lucky lulu

Why can’t ethan come back!? I know luke is gone. And lucky. But his sister lulu is still there! And she’s in a bit of a mess right now. He could somehow help with valentin. He could help run the haunted star and or Kelly’s since I assume it still somehow belongs to the Spencer’s.

I need my ethan and Kristina. Neeeeeed.

SFCon Mark Pellegrino and Sebastian Roche Panel Highlights

Most of this panel was visual and completely non-question related. I could describe this entire panel in explicit detail and still not be able to convey how this panel really was. I’ll do my best though.

- Sebastian’s first thought was that he wished he’d been able to pinch Osrics boobies.

- The band started playing and Sebastian improvised a song where most of these lyrics were “dirty boy”, which he ran through the audience singing.

- The song Get Lucky began playing on the sound system, so Mark and Sebastian both started singing and dancing. This time they got the whole audience on their feet and danced out through the entire crowd and finished off the song.

- They then started on Mark Sheppard impressions, stemming from his sweaty “cardio” Instagram photos. Going through a large number of extremely accurate impressions of Mark in everything from photo ops to panels.

- Finally got to questions. Sebastian’s most ridiculous role was playing a thief that dresses as a woman. It was a BBC children’s show from years ago called Runaway Babe. Mark’s was much tamer, he had to sing a song as a stalker, which just made no sense.

- Adorably, Sebastian refers to Mark/Lucifer as Lulu

- When asked who tortured Sam in the pit the most, Mark said “I did.” Sebastian concurred. Mark asked “When Sam came back, was he walking differently?” Allowing for the implications that came from that. They both agreed that Lucifer is still in the pit banging Michael.

- If Sebastian got called to be Doctor Who, he couldn’t came up with a good catch phrase. Mark provided “I’m goin’ in.”, which Sebastian loved.

- Asked why Sebastian wears such low cut shirts, Mark jumped in that it’s so you can see his man tits because he’s “sessy”. He told Sebastian to give his actual answer, Sebastian said “No, that’s it.”

- After answering a question about embarrassing moments on set, they both agreed that nothing is funnier than a fart. Except maybe a queef. At which point Mike (from Louden Swain) came up with a musical cue to signify a queef.

- Mark’s favorite moment for Lucifer was killing all the other gods. Because they never saw it coming.

- They both decided they would be sorted into Slytherin. Though, if there was a house called “Gropin’”, that would be Sebastian’s.

“Taking some advice from @happy-ink-stains Encreline, I started doing some training to build up my strength so I don’t topple over from using the E-Liter. I can successful say that I can hold my end with one of these now and I’ve worked on my aiming as well! Although the sun visor is a bit unconventional for most liter sets I’ve seen, it does help me see a bit better with it dimming the sun light out of my eyes,” Lulu remarks, adjusting the visor with a smile.