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I have not made a list of movies I’ve seen/enjoyed in a while, so here are some good bloody films you animals (like you @havanapitbull). I’ve been on a J-Horror kick:


A cast of terrible people meet on the border of hell itself and talk about how their horrible lives are all related in horrible ways. The psychedelic cinematography, goofy gore and actual lake of blood make this worth seeing.


A Japanese soldier tries to survive the war at the cost of his own humanity. Fun!


First of a trilogy of Young Yakuza films by Takashi Miike, you have the extreme gore and weird sex hangups in his later films but this one was filmed in the 90′s, so nostalgia I guess. There’s a tattoo made of human blood on our main character and also a vaginal blow-dart! Miike!


Unlike the previous few Guinea Pig movies that are just hyper-realistic gore effects for an hour, you instead have a weird pseudo-romance directed and written by horror mangaka Hideshi Hino. And it shows! You have a pervert artist falling in love with a mermaid he finds exploring the sewer. As she slowly rots to death outside of her native habitat of filth, he paints her portrait using her rotting body as paint.


A torrid love affair ends in a murder and a dead husband thrown down a well. The rest of the movie has the wife and her lover enjoying their new life of passion and slowly worrying more and more about neighborhood gossip and a ghost showing up. This one is a slow burn, probably one of the best movies I’ve seen all month.


People losing control of their bodies in a fetishistic cyberpunk hell. Thats really it mostly, lots of pretty pictures of flesh.


Shin’ya Tsukamoto is easily one of the five best directors in the world in my book, and Gemini is one of the reasons why. You have the standard tale of twin brothers torn apart at birth and one coming home for revenge against the other, but Tsukamoto delivers such a raw alien sensuality to every scene that makes you feel like a creepy voyeur into these wounded and insane lives. Its damn great.


A girl wakes up in a hospital that probably isn’t a hospital. I’m not saying anymore beyond this point, its better to go in as blind as possible here. The true epitome of the inherent creepiness of VHS-quality video.


Masaaki Nakayama is one of the best horror mangakas who has ever lived, his work is always revolving around the subject of how horror is best shown when its barely shown at all; Little glimpses of something behind you, a monster in a story you barely remember, that guy on the road acting odd, its all here and it will make you feel uncomfortable. How can you capture such subtle horror? They come damn close in the adaptation of his short stories here. The special effects range from incredibly real to awful, all done on purpose to unnerve in a way I havent been unnerved in a long time.

sweeter than sugar (m)

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Words: 19,371.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: Sugar daddy au + fluff, smut.

Summary: Jungkook comes to you with a proposition to give you money in return for your company and all you know is that being spoiled has never felt so sweet before.

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Signs in the night
  • Aries: The pitter patter of rain hitting roads and colliding with your windows, invisible in the blackness of night but soothing to the sleepy soul whose head rests on a pillow that has been fluffed one too many times.
  • Taurus: Smiling at the vast expanse of an ocean of constellations spattered on a charcoal sky. Pondering the frighteningly infinite size of the universe but thanking your lucky stars that you're able to witness and contemplate such a feat.
  • Gemini: The constant thrumming of something in the distance, perhaps its a siren wailing or cars passing or the wind howling. The perpetuity of this is familiar and endearing.
  • Cancer: Streetlights illuminating faces, transforming smiles into diamonds but forming and lengthening shadows. Snowflakes or motes of dust in the evening sky seem to stop to bask in the dim flickers of lamp posts, floating for eons. You crave that pause in time, not just to smell the roses, but to be in awe at life.
  • Leo: A candle's wavering flame casting warm rays into an otherwise dark room. A tired soul easing oneself onto a bed, feeling their spines meld to the mattress, staring at the blank ceiling above; wishing it were spattered with stars.
  • Virgo: Windows standing in the way of you and the sky. You trace the glass, pretending you're really tracing the craters of the moon. Swirling galaxies swim in your eyes as you enter a haze, your finger still and your mouth parted. You think of THEM. They and the moon are the last thing you think of before falling asleep.
  • Libra: A child's vision blurring in the back seat of a car and watching as all the harsh tail lights, traffic lights, obnoxious neon signs and headlights all turn into harmless spheres of wonder that linger when they blink.
  • Scorpio: The feeling before a firework goes off, the liminality of the wait for the thundering presence of the sparks. As fireworks colour the sky, you marvel at the vibrations that your heart hurdles through.
  • Sagittarius: A fire crackles, sputtering out cinders and pushing the aroma of smoke into flared nostrils. Glowing embers pulsating beneath stacked logs are hidden gems. A watchful eye regards the dancing flames with admiration and wonder.
  • Capricorn: Weak hands tug at a blanket and pull it just above their ears, a cocoon of cloth is formed as feet fumble for something cold to touch in contrast to the warmth the blanket provides.
  • Aquarius: Being woken in the dead of night, your heart pounds away in your throat and a hand settles on the chest as if to sooth it. The remnants of a dream are quickly fading and make your heart race faster. You try to latch to the slivers of fantasy, but your caught in a landslide that's headed straight for reality. So instead, you just go back to sleep.
  • Pisces: Words mean more at night. You notice this as a song plays, lyrics and verses imbedded with the fractals of a broken heart. The shards have seeped into the melody and rhythm, into the floor and up your legs, and it stays in the left side of your chest. The song is your secret, and you keep it in your heart.

theotakux  asked:

I just bought a DVD of Memorial Valley Massacre that uses the 'Son of Sleepaway Camp' title, and it got me wondering about horror movies getting retitled for VHS back in the day (usually to cash in on other, more popular movies). Do you know of a list of movies that did that? I'm really curious about it but haven't found much online.

Oh, gosh.  Now this is a subject that I know much about, as it’s something that was pretty common throughout horror during the 80′s–particularly Italian horror, as Italian filmmakers realized that there was a greater market for horror films in Italy if the public there believed them to be American-made (this trend actually plays a MAJOR part in jump-starting the film career of horror maestro Mario Bava–and the rise of horror and sci-fi films in Italy–but that’s a story for another day).

For example, let’s start with the late George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978).  In Italy, it was known as Zombi.  Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (1979) was created to profit off of the popularity of Romero’s film, and was marketed overseas as Zombi 2Zombi 3 later came about in 1988, and was co-directed by Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei.

Here’s where it gets weird: 

  • Sometimes Umberto Lenzi’s Nightmare City (1980) is credited as being Zombi 3 (it was also sometimes marketed as Cannibal Holocaust 2 to ride the success of Ruggero Deodato’s “found footage” horror), as is Andrea Bianchi’s controversial Burial Ground (1981).  Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974) and Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher, M.D.) (1980) have both been marketed at some point as being Zombi 3.
  • Jean Rollin’s A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973) is often referred to as Zombi 4, as is the 1988 film After Death (which many consider the “real” sequel).  Panic (1982) is known as Zombi 4 in Greece.
  • Jess Franco’s Revenge in the House of Usher (1982) has been marketed as Zombi 5 in America, but it’s Joe D’Amato’s Killing Birds (1988) that’s widely considered to be Zombi 5.
  • Joe D’Amato’s Absurd (1981) has previously been marketed as Zombi 6, when–in actuality–it is the sequel to D’Amato’s own Anthropophagus (1980).
  • And, it is Anthropophagus that has been marketed as Zombi 7, even though it came before Absurd.  Andreas Schnaas’ Zombie ‘90: Extreme Pestilence (1991) has also occasionally been sold as Zombi 7.

Confused yet?  Let’s try an easier one.

Let’s talk about House (1986):

  • Not to be confused with the Japanese House, later renamed Hausu (1977).
  • House was followed by House II: The Second Story (1987), which did not follow the previous film’s storyline whatsoever.  It was also known as La Casa 6 in Italy, but I’ll get to that…
  • Overseas, the supernatural slasher The Horror Show (1989) was sold as House III (and La Casa 7).
  • House IV (1992) is the official third entry in the series, as it actually shares a character with the original film.

So what’s La Casa?  Hmm…I guess this one wasn’t much “easier” to understand after all:

  • La Casa is what Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981) was titled in Italy.
  • La Casa 2 is Raimi’s sequel, Evil Dead II (1987).
  • La Casa 3 is actually an Umberto Lenzi film, originally titled Ghosthouse.
  • La Casa 4 is the sequel to Ghosthouse, and originally known as Witchery (1988).  Neither have anything to do with Raimi’s films.
  • La Casa 5 is really just a film called Beyond Darkness (not to be confused with Joe D’Amato’s controversial Beyond the Darkness (1979), also known as Buio Omega and Blue Holocaust), and was directed by Claudio Fragrasso, who brought the world Troll II (which was originally titled Goblin, and also has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie it’s allegedly a sequel for!).
  • As mentioned before, La Casa 6 is what we know as House II: The Second Story (still no relation to The Evil Dead).
  • La Casa 7 is just The Horror Show.  I guess House IV wasn’t good enough to be La Casa 8.

Ever heard of the Curse series?  Well…it isn’t a series:  The Curse (1987), Curse II: The Bite (1989), Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (1991), and Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice (1993) are four films that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. 

  • The original film is an adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space (this same story was the inspiration for 1965′s Die, Monster, Die!, and partially inspired “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” from the 1982 horror anthology Creepshow).
  • Curse II: The Bite is about a man being bitten by a radioactive snake, and spawning other snakelike creatures.
  • Curse III: Blood Sacrifice was originally called Panga, and is about a tribal magician in Africa summoning a demon.
  • Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice is actually a film from 1988 called Catacombs that’s about a monastery haunted by a demon.  The film wasn’t released for five years after its completion due to the financial downfall and seizure of Charles Band’s Empire Pictures by a credit company (which later led to Band forming Full Moon Features).  Columbia TriStar slapped the new title on it to try to pass it off as another entry in a series that was never a series to begin with.

How about Demons (aka Dèmoni)?

  • Lamberto Bava (with Dario Argento producing) brought the original film to the world in 1985, with great commercial success.
  • Dèmoni 2 (1986) is a legitimate sequel from the same people.
  • Dèmoni 3?  Well, that could be a few films, including Lamberto’s own The Ogre (1988), Michele Soavi’s The Church (1989) (coincidentally, Soavi played a part in the original Demons), or Umberto Lenzi’s Black Demons (1991) (which is commonly considered the “official” third installment).
  • Soavi’s The Devil’s Daughter (1991) was marketed as Demons 4: The Sect.
  • Bava’s La maschera del demonio (1989) was marketed as Demons 5: The Devil’s Veil.
  • Luigi Cozzi’s adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” was retitled to Demons 6: De Profundis (1989).
  • Soavi’s Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) (1994) was occasionally marketed as Demons ‘95.

Only the first two were intentionally linked.  The rest were renamed when convenient for the sake of sales.  Did anyone notice the frequency with which certain names have been appearing here?  The Italian filmmaking industry was some wild shit.

Other examples that I can think of (at least at the moment):

  • Meng Hua Ho’s supernatural shocker The Rape After (1986) is sometimes re-titled Devil Fetus 2, after the original film by Hung-Chuen Lau.
  • Izô Hashimoto’s Lucky Sky Diamond (1990) is occasionally falsely associated with the infamous Japanese Guinea Pig film franchise (due to sharing similar themes of cruel experimentation), but is a separate, unrelated v-cinema release.

Sometimes it’s just the packaging that tries to pass something off as something it’s not.  Check out this Japanese box art for Andreas Schnaas’ Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom (1999).

If this titling nonsense isn’t bad enough, poster artists also ripped each other off right and left during the 80′s.

Someday, I also want to post about parodies and rip-offs in horror, because some of them (such as India’s Mahakaal) are so blatant that they’re honestly endearing.

The 200 Happiest Words in the English Language

Laughter, happiness, love, happy, laughed, laugh, laughing, excellent, laughs, joy, successful, win, rainbow, smile, won, pleasure, smiled, rainbows, winning, celebration, enjoyed, healthy, music, celebrating, congratulations, weekend, celebrate, comedy, jokes, rich, victory, Christmas, free, friendship, fun, holidays, loved, loves, loving, beach, hahaha, kissing, sunshine, delicious, friends, funny, outstanding, paradise, sweetest, vacation, butterflies, freedom, flower, great, sunlight, sweetheart, sweetness, award, chocolate, hahahaha, heaven, peace, splendid, success, enjoying, kissed, attraction, celebrated, hero, hugs, positive, sun, birthday, blessed, fantastic, winner, delight, beauty, butterfly,entertainment, funniest, honesty, sky, smiles, succeed, wonderful, glorious, kisses, promotion, family, gift, humor, romantic, cupcakes, festival, hahahahaha, honour, relax, weekends, angel, b-day, bonus, brilliant, diamonds, holiday, lucky, mother, super, amazing, angels, enjoy, friend, friendly, mother’s, profit, finest, bday, champion, grandmother, haha, kiss, kitten, miracle, mom, sweet, blessings, bright, cutest, entertaining, excited, excitement, joke, millionaire, prize, succeeded, successfully, winners, shines, awesome, genius, achievement, cake, cheers, exciting, goodness, hug, income, party, puppy, smiling, song, succeeding, tasty, victories, achieved, billion, cakes, easier, flowers, gifts, gold, merry, families, handsome, lovers, affection, candy, cute, diamond, earnings, interesting, peacefully, praise, relaxing, roses, Saturdays, faithful, heavens, cherish, comfort, congrats, cupcake, earn, extraordinary, glory, hilarious, moonlight, optimistic, peaceful, romance, feast, attractive, glad, grandma, internet, pleasant, profits, smart.

Time to start using more of these words in your everyday life!


Bang Bang! (Ch.5)

Pairing: Ramsay Bolton x Reader

Summary:  The Red Wedding happened a week ago. Your boss, Petyr, insists on celebrating the men who “won” this victory, the Red Kings, an assassination group run by the sour-looking Roose Bolton. You, one of Petyr’s favorites, is tasked to find out more about these Red Kings. Who are they? Who are their clients? Who is next?You’re very good at what you do until you meet him. What do you do? Girls like you can’t fall in love. Does the Pretty Bird fly away with him? Or does she ruin the Bloody Bastard and everything he has?

Words: 2944

Read on Ao3:

Immediately after your talk with Petyr, he made an appointment for Ramsay free of charge. Ramsay expressed his excitement to you.

Ramsay: [I’ve got an idea for tonight. I think you’ll like it.]

You: [Oh? What kind of idea?]

Ramsay: [A night you will not forget. Put on the fanciest dress you have for me.]

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Suga (Part 1) - Yoongi x Reader

this will be my second series even when the first isn’t even close to an end. 

Group : BTS (yes, again)

Member : Min Yoongi

Genre : cheating (?), affair, smut (later), fluff 

Word Count : 1913

Description : what would you do if you meet the exact copy of your boyfriend, whose yet the exact opposite - who knows all your desires with one glance? 

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Where you go, I follow

Warnings: none

Pairing: Thorin x reader

Here it is finally, next part of this journey! Enjoy! If you want to be tagged in this, let me know :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Khuzdul translation:

“Softly now, hush

For Mahal´s hammer shall shield you

As you sleep among kings

Softly now, hush

All is well with axe and beard

Under the stars

Softly now, hush”

You two kept walking, talking to any people who was passing by but no word was heard from Thorin´s father. He was getting frustrated when days was turning to weeks, weeks to months and still no sign of Thrâin or even a word. When you finally decided to make camp because it was getting too dark to keep going, Thorin was distant, quiet and moody. Although you understood why he was like that, his mood was starting to get quite catchy and you could feel your mood to come dark as well. “Thorin, talk to me. It doesn´t do any of us any good if you keep sulking.” you finally broke the silence and watched as he glared at you under his lashes but didn´t say anything. So you tried another approach. “I know you´re frustrated to this situation but maybe…..” you paused, because you really didn´t want to bring forth this alternative but it was starting to look like it was possibility that who ever started the rumors about his father been alive was mistaken or even lying.

Thorin knew what you were gonna say and sighing shaked his head. “I know.” he finally said keeping his eyes fixed on the fire, he didn´t want to admit that he was so hopeful about the fact that he might find his father at last and learn what had happened all those years ago, what happened to him that he didn´t even considered the possibility that those rumors might be false. But he was too stubborn and proud to admit that to you out loud.  He felt you moving closer to him and resting your head against his shoulder. Little smile was forming to his face as he tilted his head resting his cheek against the top of your head. “Could you do something for me?” you asked sleepily. Thorin merely hummed and waited what it was you wanted him to do. “Would you sing for me?” Small chuckle escaped from him as he agreed to that. He sang you the old dwarven lullaby that was passed on generation after generation.

“Atkâtul, mudûmur    
Khama Mahal bakhuz murukhzu 
Ambarzu mulhûkh

Atkâtul, mudûmur 
Sul ghelekh barkûr ra turg
Undu gimil 
Atkâtul, mudûmur ”

As Thorin´s deep and soft voice lulled you to sleep you thought briefly how lucky you were to have such a man in your life.
Thorin wrapped his arms around you and carefully guided you to lay down beside him and covered you with his fur coat so you wouldn´t feel cold. He then threw couple of blocks into the fire and took more comfortable position and lifted his gaze to the black sky filled with diamond like stars. Although he was against it that you should come along, now he actually was happy that you were there sleeping next to him, easing his mind when he was grumby or frustrated. It was only couple of days of walk before they would reach to Bree and have a decent meal and soft bed where he could….well, better not think about those kind of activities just yet, otherwise he would not be able to concentrate to keep watch while you slept.

It was raining hard when you two finally reached Bree and looked for place to make a stop and eat something. Thorin had a odd feeling that you were been followed and quite frankly so were you. You two shared a look under your hoods and kept walking until Thorin saw sign of Prancing Pony and guided you through the doorway. You were glad that you finally got out from the rain, you felt soaked and sought out the table nearest to the fireplace. Thorin sat beside you placing  his sword to lean against the table while you shook off your cloak. When you had ordered your dinner you noticed two men staring at your way and it gave you the chills, that kind of look wasn´t never a good sign. Just as Thorin started to eat he saw those two as well but this time they started to move. You lifted an eyebrow at him little smirk dancing on your lips as you watched Thorin´s hand gradually move toward the hilt of his sword. But before either of you could do anything, a stranger sat down in front of Thorin and you turned your heads little surpised. You glanced then at the two men who made hasty exit whispering something along the way. 

“MInd if I join you? I´ll have the same.” the man says and motioned to the young waitress what was in Thorin´s plate. You turned your attention back to the man quite curiously. Who was this fellow? “I should introduce myself, my name is Gandlaf, Gandalf the Grey.” Thorin´s expression told you that he knew the man and by the looks of it wasn´t alarmed that much so you too relaxed. “I know who you are.” Thorin said quietly. “Well now….this is fine chance!” Gandalf was overly happy to see Thorin in the flesh in front of him and you couldn´t stop thinking why? “What brings Thorin Oakenshield to Bree?”

Thorin sighes and loweres his gaze to the table. “I received a word that my father had been seeing wandering in the wilds near Dunland. I went looking, found no sign of him." 

You placed your hand over his offering a silent comfort which he took gladly, a fond smile on his lips and that didn´t escape from Gandalf´s eyes but didn´t ask who you were. "Thorin, it´s been a long time since anything but a rumor was heard of Thrâin.” Gandalf said looking little worried at the same time. “He still lives, I´m sure of it.” Thorin replied with quiet but firm tone in his voice. Wizard did not say anything to that and turned briefly his attention to the waitress who game to give him the plate. “My father came to see you before he went missing. What did you say to him?” Thorin contiuned staring Gandalf straight to his eyes as he glanced up from his food. “I urged him to march upon Erebor, to rally the seven armies of the dwarves, to destroy the dragon and take back the Lonely Mountain. And I´ll say the same to you. Take back your homeland." 

Thorin gave Gandalf very sceptical look as he grapped his tankard and lifted it to his lips, but before he drank he voiced the thought that crossed his mind at that moment. "This is no a chance meeting is it, Gandalf?" 

"No, it is not.The Lonely Mountain troubles me Thorin…that dragon has sat there long enough. Sooner or later darker minds will turn towards Erebor.” as Gandalf went on about bumping into some unpleasent folks Thorin was getting little irritated to this whole conversation. “They mistook me as a vagabond.” that line was humoring Thorin nevertheless as he chuckled little. “I imagine they regretted that.” Thorin gave him a side glance.Wizard then took something out of his rope and placed it on the table. Your eyes went wide. You recognized it, you have seen it couple of times in your lifetime and cold sweat started to run through your spine. “One of them was carrying  a message. It is a black speech.”As Gandalf said those last two words, Thorin withdrew his hand as he was about to touch the parchment and looked up at the wizard. “Promise of payment…” Gandalf said casually as it wasn´t that bad. “…Of what..?” Thorin asked little concerned and the answer both of you heard was alarming. “Your head.”

“Someone wants you dead. Thorin. You could not wait no longer. You are the heir to the throne of Durin. Unite the armies of dwarves. Together you have the might and power to retake Erebor." 

You could not believe what you were hearing. Was he serious? Reclaim Erebor? Destroy fire breathing dragon? Honestly? Was he high on something? He made it sound like a picnic at the beach on a lovely sunny day. Shaking your head you forced yourself to say nothing. It was not your place to say anything anyway, it was Thorin´s decision after all, but how you wished he had the common sense to say no to that.

"Summon the meeting among the seven dwarf families. Demand they stand by their oath.”

“The seven armies swore their oath to the one who wields the king´s jewel, the Arkenstone. It is the only thing that will unite them and in case you have forgotten that jewel was stolen by Smaug!” Thorin hisses at Gandalf clearly not amused by the wizard´s temp to set him to the same path he did with his father.
“What if I´m to help you to reclaim it?” Gandalf whispers and look at you and Thorin as he already knows what his answer will be. God, you hated wizards by doing that.

“How? The Arkenstone lies half world away, buried beneath the feet of fire breathing dragon.” Thorin replies giving him suspicious look.

“Yes it does. And that is why we´ll need a burglar.”

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Music Vibes

Tagged by @mysonisthesun who wanted to know abt some of my current fav songs (*huggle*<3) … so here we go!

Instructions: List ten songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag people!

1. Never ever-  Röyksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør (very catchy!!)

2. Love you now- Oh, be clever (sweeeeet <33)

3. I want to love -  Years & Years

4. Teardrop-  Massive Attack

5.  Diamond Sky -  Elliot Berger ft. Laura Brehm (Precious voice!!)

6. Superhuman -  Juventa feat. Kelly Sweet (Culture Code Remix)

7. Lucky One - EXO

8.  Make You Feel Loved- Cade

9. I Don’t Wanna -  Jane XØ

10. Beautiful Mess -  Kristian Kostov

Here you have a mix of the ones I play on repeat haha X3. Hope you find something new or interesting to listen to <33

Now I tag : @guardiandae @virushoney (you told me once you enjoy my music so … hope you like some of these, also it’s your turn to show me some of your fav songs hon), @keishota, @hydrachea, @puropolz, @pelissa, @youzankiel and everyone willing to share some songs with us!

Northern Lights

Okay @rosesnvines, here’s your request for Sparkly!

This is for #kalluramonth2k17 prompts Aurora Borealis, Sapphire and, of course, sparkly. 

Allura cursed under her breath as the wind stung her face. Well, the part of her face left exposed, which wasn’t much. Mostly just her eyes and bridge of her nose felt the bite of the icy air, her eyelashes sticking together every time she blinked back tears. Her knitted scarf was protecting the rest of it, a burst of steam escaping whenever her breath met the frigid atmosphere.

The sun hung low in the sky, painting the clouds deep pinks and purples as it sunk into the horizon. Soon the dark night would chase it down, littering the sky with sparkling stars and, with any luck, the aurora borealis. They’d chosen this for their final spring break holiday; Keith wanting to see the Northern Lights, and Allura hoping to see the diamond studded Milky Way.

She considered herself lucky that it was the middle of April and not January, when the weather would have been significantly harsher. She was also glad for the warmth of the person holding her to keep her from turning into a human popsicle.

Keith was sitting behind her on the snow mobile, his arms wrapped tightly around her. He shoved his hands into her coat pockets to rub her fingers as a token of appreciation she presumed. Either that or to ensure neither of them lost a digit to frostbite. Whatever the reason she welcomed them eagerly.

“Of all the things you could have asked for as a graduation present it had to be this?”

Allura felt rather than heard his chuckle, the low rumble of his chest somehow making its way through her multiple layers of clothes. He leaned closer to respond, the hot wind from his mouth tickling her sensitive ears.

“Should I have chosen another plus one? The invitation wasn’t specific, I’m sure Shiro would be enjoying this.”

She twisted slightly to shoot a dirty look at him.

“You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me, maybe next time I’ll invite someone else,” she huffed.

His arms squeezed a bit tighter, a light kiss falling on her forehead.

“Never gonna let that happen,” he teased. “Besides, I’m sure Lotor has moved on by now.”

As much as she hated hearing her ex’s name, she had to admit dating him worked in her favor. They’d been an item all through high school and she expected to marry him after college. Thankfully he showed his true colors freshman year. She’d forgiven him one indiscretion that she was aware of, never comfortable with his promises of future fidelity. In reality she’d stayed with him because it was expected of her.

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call-me-maebea  asked:

Is guinea pig as horrible as people say?

Well, the entire series is notorious not simply for the gruesome, somewhat malicious content of the films, but also due to one of the entries being mistaken for a genuine snuff film.  As I’ve mentioned previously, a copy of the second film, Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985) was given to actor Charlie Sheen by Film Threat founder Chris Gore.  Sheen, not being as familiar with horror cinema in general, mistook the film (excessive even by the standards of 80’s horror) as legitimate snuff, and turned it over to the FBI.  Because of this, as well as investigation from Japanese law enforcement officials, the creators of the series produced a documentary titled Making of Guinea Pig (1986), which profiles how the effects were created for both Flower, and and third entry in the series, He Never Dies (1986).

Flower was also the film mistakenly believed to have been confiscated among the film collection of Japanese serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki, and speculation was given that the film had served to influence him in his killings.  In reality, it was the series’ fourth entry, Mermaid in a Manhole (1988), that was discovered among his belongings.

I have discussed in the past just why these films were created, and why they gained such a cult status among horror fans.  Unlike even more intentionally vicious and barbaric fair like Tumbling Doll of Flesh (aka Psycho: The Snuff Files; Niku Daruma) (1998), the Guinea Pig series was not intending to be fetishistic in it’s portrayal of horror and gore, because it is completely lacking any truly sexual element to any of the films.  The blanket term of “guinea pig” stems from the common theme of people being used as experimental subjects, which is, more often than not, painful and torturous, and typically resulting in death.

Films in the Guinea Pig series:

  1. Guinea Pig: The Devil’s Experiment (1985) - As far as films go, it is hard to classify this among others, as it is completely without plot or character development.  It attempts to create what a true snuff film might possibly look like, though fails right from the start by giving us an explanatory text introduction.  What follows is literally nothing more than the prolonged, explicit torture of a captive woman by a group of men, under the guise of testing the human threshold of pain.  It is quite graphic in its depiction of gore, which I believe is really the entire point.  It isn’t meant to “entertain” us.  It is meant to shock us, and make us feel uneasy, despite also forcing us to watch due to our own, innate curiosity of the inner workings of the human body.  It is a group of effects people trying to push the boundary of realism in horror effects.
  2. Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985) - Much like the first film, the second film not only begins with explanatory text, but also revolves around the torture and dismemberment of a captive woman.  However, this time around, there is only one man, inexplicably dressed as a samurai, and spouting poetic lines in between each act of mutilation.  It is also shot in a much more artistic manner, and (while still not particularly “enjoyable”), comes off with a higher level of sophistication and aesthetic merit.  This may be due to this entry being directed by celebrated horror mangaka, Hideshi Hino, based on one of his stories.  In the end, its intention appears to be equating gore with the beauty of nature, but is also really just the effects team (headed by Nobuaki Koga) showing off their skills.
  3. Guinea Pig 3: He Never Dies (1986) - This installment is the first to make an attempt at a plot and characterization, and has to do with a man, driven by a woman to attempt suicide, discovering that he can endure any amount of pain and dismemberment, not only without feeling any pain, but without dying.  Like the previous entries, it revels in excessive gore, but this time around, it is a male inflicting it upon himself, and the overall tone of the film is much more comical.
  4. Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in a Manhole (1988) - This is another entry directed by Hideshi Hino, based on another of his stories.  It concerns a man finding a mermaid in a sewer, and bringing her home to tend to the wounds she has, only for her condition to continue to deteriorate (ostensibly the result of living in a heavily-polluted sewer).  During this time, the man attempts to paint a picture of the mermaid, and—much like another of Hino’s stories, “Zoruko’s Strange Disease”—eventually begins to use the effluence from the numerous boils forming on the mermaid’s body as paint for his canvas.  The man eventually ends up killing the mermaid, or at least, what he thought was a mermaid.
  5. Guinea Pig 5: Android of Notre Dame (1989) - The fifth film in the series centers around a scientist with dwarfism trying to find a cure for his terminally-ill sister, using test bodies supplied by a mysterious stranger.  Unlike all of the other entries in the Guinea Pig franchise, this entry lacks the same taboo-breaking excesses, and its flimsy story is more along the veins of traditional horror (the most obvious influence being Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein).  While there is gore to be found, it is performed mostly on cadavers, and lacks the audacity and shock value of its predecessors, and overall stands out as an oddity of the series.
  6. Guinea Pig 6: Devil Woman Doctor (1986) - The last of the franchise is by far the most comical, to the point where it can be considered pure camp.  There is less a plot than there is a succession of patients with bizarre afflictions seeking help from the titular physician, who is played by famous Japanese drag actor, Peter.  Of course, the entire affair is rife with blood and gore, and—much like Android of Notre Dame—is wildly different in tone from previous installments.  Produced in 1986, it was actually intended to be the fourth film of the bunch, but was released as the final.
  7. The Making of Guinea Pig (1986) - This look behind-the-scenes of both Flower of Flesh and Blood and He Never Dies exists solely as proof to both the FBI and Japanese authorities that there was nothing but movie magic behind the brutality present in Flower.  It is nonetheless a fascinating look into the impressive work that went into the making of both films.
  8. The Best of Guinea Pig (1988) - This compilation exists purely as a showcase for the goriest moments from the franchise, with nothing new to add to the mix.

There is another Japanese splatter film, Lucky Sky Diamond (1989), that is often erroneously credited as being part of the Guinea Pig collection.  While it is short, gory, and bizarre (with a definite streak of malice towards yet another captive woman pitted against menacing and shady hospital personnel), it is a stand-alone film that has no association with the series.

Overall, the entire franchise (also produced by Hideshi Hino), existed initially to be a film adaptation of his manga work, but ended up becoming a unique part of Japanese horror history.  While newer filmmakers like Yoshihiro Nishimura have built their careers around films featuring outlandish levels of blood, guts, and violence, there have been no films since the Guinea Pig series ended that have matched the level of graphic violence and sheer malevolence of what has rightfully become known as the most infamous and reviled horror franchise in Japanese cinema history.

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who is doot

“This is Doot, my top kindergartener. While her proper facet and cut number is Peridot Facet 2 Cut 3X6, it is custom in the Sky Court to refer to gems as their preferred nicknames rather than facet and cut number.

Doot is, well, quite the character. She’s a very lighthearted gem, prone to making jokes and some say she’s rather tactless about when she jokes. However, I’ve seen much of the work she puts in and I must say I’m quite impressed with the quality. Even if some reports say that she goofs off a lot I’ve always received everything on time and in good condition. She was also extremely lucky to have turned out the way she did - she’s far closer to an Era 1 peridot than an Era 2.

I believe right now Doot is working on overseeing the new Ruby Kindergarten on Minea. Apparently there were some hiccups in the process.”

“Why did you let her go?” I asked my father.

“She was a young female.” My father started his story. “She was born in a good household” I watched my father took a seat near us. Every now and then, he would tell us about a girl named Martha. “Many loved her as she was beautiful, brave and smart. She wore kindness like diamonds around her neck and always wanted the best for people. She believed in justice and hope, though there were times when she would forgot her own luck.”

My father looked out of the window near the sofa. It was evening and the stars filled the sky as it was painted on a canvas. “She forgot how lucky she was and reached for something that was even beyond the stars.” He said. “She was so curious about what life could offer her. She knew she had a purpose in life, but she had no clue what it was. She was happy and grateful for her family, but they didn’t complete her heart. She was looking for something that could fill the empty spaces in her heart.“ 

“She left to look for her happiness, to find something that could make her happy again. Though she was safe, it felt like a cage for her. She was like a bird, she couldn’t stay at a place for a long time. She wanted to use her wings and fly across the sky. She wanted to taste freedom and smell the gift of nature. Watching stars from her bedroom was her temporarily escape. I knew sooner or later she wanted to be one of the them." 

"What happened after that?” My younger brother asked him. My father closed his eyes and sighed. 

“Many years have passed by but she never returned home. I think it was because somewhere, along the way, she found her new home. Though she may never know, she was someone that I wished upon the stars for. Her biggest wish was to be one of them, but to me, she was the moon. Part of her was always hidden and yet, she was always the brightest during the darkest days." 

"Why did you let her go?”  I asked. My father looked at me.

“A star is the most beautiful when you let her shine on her own.”

—  The Moon, The Star And The Lover
Bruce Wayne x Reader - Fireworks

Seeing as its Bonfire Night over here in the UK I thought I would write a bit of fluffy drabble <3

No warnings.

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You had never dreamt of being part of such a beautiful moment. Already wanting to pinch yourself after officially becoming the fiance of the sought after Bruce Wayne, it had been a swift 6 months. Bruce had fallen head over heels in love with you almost instantly, after meeting you through his butler, best friend and mentor, Alfred Pennyworth. You were a friend of his niece, and had been introduced at one the usual charity events Bruce showed his face at.

Bruce had proposed on a trip away, a weekend on his yacht out on the blue ocean. You remembered the moment fondly, it had been midday and Bruce had made you your favourite cocktail. Sitting on the deck, sunning yourself with no life around you but Bruce, a few loitering seagulls waiting for food to be dropped onto the deck and the mysterious life inhabiting the blue seas in which you floated on. Bruce had got down on one knee, made a short speech about his love for you, his burning ache and desperation to spend forever with you, and you recalled the tears he shed as he pushed the diamond ring onto your finger.

Now, it was November the 5th.

You lay on the hillside, the soft grass beneath you, but not as soft as the comfort of Bruce’s arms, he held you tight, one strong arm held you tight and safe into him. His free hand held your left hand, stroking two fingers up your ring finger, twirling the diamond ring gently in his fingers, Bruce wondered how he had landed so lucky meeting you.

The fireworks lit up the sky, bright rockets and sparkling explosions filled the night sky above you, loud crashes and bangs filled both of your ears, but became a strange comfort to you both. You took your sight off the sky and tilting your head back you lay your eyes on Bruce, the fireworks illuminating his face with colours and you couldn’t help but notice the tears which filled his eyes and rolled down his cheek. Squeezing his hand you brought it to your lips, planting soft kissed on his flesh, you never wanted this moment to end.

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Hey!! I've been curious about this, what are your feelings on the animated Yellow Submarine movie? It was my favorite as a kid :'^) I flippin love all your beatles stuff lately

anna!!! yeah, i loved the movie!!! I watched it earlier this summer, I feel so hurt that i never got to experience growing up with it as a kid, :’^D YA LUCKY DUCK

the designs are so… wonderful…. *kisses all the colour palettes* I also love how bottom heavy the character designs are even to the soles of their shoes U,__U, but ahha for once in something with mixed styles I liked parts that were closer to live action than cartoon?! the lucy in the sky with diamonds part is one of my fav parts… i’ve been trying to research psychedelic pop art from the 60s to try and get as much insp as I can from that time to maybe use one day…

like, there’s this one japanese artist, Keiichi Tanaami, he is so darn cool!!!!

JUST LOOK AT THIS!!! I love patterns… and repetition…. and COLOUR!! so this is such a wonderful era.. i didn’t know i’d have a place in psychedelic pop art, but i do??? I really hope I can use this love for it in my art well X’^D

No offense but…

New to town with a made up name in the angel’s city,

Chasing fortune and fame.

And the camera flashes, make it look like a dream.

You had it figured out since you were in school.

Everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool.

  1. So overnight you look like a sixties’ queen.

Another name goes up in lights, like diamonds in the sky.

And they’ll tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

Yeah, they’ll tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

But can you tell me now, you’re the lucky one, oh, oh, oh…

Now it’s big black cars, and Riviera views,

And your lover in the foyer doesn’t even know you

And your secrets end up splashed on the news front page.

And they tell you that you’re lucky.

But you’re so confused,

‘Cause you don’t feel pretty, you just feel used.

And all the young things line up to take your place.

Another name goes up in lights. You wonder if you’ll make it out alive.

And they’ll tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

Yeah, they’ll tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

  1. Can you tell me now, you’re the lucky one, oh, oh, oh.

It was a few years later, I showed up here.

And they still tell the legend of how you disappeared,

How you took the money and your dignity, and got the hell out.

They say you bought a bunch of land somewhere,

Chose the Rose Garden over Madison Square,

And it took some time, but I understand it now.

‘Cause now my name is up in lights, but I think you got it right,

  • Let me tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

Let me tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

Let me tell you now, you’re the lucky one, oh, oh, oh.

Yeah they’ll tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

Yeah, they’ll tell you now, you’re the lucky one.

And they’ll tell you now, you’re the lucky one, oh, oh, oh.

Oh, whoa, oh, oh

new to town with a made up name in the angels city chasing fortune and fame the camera flashes make it look like a dream you had it figured out since you were in school everybody loves pretty everybody loves cool so overnight you looked like a 60s queen another name goes up in lights like diamonds in the sky and theyll tell you now youre the lucky one yeah theyll tell you now youre the lucky one but can you tell me now youre the lucky one oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh, now its big black cars and riviera views and your lover in the foyer doesnt even know you and your secret santa splashed on the news front page and they tell you that youre lucky but youre so confused cause you dont feel pretty you just feel used and allthe young things line up to take your place another name goes up in lights you wonder if youll make it our alive and theyll tell you now youre the lucky one yeah theyll tell you now youre the lucky one can you tell me no youre the lucky one oh oh ohhhhhhhhh oh oh oh oh it was a few years later i showed up here and they still tell the legend of how you disappeared how you took your money and your dignity and got the hell out they say you bought a bunch of land somewhere chose the rose garden over madison square and it took some time but i understand it now cause my name is up in lights but i think you got it right let me tell you now youre the lucky one let me tell you now youre the lucky one let me you now youre the lucky one oh oh ohhhhhhhhh yeah theyll tell you now youre the lucky one yeah theyll tell you now youre the lucky one let me tell you now youre the lucky one oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh oh oh oh oh. 


thank you to bree @fleur-de-jinki for tagging meee~~ <3 i was tagged to post my lockscreen, home screen, last song i listened to, and last selfie (just an hd lucky one myeon instead :3)

i’m gonna tag: @miramizar, @deer-tokki, @sunnysehunn, @petitshinee, @thatfangirlkate, @thelonelyfan, @taemintgirlme, and anyone else who wants to do it <3 and of course, as always, don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna :)

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