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This is the slide we used for our very first preproduction pitch for “Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou”! The concept has stayed pretty similar from the start, but there was a time before the chase down the hill or the ice cream cart even existed! Also, Lucky Lou has gone through quite a few makeovers.

copyright 2014 Mike Bidinger, Michelle Kwon


I realized I never put him up here and man, does this blog need an update!

This late summer I started D&D for the first time and decided to revamp an old character I never got to use much. As of late he’s finally gotten some use and has become one of the dumbest (but most fun) OC I’ve used. His name’s Mazhar Hassan. I’d talk about him but he’s got a bit of a secret so, if any of my campaign mates watch me, I don’t want to spoil them <3 

Anyway, hope you like! I’ll try drawing a cleaner version of him eventually.

Wanted to draw some fanart of these three for a while now.

@mcsiggy, @caezsucksdangs, and @toastyhat have all been such influences on my artwork and I think everyone should give them lots of love.

So, here’s Nina (who I just really wanted to draw) with Seirath, Lucky, and Chazei. Because I think these three would totally be up for a selfie.


Remember that Snow Queen I made 2 years ago (she has a name btw, it’s Yekaterina [or Katya])? Well I decided to revamp her design because hey, it’s winter! What better time but now!

If you want more information on her just click the link. I’m not going to give all her info away though but lemme tell you: she’s pretty sad.


Se- *hic* Seriously though…yeah, I think I ne- *hic* need a few more of these.

I have to admit though, this movie is the kind of movie that you watch, and then you have to watch it again only to realize that it wasn’t the alcohol what made you see the things that you saw.

I can tell you one thing, it’s not scary at all. It’s really stupid, it’s really corny, it’s acted horribly, and it makes no sense. The main antagonist is a Leprechaun that kills people with pogo-sticks, drives around in tricycles and toy cars, and somehow they managed to make six sequels out of it. Six sequels! There is barely any substance to make one movie, let alone six! How did they manage such an atrocity!?

But, to be fair, it was a lot of fun to watch. I definitely don’t regret watching it. But then again, maybe it’s the alcohol talking.

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Not too shabby for a RP blog that sometimes posts original art, is terrible at responding to asks in a timely fashion, and frequently misses @ mentions!!

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New Tricks (17569 words) by OddityBoddity [AO3]

Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Hawkeye (Comics)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Lucky (dog), Original Canine Character, Peripheral Natasha Romanov, Original Characters, Steve Rogers, Peripheral Sam Wilson, Peripheral Clint Barton
Additional Tags: Dogfighting, animal cruelty, animal rescue, Animal Death, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Anxiety, OCD, Nightmares, Geese, peeing on park furnishings, jerks in parks, Jerks, Grief, vengeance, Angry Bucky, COMPLETE!

The one where Bucky busts up a dog-fighting ring.


I need to update this blog more often. So here’s a character I made awhile ago named Feliks Stawski! He has a problem where he suffers from random bleeding of the head and nosebleeds. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a huge inconvenience for him to the point where he’s become a shut in. He’s got huge self esteem issues and a smart mouth. 

A lot of the tiny doodles deal with rps he’s been in so yeah, MOST WON’T MAKE SENSE but hope you enjoy the art either way %D 


I’m alive!

A new witch I made for my fairy tale story, Adanna! 

Adanna has the ability to read people’s futures, more specifically when a major event in their life time will occur by using the three clock hands in her hat. When combined, she can use them as a wand as well to do simple magic tricks. 

Much like many of the witches in Märchen though, her talent isn’t sought out by her customers since who wants to know WHEN something will happen to them and not WHAT? So, to make money, she creates and even fixes clocks. All clocks bought from her are exactly on time, making her popular with the more punctual type. 

She wears a more complex outfit than many witches wear due to living in a major city but she wears the shawl her mother gave her before she left to find her fortune.

Btw she’s green and deals with time because it’s a play on the Greenwich Mean Time, a place in London that stands as our global time standard (ha ha ha~). Colors are probably going to change. Hope you like and are all doing well! <333


Another new witch, Danielle-Todd! 

Danielle-Todd is a medium who delivers calls from the dead to their intended targets via ‘phone’. Since people usually have regrets or questions towards the dead she often gets customers to come to her to hold séances. People enjoy coming to her more than having her come to them because her sudden visits are often startling–if not unsettling–and the 'customer’ is forced to give a tip they hadn’t expected to give that day. Not that Danielle-Todd verbally asks for them but it’s generally a good idea after the lengths she goes to deliver her messages.

Unlike most witches, her natural talent is actually quite popular and keeps her steady financially. Despite this, she does like to sell flowers and honey on the side as a hobby. Her owl, Azrael, helps notify her when the flowers are at their best to be cut. 

Her hat belonged to her father until he passed it onto her when she went to find her fortune (in the witch community it is considered good luck for a starting witch to be presented with an article of clothing from their parents, guardian or closest companion [that and it helps when they feel lonely/homesick since witches generally leave around the age of 13]). She looks up to her father and has even shared information about him to a few of her clients. Apparently, he’s a very tall man with a black, wide brimmed hat–much like hers–and a black cloak, often seen pulling along a cart. What his profession is that involves said cart is unknown (because no one wants to ask). 

Hope you like! Also if you can figure out who her father is based off of then congrats to you ;)