lucky number 27

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Star sign: Gemini

Favourite musical artists: Muse, Coldplay, White Lies, U2, Bryan Adams, Florence + the Machine, Ed Sheeran, Genesis, Queen, Moving Pictures, Rush, Madonna, Birdy, Rachmaninoff^^ and thousands of others

Song stuck in my head: surprisingly nothing but that’s perhaps because I’m listening to Rachmaninoff’s Prelude op. 23 in G Minor on loop haha (Bellamy what have you done to me?!)

Last movie i watched:  oh my… I think ‘La La Land’ (never been so disappointed and not amused tbh)

Last TV show i watched: ‘Broadchurch’ 

Hogwarts house: Never read/watched HP xd 

Lucky number: 7, 27

Favourite characters: okay… Tenth Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Clara Oswald, William Herondale, Tessa Gray, Sydney Carton, James Norrington, Victor Frankenstein, Sansa Stark, Sandor Clegane, Robb Stark, Lily Frankenstein, Elizabeth Swann and so on… (yeah, I have copied this from some other list haha) 

Favourite fruit: I’m not really fond of fruits, but probs apples or raspberries 

Favourite season: Spring and winter 

Favourite colour: black, red and tardis blue

Favourite animal: dogs 4ever 

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: All three tbh

Cat or dog person: DOG

Dream trip: Ireland, Italy or USA again

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Name: audrey

Nickname: auds, otter, tin

Gender: nb

Star sign: cancer

Height: 5′2

Sexual orientation: i’d fuck em all

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff ahm just here for a good time

Favorite color(s): green, black

Favorite animal(s): i love any dumb looking animal

Lucky number(s): 97, 27

Average amount of sleep: lol as if i have had consistent sleep in the past year

Cat or dog person: i am afraid of most dogs tbh but a cat could hurt me terribly and i would still pick them up

Pokemon team: i like to zap people and throw leaves on them

Favorite fictional character: how THE FUCK

Number of blankets you sleep with: as many as needed, i like at least 2

Favorite singers/bands: this would be very long and basically my entire collection of music

The song that’s stuck in your head: i gOT SPURS

Last movie you watched: uhhhhhhhhhh some bad horror movie about a killer that possessed kids or smth

Last TV show you watched: MBMBaM

Dream trip: a trip where i am with my friends and everything is planned and i get to sleep in and also it is all free

Dream job: draw for a living, someone forces me to draw so that i do this thing i like, that or melting metal in a foundry or a casting company

Wearing right now: leggins and shirt

Time right now: 1:01 AM i had to beat new vegas

When was your blog created: i believe in like 2012 or 2013

Current number of followers: 186

Number of people you’re following: 247 but most are dead i think i see like 15 blogs regularly lol

When did your blog reach its peak: let’s hope that dumb ben franklin drawing doesn’t stay the peak of my blog popularity forever

What kind of stuff do you post: whatever i want, bitch

Do you get asks regularly: lol no

Any other blogs: nsfw art blog which i deleted everything from, blog about earthquakes i made in a hypomanic frenzy, blog for collecting images of bugs, oc blog i barely use, and a large collection of hoarded urls no one would ever want

Why did you choose you URL: i had been using it for a while and when i made a tumblr it made sense to keep it, was a made up username for an oc back when aim was still a thing

i really don’t have the energy to tag anyone right now, i gotta sleep, i would literally tag all of my followers if that wasn’t a pain in the ass b/c i appreciate you all. if you want to do this consider yourself tagged

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Rules: Answer the questions and tag 15 blogs you want to get to know better.
Nicknames: Meggy, Ruski
Star sign: Aries….I think
Height: 5’ 4"
Time right now: 9:51pm
Last thing I Googled: Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Full Movie
Last TV show I watched: Sword Art Online II
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Pokemon GO Team: Mystic
Favorite color: Red
Lucky number: 27
Favorite character: Jonas (from The Giver)
Number of blankets I sleep with: like… Seven…

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 15 blogs you want to get to know better.

Nicknames: Breezy, Biscuit
Star sign: Aries (?)
Height: 5’ 8"
Time right now: 9:51pm
Last thing I googled: Viktor Nikiforov Stay Close To Me Skate Costume Design
Last TV show I watched: Idiotest
Gender: Female
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pokemon GO Team: Valor
Favorite color: Teal
Lucky number: 9
Favorite character: Yuri Plisetsky
Number of blankets I sleep with: Im a Viktor cosplayer and I have his red and white Russia warmup outfit. So I usually sleep with my sheets and the red and white jacket. Also… Does Megan count as a blanket?

When we created the blog: Earlier this year… End of January I believe
What made us chose our URL: “You okay?” “Yeah I’m just feeling a little sick.” Was an actual conversation between Megan and Myself (Bridget) had. And we write sickfics. It fit.

I don’t know who to tag… Anyone who hasn’t and wants to I guess




The Love Mae fabric wall decals are just the most divine decals I’ve ever come across – found them in France through a friend who was importing them – and just had to bring them into South Africa to share the love!


They are eco-friendly, reusable (so you can move them and re-stick them - unlike permanent vinyl) and very durable so with a little love can last for years to come!  Although they are slightly more pricey than vinyl – they are worth it -  I moved several homes, countries and continents with mine and over 3 years later they are still going!


1. Peacock Plumage (medium) from R990.00 (excl vat & postage).

2. Floating Feathers (small) R590.00 (excl vat & postage).

3. Pretty Horses (small) R590.00 (excl vat & postage).