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  • Jesse: So we were training today right? And so he tells me about this new deflect ability he has and I called bullshit and then he reflected a bullet so it shot off my belt buckle and knocked me on my ass! It was incredible!
  • Gabe: Jesse-
  • McCree: And THEN after that he was showing me some hand to hand combat and those leg knives of his? He activated one while going for what looked like a roundhouse kick but nearly sliced the dummies head off!
  • Gabe: Jesse please-
  • McCree: Afterwards we got together and he took his face-plate off in front of my for the first time. God, boss, he's so beautiful, I think I'm in love with-
  • Gabe: JESSE. As nice it is to hear you so happy IT IS THREE IN THE MORNING.

Beat Breakerz Brigade are having our second large scale K-Pop concert on the 5th of May at Musiq’s free company house! 

Our stage this time around is larger than ever, so it’s okay to bring lots of friends since we have the room for it! This show will be based around songs that deal with heartache and loneliness, so it might not be the best show to bring a date or a special someone to see. If you’re someone who can relate to this kind of theme though, we welcome you with open arms for a night of lamenting together!

We’ll also be serving food & drinks of course, because what’s better for a broken heart than good music and something delicious?

As always, admission to the show is free of charge but we’re always welcome to donations that will help us put on even better concerts in the future! 

Friday, May 5th 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST

Goblet Ward 12, Plot 30

Even if you can’t attend, please reblog this around to show your support, we appreciate it greatly! Hope to see you there!

April 26, 2017
  1. Capricorn
     Pocket paperback

  2. Virgo

  3. Cancer
     World map

  4. Taurus

  5. Pisces

  6. Aries
     Photo collection

  7. Leo
     Italian cuisine

  8. Libra

  9. Sagittarius

  10. Aquarius
     Art museum

  11. Gemini
     Cotton shirt

  12. Scorpio

Just a doodle dump of my Cartoon Massacre Au. Some of the doodles within this dump are canon while a few aren’t.
Bendy & Boris belong to TheMeatly
Mick, Ortensia, Minnie, Ozzie, & Pluto belong to Disney
Felix belongs to (from what I looked up) Dreamworks
Fiona Fox belongs to me

Heya folks!

I’m flying out to Melboune in a few hours, and won’t be on Tumblr from then until the 5th of May! You’re welcome to send messages, but I definitely won’t be getting them until about the 6th. (I will be writing though! I’ve already got a chapter of The Wind that Cuts the Night to put up when I get back, but I won’t be posting anything for the next 10 days).

If anyone wants to keep up with my adventure/s - I’ll be posting stuff on Instagram. I may also be posting stuff on Twitter.