lucky i remember all the names

Alright... time to reveal the big surprise.

At last! This secret was months in the making.

Remember back when I was building the new supercomputer, 

and basically the entirety of Tumblr told me I needed to name it–

–the Mystery Machine?

Well, I did name it that, and finally had time to finish debugging the system.

I bet Freddy never needed endless reinstalling on his Mystery Machine… lucky bugger.

Which meant the Mystery Machine finally worked properly.

Which was, certainly, a relief.

Which meant I finally had the supercomputer of my dreams.

Which nearly started a AI revolution to overthrow all of humanity, before I taught it Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. Oopsies.

Which meant I could finally play games properly, and be hip to all them kids on the Myspace.

Which made me feel like less of an old, out-of-touch 21-year-old.

Which meant I could finally make the video I wanted, documenting the insanity that happens when I play games.

Years ago, my sister and I were the world’s #1 experts at accidentally making people float.

So, whether you’re a video game enthusiast or just want to laugh at the creator of SDM freaking out over things… this should be a good laugh.

Seriously, the video has it all.

Exclamations that make no sense, and I totally can’t remember what was going on in my head at the time!

A photo of rats driving a car that I swear makes sense in context!

And, most-importantly…

…cactus enthusiasm!

Truly, the wonders of this video know no bounds.

I even designed all sorts of nifty stuff for the new channel’s intro & outro. It was way too much fun.

Yes, the channel is named “Mooncalf.” Yes, it’s a word from the 1600s that means “a foolish person.” Yes, that’s definitely what I am.

Ok, that’s enough blabbering. Enjoy!

Thanks for putting up with me. Your Scooby silliness shall resume on schedule in 20 minutes. Do not adjust your set.


Ps. Oh, tumblr mobile refuses to show the video? That’s… new. 

Here’s a link:

anonymous asked:

How would Elgang react if Add loses his memories and then started to act more kind??

Amnesia. That was his diagnosis.

Add had been hit over the head with a big boulder; he was lucky to still even be alive. He’d been in a coma, and had woken up not remembering who the El Party members were, or even his own ‘name’.

“Who’s.. Add? I’m Edward.” Add said curiously, sitting on the soft couch in the El Party’s base. He accepted the tea that this Ciel figure offered him.

“You’re Add… Idiot here somehow sent a boulder flying and nearly killed you..” Rena explained.

“Ah.. That’s not really nice. It’s okay… I’m still alive. I feel I know you all but I just… Don’t remember. I remember my childhood though…” Add muttered, staring into his mug.

“I remember my father using me for experiments… And him being an ignorant son of a bitch to my mother… I remember seeing my mom’s dead body when our home was attacked… I remember being a slave… I remember the library…
But after that it goes blank. But.. I want to be your friend. I’m determined to remember what we were in the past.” Add said, looking up.

“I think you’d rather not.” Ciel muttered.

“Maybe he won’t be an insane shit head this time around.” Ain mumbled.

Eve huffed in slight relief. Maybe Add would stop bothering ber for codes now.

Overall, the elgang was a little shocked at Add’s change in heart, but very quickly accepted it. He was so much more tolerable now.

story idea

title: Love poison

summary: two girls with identical names: first is admired by every single boy at her school, second is known as bookworm and “dull”. He just wanted to get attention of “the precious gem” at the school party. Love poison was found, but right name card wasn’t, and he accidentally made bookworm fall for him, although she already was all in love with that unobservant lucky guy.


“Le-let me kiss you,” she purred, puckering her lips and clinging to him.

“That’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever done,” he darned underneath his breath, pulling her face away with his palm. “I just hope you’re drunk, and when you’ll be sober, you won’t remember anything of this.”

“I’m drunk with your nonchalance.”

“Wow, I see you have a new girl, then I’m not interrupting,” said the-one-who-was-supposed-to-drink-that-poison, looking at his alarmed expression with the signal “SOS” broad over his face.

[please, if you take it, tell me, so i will be able to read and comment!]

I was thinking about something that happened to me as a child that acts as a pretty apt metaphor for the appropriation of latinx culture.

I’m a little white patty, but when I was a little kid I made friends with a super socially awkward latina kid. She was incredibly kind but came on strong so people avoided her, lucky me I came on strong too so we fit together like puzzle pieces. she brought me over to meet her family a lot and they were beyond kind to me ( her oldest brother said I was being paid back for the kindness I show )

They invited me to all kinds of celebrations and cook outs, there was one I can’t remember the name of and some of the details were foggy but it was supposed to strengthen the community. It was like a big block party, everyone’s houses were decked out and there were bbqs and music and bubbles and chalk for us kids and almost no cars were passing in the street so we could play all we wanted.

When I got there I saw kids and people freely going in and out of each others houses ( especially the one kid on the block who had a pool ) and when we got settled at my friends house her youngest brother ( still older than us he was like 15 ) explained that for a certain time everyone kept their doors unlocked and you could come and go freely as you wished ( you didn’t have to participate and you could lock your door )

The one big rule was you had to knock first even if the door was open, and if you were asked to leave you respected that and left. Usually once we entered a home we were met with hugs and smiles and hellos and cookies. Nobody even blinked at my friend carting a confused gringa around and some mothers even snuck me extra sweets and told me they were glad to see me.

My point being, Latinx people are so often willing to share their culture, just fucking knock. don’t barge in like a dick

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(got another hc for ya) So lefou used to not really see the appeal of dresses. like he could appreciate the nice colors and patterns but he didn't really hold the same regard of them as everyone else did (when asked about it he got to the point where his only answer was "its just a bunch of loose fabric" ) So dresses yeah they're nice but weren't really his thing. That is until he saw Stanley in one. Two thoughts in his head: "all my life i've lived a lie" "dear god he's gorgeous"

And he’s so greatful that Stanley and the woman who was turned into a wardrobe (I can’t remember or spell her name for the life of me) are friends because she’ll give him makeovers with a new dress every time and Lefou is just: 🙏🙏🙏

And when Stanley starts wearing makeup too?? Lefou almost falls over because oh god oh wow oh damn he is so incredibly lucky. (Needless to say most of the lipstick gets transferred to Lefou’s mouth because Stanley just looks so good how can he resist)

smaugthedragon  asked:

You're art is fucking gorgeous do you have any tips on anatomy, what kind of medium or program do you use?

Ahh, thank you, sugar! Well, it’s a chaos, but I tried to organize it…

Before drawing:
1. Read a book (books?) on anatomy for artists; it will be hard ground under your feet. I can’t recommend anything b/c I had read only one. And there are a lot of lists of recommendations, just look for it.
   I was lucky to go to the hospital for a month or more and all I did, besides procrastination, was learning bones and muscles. I did it kinda dumb: copy from the book (I don’t remember the name nor can’t find it, sorry) and then draw the same and some other poses by memory. After all, it was useful, I guess.
   Also, in some books, authors write tips and notes, what features they saw. It is one of the helpful things.
   ALSO, it is necessary, if you want to work with your style, b/c you will know what looks un/naturally and why (like what part of a body should be bigger or smaller or anything).
2. Draw from refs. Just do it periodically. You also can try to draw the same pose (or whatever the point of ref is) with more/fewer muscles and/or fat for training.
   It will give you the right food for your skill, I guess. All our imagination bases on what we saw, and if you saw/draw more poses/ppl you, of course, draw something more interesting.
3. Draw ppl around you, your character will look more naturally and relax.
4. Analyze other artist’s works. Depends on what you want to skill up.

While you draw:
Sometimes check if your drawing looks… strange?
   If yes, you can, for example, draw over (I’m sorry I have no idea how it will be in English) and you will probably see what’s wrong.

  If you still can’t see any problem but the feeling of unnaturalness still here try to take an exactly the same pose as the character. Do you feel uncomfortable? Then try to fix your position. You can even take a photo of yourself end compare with your drawing. Of course, you can look for a ref, but I think it takes too much time.
   If you can’t rely on your feelings in that way then check every time! You actually should do it initially.

Do that you feel to do.  It’s ok not to do exactly like someone, you on your way after all.

I use photoshop cs3 (hehe) as a habit. Sometimes try sth like Sai or crazy ones, just for fun.

Good luck, honey! :33

My beloved @gilove2dance tagged me in a game ages ago that I only just remembered. Anyway, I love talking about myself so here we go!

Rules: answer all of the questions and tag some blogs you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Tori for my tumblr pals

Family name: Umm, ask to add me on facebook if we’re mutuals?

Star sign: Virgo

Height: Not quite 5ft 1in

Age: 22

Favourite colour: Blue? Grey? Nice calming colors.

Time right now: 9:16 PM

Hours of sleep: Recently around 10-12, but I’m getting over a really bad cold so I need that sleep

Lucky number: 13 I guess?

Last thing I googled: French to English translator

Fav fictional character: Like… ever? Just one? Probably Thor?

Blankets I sleep with: A sheet with a comforter and two blankets on top right now. It’s really cold in my room and there’s a blizzard.

Favourite artists: Dali probably. His art is great and crazy and his life is a rollercoaster. 

Dream trip: Going to London and then never coming back

Dream job: Being a librarian…. in London

What you’re wearing right now: Fuzzy green socks, blue jeans, and a cowl neck sweater with these cool gradient stripes that go from black to white.

Follower count: 880! Wow, thank you followers!

Posts: 31,700. That is so fucking many… I mean I’ve had this blog for over five years but jesus.

What do you post about: Fandom mainly. Funny things. College stuff and libraries. 

Most active followers: I’m not entirely sure what this means, but according to my activity, my “biggest fans” are @all-made-of-stardust @superqueerpasta and @leslienah. Love ya’ll. 

When did your blog reach it’s peak: I dunno about my blog’s peak…. My most popular post ever is this one

Why did you make this blog: Because a high school friend convinced me to. 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope, though it’d be fun. I always love talking with people. 

Why did you choose your URL: It’s a bit of a longish story? When I first needed an online username, I wanted it for so I could write Zutara stuff. Lots of users on there had names like “musicbender” or “storybender” and I thought those were really great, but not very creative. Since the fire nation is my favorite and they were inspired by Japanese culture, I translated “story” and “bender” and Americanized the spelling. That’s also partly why my title is “Are you ready for the story?”

Countries you’ve lived in: The US, England, Spain, and Australia. 

Favourite fandom: Band of Brothers! We’re small and amazing! Most of my best friends online I’ve met through this fandom, it’s a really good way to get a close knit circle of friends.

Languages you speak: Just English unfortunately. My attempts at becoming fluent in Spanish went badly.

Favourite film: The Princess Bride

Last article you read: Probably some stupid clickbait. I’m weak for it. 

Last thing you bought online: Honors cords for graduation

Last person you dreamt of: I really can’t remember honestly. 

A recurring dream: I don’t have a specific recurring dream, but I do dream every so often about being chased by dinosaurs. 

Phobias/Fears: Bees. Sickness and surgery and other medical stuff. 

How would your friends describe you: Funny and passionate and caring I hope?

If you had $$$ to spend, what would you buy first: A place to live next year!!

Shuffle your song library- first song that plays: 

I tag whoever’s interested!! 

  • Waverly: Wynonna we have to talk
  • Wynonna: Sure Waves. You can tell me anything
  • Waverly: Nicole and I are ..... together
  • Wynonna: I know. And I am so happy for you. It's so good to see you making friends. I was never this lucky. Women always seem to hate me
  • Waverly: No Wynonna I am trying to tell you that I am gay
  • Wynonna: I am happy too Waves. Our lives are not easy but as long as we have each other that's all I need
  • Weaverly: Wynonna I am a lesbian!
  • Wynnona: No Weaves we are not Lebanese. We are German. Remember you used to tell me that our name was Earpensauger before Wyatt changed it because people were making fun of him
  • Waverly: For fuck's sake Wynonna! Nicole and I had sex on that couch over there just half an hour ago!
  • Wynonna: S.E.X? Is that one of those new party drugs? Those can be dangerous Waves. You should stick to pot instead. And I didn't really see Nicole as the type to do drugs....wait Waves where are you going?
  • *next day*
  • Wynonna: Hey Waves have you seen my....holy shit where are your shirts?
  • Nicole: Oh my gosh Wynonna I am so sorry
  • Waverly: *smirks*
  • Wynonna: Oh...I get it.
  • Waverly: Finally
  • Wynonna: You are doing breast exams on each other. Smart. Breast cancer is the silent killer. I had a scare last year but it turned out to be just a pimple and ... Waves why are you slamming your head against the wall!? Are you having a seizure?

based on a fic of the same name by biancadiangeno (aka that one fic that made me cry in the presence of all my batch mates during volleyball practice, goddammit stormy) / art

i. count on me - bruno mars / here comes the sun - the beatles / here’s hope - owl city / tongue tied - grouplove / you’ve got a friend in me - randy newman

ii. crush - david archuleta / laughter lines - bastille / lego house - ed sheeran / lucky - jason mraz ft. colbie caillat / my shooting star - sail by the stars / shiver - coldplay / the way you look tonight - frank sinatra / thinking out loud - ed sheeran / until the last falling star - matthew perryman jones / you are my home - the hush sound

iii. all i want - kodaline / another set of wings - a rocket to the moon / (s)he is the sunlight - trading yesterday / shattered - trading yesterday / vanilla twilight - owl city

there is one particular passage about adam that i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone specifically discuss and that is an absolute tragedy because it implies so so so much

“Your mother was in your room today and she found something. Can you guess what it would be?”

Adam’s knees were slowly liquefying. He did his best to keep most of his Aglionby life hidden from his father, and he could think of several things about himself and his life that wouldn’t please Robert Parrish.

(The Raven Boys, p. 338)

like?? things this could be referring to:

  1. adam’s financial situation (which did indeed end up being the case)
  2. research for gansey (which probably looks weird as hell to an outsider)
  3. foreshadowing for bi adam (hey we all know it’s coming plus who’s to say the male model photo originated with the hondayota)
  4. something else that i’m not remembering right now because it’s midnight and also i haven’t reread these books in literal weeks i’m lucky i even remember everyone’s names okay

someone please add thoughts or theories??

tipsysam  asked:

You have officially KILLED ME with the SamJess photo op, I can't even... Oh my goooooooood. I need details! Pls tell me they were excited to do it xx YOU WIN EVERYtHING!

Dear Hanna, I am so glad you asked for details because I want to talk about this experience all day every day of my life! Nee (adoredean), who I was lucky enough to share this with, has already posted a little bit of detail here.

So here’s the story with as many details as I can remember to THIS SamJess Photo OP. 

Nee and I were queueing with Lena (canonsoulmates) and Danii (sheriffjodes) to get our SamJess photo OP. We were called to queue really early, and therefore we had to wait for different Ops to finish (namely the J2, Mark and Jim Quad). While we were waiting we continuously watched those photo OPs, because well, Jensen and Jared! Jensen was wearing a blazer and holy moly was he hot! Jared was wearing his beanie and – as you can see in the photo – a very nice shirt (thank God for his choice of wardrobe on that day ;)) At one point there was a little kid taking a photo with them, and Jensen picked him/ her up and it was just adorable – the entire room was filled with a mixture of “aww” sounds and high pitched screeching because JENSEN WITH A LITTLE KID. At the time we weren’t even very nervous, since we were watching other OPs happen and our own didn’t seem to be happening very soon. Adrianne wasn’t there yet either, so we just waited and watched. Until suddenly, the queue had ended and they were actually getting ready for their next OPs (Jensen and Mark together, and Jared coming over to us for the Jared and Adrianne one). At the time Danii was asking how we can get two copies of our OPs since we were all sharing and all wanted  copy of ours. So when she was standing there, asking a steward, Adrianne just walked past her (and I don’t want to tell HER story but ADRIANNE IS JUST THE SWEETEST AND SMILED/ WAVED AT DANII and it’s just amazing okay). Unfortunately, Danii missed Jared walking over. 

And so the photo OPs began. At first there were a lot of people who wanted a photo where they hugged Jared, and especially with the very first one Adrianne didn’t really know what to do. So she posed standing next to them pouting  a little (obviously as a joke :D) but the poor angel had to go through that quite a few times, with many people hugging Jared and her having to awkwardly hug them from the other side or stand by their side posing. She just kind of didn’t quite know what to do. Seriously, she’s such an angel and looked a little like a lost puppy that I just wanted to cuddle and take home with me and keep forever. Anyway, the very first person who did a SamJess hug while she herself stood next to them smiling (or pouting, I can’t quite remember) got the biggest cheer of all. The ended up waving her hands in the air because SUCCESS – SAMJESS PHOTOS! It was great and with that it all slowly picked up, and Adrianne was a lot less excluded in the pose planning. There was the fire extinguisher OP (I tried to find the original photo of this but couldn’t, I’ll link it if I DO find it) which – let’s face it – is amazing and got a lot of laughs. Then there was the Family Photo by the wonderful Lena and Danii, which I’m sure we’ll see soon in a separate post with a separate caption/ story, but it was so beautiful, I just loved the way Jared and Adrianne happily did the pose. 

(this turned out to be VERY long so I added a read more ;))

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this night is flawless, don’t you let it go

Hi Taylor!! My name is Gabby and I am so lucky enough to be flying by myself over 2000 miles to see you again for my birthday in Arlington, TX on October 17, 2015 and I’ll be sitting in Floor Q Row 23 Seat 5. You might remember seeing me in B PIT at Gillette Night 2(you looked at me and said you couldn’t see anything with all the smoke from the fireworks!!) I originally wasn’t planning on attending another show though I wanted to, however after my parents flight back from Houston was cancelled they got airfare credit to use again and for my birthday surprised me by allowing me to use their credit to attend another show! I am so grateful to be attending another show, to be able to travel out of my state, and especially to be celebrating my birthday at the show! While my birthday was October 1, I still plan to count the show as a birthday celebration! Someone who is helping me out in being able to make this trip to another show possible is Callie( @trechreous )! She is also attending the show in PIT L and is letting me stay the weekend at her house! Without her giving me a place to stay I truly wouldn’t be going because despite mostly free airfare, it would be too costly to stay plus attend the show. The only thing is we aren’t sitting together unfortunately since I bought my tickets late. Well if you couldn’t already tell by my blog name or anything, my favorite song ever is Enchanted and I never got to attend the SNWT so when you brought it back in a mashup with my favorite song from 1989 I freaked out! Ever since after the Gillette shows I’ve had this costume in mind but didn’t have another show to be able to wear it but now that I’m attending Arlington I can finally be enchanted lol! This costume also will have lights, I just haven’t gotten around to putting them on before taking these photos! And yes the writing(font) on the poster is yours and it took forever to cut it out in glitter!! I really hope I can finally give you a hug after the show, meeting you would honestly be the best birthday gift ever! Also if you don’t mind singing State of Grace at this show I would love love love it. It’s one of my favorite songs on Red and also like it’s fall and everyone knows Red is a fall album so. This is also my first trip to Texas so I’m very excited to just be somewhere new!! I cannot wait to be seeing you one last time before the tour leaves America and hopefully meet you as well and tell you just how much you’ve shaped my life for the better! I love you so much, see to soon! Again, I’ll be in FLOOR Q ROW 23 SEAT 5. @taylorswift

Also Cari( @memorize-me ) and Paty( @sayyoull-rememberme ) won the Keds MX contest and will also be at the show so 4/5 of the owners of @1989costumes will be at the show!

DM Appreciation Month (or 'What happened at the Queen's coronation')

I stress a lot about my home game. 

I’ve been running the world of Generica for my friends in Toronto for over a year now. I’ve made maps and maps and maps and maps, as well as a slew of custom dungeon tiles (HERE, HERE, and HERE). I even went so far as to build little ridable airships that a main villain controlled (knowing my players would want to steal one for themselves).

I write a ton of lore garbage, I do all kinds of NPC voices, and I put a lot of work into my games. 

But I still stress about it. I worry my game isn’t all that good. I worry that my players are getting bored, or that they’re feeling railroaded by my setting, or that I’m not giving them enough concrete choices. I stress about not tracking NPC names (I have over a hundred principle side characters, and I’m lucky if I can remember two dozen of their names on a good day).

It all comes down to “I’m doing all this work for my game…and I don’t know if it’s actually worth it”

The session this past Sunday helped put a few of those worries to rest. 

My birthday was last month, and all my players decided to pitch in and get me something.

This is so rad. I’ve never really owned any monster miniatures (other than ones I’ve made myself), and Tiamat has been looming over my whole campaign for a while now. To actually have a miniature of her now is pretty amazing. I have incredible players. 

So on to the adventure… (Read below for more pictures).

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This year has been mad crazy and I mean basically starting in May because I can’t remember the first few months for some reason.

I was lucky enough to go to two phenomenal music festivals (volunteered at Bonnaroo in Tennessee and got free guest passes to Lollapalooza in Chicago),I met Lennon Stella, spent my birthday hanging out with exotic animals (baby tigers, parrots, a baby kangaroo and more), turned 19, got my nose pierced, moved into my first house/apartment off campus, decided to study abroad in Italy for a semester, dyed my hair purple, and became extremely attached to my roommates and a little puppy named Meeko despite being a cat person.

All of that in addition to being a co music director in my acappella group, voice lessons, practicing piano, learning guitar, adjusting to living on my own and overall having many brand new experiences in my life.

Even though I may have cried every day for 3 weeks straight at the beginning of this semester I have had such an amazing year and I could not be more excited for 2016.

So anyways look at all these pictures of me lookin güd while I did all those things even tho no one asked ✨

bilbo's acorn aka bilbo's heart

There have been already some post about the parallel about bilbo’s acorn as his heart. I would like just to add this few things.

what bilbo said - what it could have meant

  1. i will plant it in my garden → i will recognize this sentiment
  2. one day it will grow →  my heart will grow to like you even more
  3. and every time i look at it i will remember → i will look at you
  4. i will remember the good and the bad → and i will remember it all
  5. and how lucky i am i have made it home → how lucky i am to have found you

what thorin said - what it could have meant

  1. it is a poor price to take back to the shire - i am not worthy of such importance

and lots of eye contact and smiles and bilbo’s last words before they were interupted were “THORIN”.
The intonation he used to say Thorin’s name was as if he was going to say something BIG. It sounded a almost desperate. 

possible right? 


Hi taylorswift

My Names Richie, I’ve gone to 12 of your shows sense 2009 always been a big fan, on October 21st 2015 I’ll be attending my 13th concert of yours so being lucky number 13 it’s a big deal to me. I was lucky enough to get a picture with your mom when I went to the show in DC but unfortunately when I tried to speak to her my words wouldn’t come out, I was just in shock & froze 😞 yes sad for me. 

In August of 2010 when you released the music video for mine I was lucky enough to b lurking you that day and I herd from a few little birds that you just so happened to b in kennebunkport Maine which at the time wasn’t far from where I lived. So driving around the little town in Maine I figured out very fast what was going on, waited with all the others To get into the live interview and showing of the music video of Mine, any way moving along I was lucky enough to get front row in front of the stage over looking the ocean it was Beautiful, after it aired on CMT live (saw myself on TV) you stayed with all your fans and had a mini concert it was magical and the best day of my life, but you always go above and beyond, so you came down off the stage as u sang Love Story and as u started across the front row I decided very fast that I wanted to try and get you to sign something, only had a few seconds to decide, I had my own Sharpie I handed you, but the only thing I had for you to sign was the only thing I could stick out far enough, haha My Arm. It all happened so fast and I don’t know if you herd me but as u signed away on my arm I told you I was gonna get it tattooed over, well I did. Now I have this amazing tattoo on my arm and I’m dying to show you in person.

 I know your crazy busy and trying to meet as many people as possible so like so many I’m trying to reach out to you and get your attention on tumblr. Your the kindest person in the world helping so many people and I think that’s why I love you the most, I never cared to much about music but I’ll never forget the first time i herd Tear drops on my Guitar, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough so thank you Taylor for helping me open my eyes. By the pictures above you can see that clearly you inspire me with my Art. I’ve spent years teaching myself how to draw, in high school after taking every art school possible my art teacher showed me how to draw people and of course I went home that very night and drew a huge portrait of you (my self portrait came out bad) but yours came out good so thanks for the motivation. Now here I am teaching myself how to use color pencil. every picture i draw is about 24″x 18″ as you can see from my pictures above they take anywhere from 10 hours up to 40 hours each depending on the medium. 

I’ve always dreamed of meeting the person that inspires me todo what I love(sense 2008). I’ve been waiting so patiently for my turn and I know your US tour is coming to end soon. I’m only going to 2 more shows this year, also can’t forget to add that i thank you so much for following me taylorswift you really know how to lift someone up when there down or in pain. 

Love Richie

I’m attending these 2 shows

-October 21st Greensboro NC,  sec PIT A-     <—-Lucky 13

-October 31st Tampa FL, sec 111 row G seat 23-

It’s very rare that you get to hear an artist’s new songs live in concert, even rarer still when you hear most of their new album ahead of its release. Laura Marling performed the songs of her new album and I was lucky enough to be there.

The new album is apparently called “Semper Femina” and it’s all about women. The songs have a more soulful sound, there is even one you can dance to. There’s also one that’s kind of a waltz and one called “Tennessee Junior” - the only reason I remember that name is because it was the last song she played.

There was a strict no-cell phone policy so I couldn’t jot down notes or take pictures so a lot of things are lost to memory. Still, I’ll always remember her playing a guitar and putting her heart into these new songs. She was riveting.

She began her set with the first four songs from “Once I Was An Eagle,” all played together as they are on that fine record. A Dolly Parton tune, “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind,” followed and then we dove deep into her new songs.

“We gave you fair warning” she said.

The Nashville crowd could not be happier.

I had hoped to hear one of my favorite songs of hers - “Goodbye England,” but that didn’t happen. What we did hear was much more special than I could have hoped for and I’m thankful for that.

I’ve been tagged by dievampiredie! Thanks!

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  • Name: Rachel
  • Nickname: Just Marauder. IRL I don’t have many nicknames.
  • Birthday: Nov. 29
Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5′4″
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi (Huh. That’s new. Hi guys!)
  • Romantic Orientation: Bi (aaaand there it is again. ‘Cuz I’m the gal who comes out via tumblr meme. Oy.) 
Favorite Color: Purple
  • Time and date at the moment: 2:50 AM on June 20th
  • Average hours of sleep per night: 7-8. It should be more.
  • Lucky Number: 2?
  • The Last Thing I Googled: I googled the Sense8 cast because I couldn’t remember the characters’ names. 
  • First word that comes to mind: macerated (blame the cooking shows)
One place that makes you happy: A good coffee shop with an afternoon to kill
  • How many blankets do I sleep under: Summer- one, winter– ALL OF THEM
Favorite Fictional Character: Matilda or possibly Remus Lupin. (Could you imagine that crossover?)
  • Favorite TV Show: For the full experience- Glee, for just the show- The Wire
Favorite Musician/Band: Eh. I love music, but I don’t tend to have a favorite. I did rock out pretty hard to Gaga at a dance last week though.
Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: Mad Max: Fury Road (WOOOOOO!)
  • Dream Job: I’d love to be professor (or Writing Center Director) at a small liberal arts college
  • Wearing right now: jeans and a t-shirt that my mom wore when she was pregnant with me
  • Last Book I Read: I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

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