lucky lindy

my opinion on twenty one pilots 

  1. amelia earhart - first woman to fly across the atlantic ocean solo, i mean if that’s not badass what is 
  2. charles lindbergh - apparently his nicknames were slim, lucky lindy, and the lone eagle i guess that’s cool 
  3. bessie coleman - first black woman and first native american woman to hold a pilot’s license, also badass, a cool gal 
  4. jacqueline cochran - apparently one of the most gifted racing pilots of her generations, that’s rad
  5. bob hoover - it doesn’t say much about him but he’s wearing a cool hat in his photo, i approve
  6. louis bleriot - this dude has a big mustache
  7. buzz aldrin - you know him, you love him, good ol’ buzz
  8. steve fossett - first person to fly non-stop around the world in a balloon, i commend him 
  9. chelsey sullenburger - a true icon of our generation
  10. jeane yeager - the first non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world in the rutan voyager aircraft apparently? that’s sweet
  11. glenn curtiss - apparently he started as a bicycle racer, and was like you know what, let’s try out planes. this dude has ambition and i can respect that 
  12. hanna reitsch - germany’s most famous test pilot and a nazi, not cool
  13. dick rutan - apparently flew the same flight with jeane yeager yet the plane was named after him, rude. don’t like him and his name seems made up
  14. harriet quimby - first woman to gain a pilot’s license in the us and again, has a cool hat. idk what it is but pilot’s sure do like their hats 
  15. antoine de saint-exupéry - a rich french dude, i know nothing else about him
  16. dogulas bader - idk but he’s smoking a pipe in photo tho so obvious he’s going for some kind of look 
  17. wiley post - first pilot to fly around the world, like one day he just decided to do it, i mean good job i guess but i would not do that 
  18. howard hughes - a business man and owner of hughes aircraft company? apparently he had a lot of money?
  19. richard e. byrd - no personal feelings on this guy from the 5 seconds i spend researching the topic 
  20. raymonde de loche - she seems cool i like her
  21. amy johnson - john travolta was before her in google but i’m not putting him on this list, she’s got the typical aviator glasses on in the photo and seems cool. i like her

and thus concludes my opinion on twenty one pilots

Co-optional History
  • Totalbiscuit: Remember remember the 10th of November there's another shitty podcast on today that's how the rhyme goes if i recall correctly.
  • Crendor: As quoted by George Washington.
  • Totalbiscuit: Indeed in his famous speech atop the hill before he was shot by a man on a grassy knoll.
  • Crendor: Ghandi.
  • Totalbiscuit: Ghandi?.
  • Crendor: Ghandi shot him down.
  • Totalbiscuit: I don't think Ghandi was there i think you are misremembering that.
  • Dodger: I mean that's what we where taught.
  • Crendor: That was the civil war i thought it was the revolutionary war.
  • Totalbiscuit: Ah yes that was it, totally true.
  • Crendor: That was Lincoln that shot him down.
  • Totalbiscuit: Yeah.
  • Crendor: I always get my history mixed up.
  • Totalbiscuit: Ghandi is like "The confederacy is amazing" and Lincoln is like "Fuck you" and thats basically how the civil war happened.
  • Crendor: And then the vampires attacked.
  • Jesse: Im not sure that's what happened.
  • Dodger: Oh and yeah then the communist army came out of the sewers they had been underground for a really long time.
  • Totalbiscuit: Yeah the ratmen.
  • Crendor: That was World War 1.
  • Dodger: Oh god im sorry i get so confused.
  • Jesse: First of all everyone knows that Lucky Lindy flew the spirit of St.Lewis across the Atlantic with Amelia Earhart single handedly ending the civil war and causing the buycut of Chinese fish.
  • Totalbiscuit: I thought it was the Wright brothers.
  • Crendor: Me too.
  • Jesse: the Wright brothers where the guys who invented the hula hoop.
  • Crendor: Wow i didn't know that fact.
  • Totalbiscuit: We learn so much from this show.
  • Jesse: Yeah you should go to your history teacher and tell them everything you just learned.
  • Crendor: I only got D's in school.

“Fuck it! Those are wings!” – scientists of the Old-Timey Fun Era

5 Ridiculous Alternate Versions of Prehistoric Animals

#4. The Flying Stegosaurus

Citing just a little less than zero scientific research to back up his claim, one “Dr. W. H. Ballou” wrote an article in the Ogden Standard-Examiner describing how stegosaurus plates could fold down at will, creating “gliding surfaces immeasurably like those of the planes of to-day.” That’s right: All it took for a 5-ton behemoth to leap from a cliff and sail gracefully across the Jurassic skies were a series of miniscule back-plates and giant dinosaur balls. To push this madness even further, Ballou asserted that the stegosaurus was a direct ancestor of modern birds (it wasn’t, of course) and its plates were actually where wings came from.

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