re just as much a traveling hobo as everyone else in your community, Viridian interacts with anyone he so pleases, not caring about social status. Despite this though, he does have a harder time interacting with princes, at least the typical snobby kind, since he has the bias that other kingdoms don’t take his father and people seriously due to their way of life, though he refuses to admit to this. Also, though prideful and even boastful of his culture and lifestyle on the outside, Viridian suffers from the feeling of inferiority at times and even wishes that someday to discover unclaimed land so that his people can have an actual stable place to call home.

For now, his father and a team are off trying to accomplish just that due to shared dreams and worries. His mother is ruling in his father’s absence while Viridian tries his hand at courting.

The people of this 'kingdom’ are known for more than their nomadic lifestyle but for their talents in the arts, more specifically music. A good portion know how to play at least two instruments (Viridian sets an example knowing 5, stringed acoustics being his preference such as the mandolin) and some singers have managed to even find fame with outside kingdoms, which brings in visitors and profit. Due to years of caravaning about the lands, their homes are not just quaint, decorative shacks anymore but are quite grandiose, resembling actual home architecture but usually in a stacked up design. When each caravan comes together, should someone look at them from a distance they would look like a small village.

The “kingdom’s” method of income is via entertainment, the selling of handcrafted instruments and, their more prized possessions, horses. What separates their equine from other lands though are their much grander size and strength, bred to be able to pull the big, heavy caravans used as homes.

Hope that’s good enough and you enjoy @U@; His outfit and colors aren’t quite finalized yet, we’ll see if they change.