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So mostly from your blog and the fight scene in BvS, I recently got really into Wonder Woman. I've watched a bajillion clips on youtube, read her wikipedia article, etc. The thing is, I'm not at all involved in the DC universe. The only things I know come from stuff I learned as a child, and mostly forgotten Young Justice memories. Anyways, the point is I really wanna read WW fic, but I have no idea where to start. Do you, by chance, have any recs?

The Lost Princess

Bylines and Bracelets (Or How Lois Lane Fell In Love With Diana of Themyscira)

The Lucky Ones

The Knot In Her Throat

God of Lies, Lasso of Truth

Hard Travelin’ Civilians

Set My Heart on Fire

Honor Code

Between the Shadow and the Soul

The Wonderverse

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Can I request 75. “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”? kacchako

This prompt is just lovely, it screams angst and I love myself some angst! I bet most people were expecting me to go with the flow and write a childish thingWELL I SHOULD HAVE but I didn’t :c So I guess this is kinda decent. Sorry for ruining this prompt but Oh boy /cracks fingers, I’m writing fast as shit today!

There was a moment in time and space in which Bakugou wouldn’t think.

It usually happened during fights, during nights of studying, in which all trail of thought he had suddenly disappeared, and all he could do was snap into auto mode, his brain doing sudden, brash decisions that weren’t usually the best, but always granted his survival.

However, there was also a moment in time and space in which no auto driving would save him from feeling despair, fear, utter disbelief or the worst of devastating horrors. Luckily for him, he had never experienced such raw, sharp occurrences.

But one day, it came to his mind that unexpected things could happen, that the worst could materialize into reality and his lucky knot– one day, it snapped, leaving him fuzzy, confused, and naked against the hardcore tragedy.

Bakugou had been by Uraraka’s side all along during the fight, his eyes always darting towards all her movements and watching out for any shitty boulder that dared come her way to crush her, smash her, graze her milky skin that only him could touch. Fuck Deku, fuck the rest, and obviously fuck villains who were trying to do nasty things to her petite body.

So, they reached this point in the fight in which Bakugou and Uraraka were tired. Her boots were quivering to stand her ground and his gloves were torn in several places, his mask burnt to ashes somewhere and half of her helmet had been blown away– clearly they weren’t skipping stones on a lake, this was a clear state of emergency.

And the others were in who knows where fighting against other villains, places where Bakugou would have been if he hadn’t been so adamant in staying by her. He didn’t really trust anyone else when it came to protecting his allies other than himself– and oh, Uraraka was his weakness, so soft and fragile, roundy and beaming, he was trying to treasure her so he’d smash the shit out of her as soon as they could spar again.

But he knew– both knew, deep inside, that no sparring sessions under a downpour, under a thunderstorm or in the midst of a hurricane would have prepared them for a weaking bond of a teammate. Uraraka spun back to catch his eyes, seeing him struggling to breath.

She made her way to him and charged part of his weight onto her side, scurrying away from the hazard zone. Her face was constricted into a painful wince as she marched out of the broken debris. Bakugou tried to tell her off, bark at her to stop inmediately, but he knew better. Knew her better than anybody else.

He could faintly hear the voices of Kaminari and Kirishima– her knees buckled and she almost, almost bit the dust. Shaking, Uraraka stood up. 

“This is no walk down a forest.” chuckled she, trying to encourage him to stand and fucking survive this mess, because as soon as they made it out… god, he would limp his way into his nearest dumpster and sleep for decades. “But I can put up a decent fight too, Bakugou. I am not a bystander anymore.”

Not in any of his wildest dreams would he have heard her articulate such magnificent words in such a strong voice, her body breaking down but her heart still beating hard, fluttering upon his proximity.

So Bakugou told himself to stop being a little bitch and straightened his back. If this bitch was gonna stand up and fight, he would not only do that, but also make it better. “Don’t try to play damn hero with me, Uraraka. No need to catch my attention with so much blabbering.”

He felt her shake again, but those sweet giggles only made him feel a bit lighter. “I am no attention whore, thank you very much.”

“You are still carrying me over there. I don’t need heroisms to notice you.”

Kirishima’s screams for help made his sight a bit more sharp, but his senses were numbing little by little. She seemed to be faltering too, but it could probably be because hell, he was tired– but she had been holding debris, cars and even a fucking house in mid air– no way she was as fine as she pretended to be.

“Stop overdoing it, Uraraka.” grunted he, but couldn’t find backbone to hold her. “You’re gonna fucking die if you crawl so hard back there.”

“I am a hero, Bakugou.” spat she as they stumbled into a clear area full of dust but void of enemies. “And this is no sparring match.”

He could still remember crystal-clear how she had once tried to land an attack on his unguarded body, only to have her crashing down against his chest, deaf and sight dotty and in an endless fuzz. All he had thought about her was how she was trying to prove herself to him, to call his attention so he would realize how strong she was.

Unbeknownst to her, she didn’t need screams and attention for him to aknowledge her, because he had actually came to terms with her power long time ago. Every time she crashed, every time she buckled and every time she got back up, all she did was build foundations for his harboring admiration– and oh, didn’t he feel proud of her, swaying towards their salvation while he was limping through.

There was a white noise somewhere around them that only Bakugou heard, and peebbles fell down by Uraraka, who was too busy focusing on her other companions to even notice how a huge piece of wall was falling straight down towards them.

He couldn’t keep acting so aloof when a proud companion was doing all she could to survive. His auto piloting wouldn’t do now. Not when she had all his attention but, in a snap decision, he wouldn’t have hers.

Bakugou abruptly untangled himself from her hold and grabbed her arm, only to raise his palms, nitroglycerin sliding around his palms– and then, the biggest explosion he could muster rippled, escalated, snaked through the air until it impacted with the debris and blew it up, the wave sending both injuried comrades to their knees.

His arm was folded around her waist, but he couldn’t hang on any longer. Bakugou ended up sitting, and he registered her sitting down by him too– and he swooned for a second before his head fell in her arms, grunting and his eyes struggling to see dust clearing and sun peeking through the cloudy sky.

Bakugou felt her caressing his hair tenderly, her breaths labored while allowing herself a little break form her heroism.

“You know,” her deft fingers cleared some blood from his angular jaw. “you didn’t need to be so dramatic and call my attention this way, Bakugou.”

He only hugged her tighter, as she was only his, his, and his vision faded away before hearing her last words.

“After all, you will always have me.”

Sometimes, Bakugou couldn’t think. But this once, only feeling her body against his– it was ok to be a bit weak.

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Hi. I was just wondering - what is knotting?

Oh my god. What is knotting. 

What is knotting. 

*rubs hands together*

Alright my sweet, innocent angel. 

So, wolves and another canine mammals have what’s called a Bulbus Glandis- otherwise known as a knot- that swells at the base of the dick when they’re aroused. (Not running for the hills yet? I am so proud of you. Welcome.) Now, to save your innocent eyes from canine dick trauma, I present you with a simple knotted dildo (yes they do exist):


So, knotting is typically found in TW fics and the like because werewolves and therefore wolf dick but it’s a thing that can really take place in any fandom because this is fic, not fact. (Because werewolf dicks are totally fact, apparently??? *shut up brain*)

Anyway, knotting is used for a lot of things:

  • Bonding.
  • Mating.
  • (Usually male) pregnancy.
  • Breeding (see above).
  • Just to be kinky as fuck.
  • Because the bottom is a size queen and likes to be full. 

It’s also a thing in Alpha/Beta/Omega fics- like, it’s the main function in most of these fics, where the “omega” goes into heat- where you will find a lot of self lubrication, a lot- and they usually need a nice, “Alpha knot” to satisfy them and keep them sane through this not-so-sexy-if-you-don’t-have-a-partner time. Betas are free to go about as they please usually, not having to worry about heats or ruts (which is the Alpha equivalent of a heat) because they are lucky sons of bitches. (Knotting is typically a biological male thing because dicks, but girls can totally have them too. There are no rules. I am sure I read about knotting clitorises somewhere. HERE’S TO GENDER EQUALITY.) 

Anyhow, all you really need to know about knotting is:

  • The bottom needs a lot of prep before hand. 
  • Knots are super sensitive (shh, don’t fight me on this.)
  • Knots produce a generous amount of come. 
  • Partners are usually stuck together after anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. This can be very awkward if the knotting was accidental and they are both pining/ not together/fuck buddies who are secretly in love, or can be a good opportunity to spoon and cuddle and bask in the after glow of the best sex ever if the are happy and in love. 

All round, it’s a very loving and intimate, although highly kinky affair. 

I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to knotting and feel ready to browse the wide selection of fics on offer.

(I enjoyed writing this way too much.)

(I have issues.)

(And possibly need therapy.)


  • location: Changsha Meixi Lake District, China, the capital of Hunan Sheng Province
  • Architects: NEXT architects
  • size: 600 ft / 185 m (length) & 79ft / 24 m (height)
  • project: 2016
  • photography: Julien Lanoo / courtesy of Next Architects
Never Think | Luke

a/n: In which everything is cliche and kinda fluffy. Also this was going to be all in one but then I decided to split it in two so :)  
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Ashton had always played the role of the protective older brother; he’d defended you against the two boys who’d picked on you when you were 7, he’d been there to stare down the boy who’d taken you on your first date, and he’d been there to hold your hair back and swear revenge on whoever had given you that extra tequila shot the first time you were a total drunk write off.

As a result, you always trusted him to be honest when you asked for advice, and you always knew to expect him to get a little irrational when it came to boys. Which is why you spent so long contemplating whether or not he was the right person to ask about your current – particularly complex, given the circumstances – boy situation.

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