lucky mushroom

German SHSL Translations

ah yes

Speciality: Super Idol

and how could we not forget? Speciality: Super Rowdy

everybody knows who’s Speciality: Lucky Mushroom is! why is only his Japanese name displayed

And last but not least: Celeste with her speciality: Super Player


hey guys!! i’m making banners again now that i’m out of school, so let me know if you’d like one for your town! here’s a few examples of banners i’ve made before. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

if you’d like a banner, just send me a message and we can talk about what you want it to look like! idk about drawing any villagers or anything, as i still need much more practice with that lol

things that i would like in return would be a follow of course, and i could always use mushrooms and lucky clovers since i don’t know how to hack still…


 sometimes i’m looking for certain furniture items so i’ll accept those as well :~)

let me know if you’d like one! i’ve been enjoying making them so i’ll be happy to make one for anyone!! 


Ok omg there is so much happening in this shot like Aomine sitting right next to Kuroko and fighting with Kagami at the same time also Akashi being cute & friendly and then Kise and Momo trying to feed the baby Midorin desperately looking for his lucky mushrooms & Murasakibara being himself lmao

Ah I loved this Merry Christmas everyone!!!!