lucky necklaces


etsyfindoftheday | suggested shop find | 6.15.15

suggested shop: jayneandjames
featured items:
> lucky 13 gold bead necklace
> gold crescent moon necklace
> tiny gold disc necklace // also available in rose gold

a little break in your day o’ headpieces for some jewelry delights. a delicate necklace by jayneandjames would be a sweet little gift for a bride, or for your bridesmaids – you can pick the perfect style for each girlfriend. swooning at all these feminine pieces <3 thanks again for the suggestion, salted-kisses!!

Luck (With Ginka)

“I’m telling you…this will work. Just try it okay? Whatever “jinx” thing you think you have going on isn’t going to be a match for what I have for you.”
His finger touched the line of metal discs he held behind his back, out of her sight. Part of him was hesitant to give his necklace away…
But Ginka need reassurances. And the necklace was lucky. Maybe it would help her with her “jinx” problem…or what she believed was one. 

Worth A Shot || Luna + Mephistopheles + Chemical

Chemical had been… A little bit nervous about this attempt at pairing two people up. For a few reasons; one, it was Mephi. Two, he’d never actually paired a woman and a man. Three; it was fucking Mephi. But, he figured, it was worth a shot. So with his lucky necklace on, a tiny little dreamcatcher on gold lace, he took Luna to introduce her to Mephi.

“Uncle Mephi? This is Luna.”