lucky i get them free

it is time

after 2 and a half years of silence


so if you’ve been too shy to talk to me or have a grudge stored away since 2 years back (tbh that would be worrying) that you dont dare take up off anon or if you just want to say hi and sneak off surrounded by a mysterious mist you should send me a message ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

i’m a bit sick and wrapped up in blankets in my bed so i am ready for this potentially awkward but hopefully amusing moment while snooping through the bofa extras for more thranduil content 

have some lee pace as usual 

Okay, I’m posting one of these again because my dashboard has been inactive lately. So! If your blog mainly contains any of the things listed below, please REBLOG and I’ll (probably) follow you!!!


- sourin

- Free!

- (pretty much anything Free related)


Thank you!!! :’-D