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Defenestrate Yourself (Lin x Reader)

Summary: Political rant??

TW: Politics, swearing


You sigh. Today was the day that Donald Trump would become the president of the United States. You were not nearly as lucky as your husband and had to work with Americans who voted for him.

You walk down the halls of your office, holding your binders as close to you as you can. You ignore your boss in a “Make America Great Again” hat, and you bite your tongue as one of your co-workers says that he doesn’t understand why people are protesting.

You set your binder down and immediately open your laptop, pulling on headphones as soon as you can. You start transferring numbers from the paper into the computer, ignoring anyone who tries to talk to you.

You finish almost all your work by lunch.

“Hey, (Y/N), we’re watching the inauguration in the break room, if you want to join us.”

You smile sweetly at the woman who poked her head into the room. “I’d love to, but I was planning on calling my husband.”

She returns the smile and walks away.

You groan and FaceTime Lin, who picks up immediately. “Hey, baby!” He smiles enthusiastically.

You giggle at his happy face on the screen. “I wish I had your enthusiasm.”

He laughs. “How are you?”

You sigh. “That asshat is becoming president today.”

His face falls. “Oh. Right.”

You bite the inside of your cheek. “Yeah. At least you don’t have to be here for it.”

He sighs. “I wish you were here.”

You shrug. “I know.”

“Let’s talk about literally anything else. I can’t stand to think about him.”

You laugh. “How’s filming going?”

His eyes light up while he tells you about every detail. “I can’t wait for you to see it.”

You smile sweetly. “I still have vacation days from last year. I’d love to visit you.”

He jumps up. “Oh! That’d be amazing!”

You giggle. “So, you’d be okay with that?”

“Of course! That’d make my life great again.”

You glare at him. “Defenestrate yourself.”

Larry Play I Spy
  • Louis: Oh I know, let's play I spy!
  • Liam: I know how this ends.
  • Niall: Don't we all?
  • Louis: Harry gets to go first!
  • Liam: Shocker.
  • Louis: Can you please watch your tone Liam. Go on Haz.
  • Harry: I spy with my little eye something beginning with L.
  • Liam: Louis.
  • Harry: No! Give me some credit.
  • Niall: Louis' bum?
  • Louis: I'm sitting down.
  • Liam: I'm half convinced he has X-Ray vision. Only explanation for that kind of staring. Okay um.....Louis' eyes?
  • Harry: Aren't they pretty? But no, wrong again.
  • Louis: Louis' pretty eyelashes?
  • Harry: Flutter them for me? *sigh* So pretty.
  • Liam: Stop. I'll puke. Did he win?
  • Harry: Nope.
  • Louis: I won your heart babe.
  • Harry: Damn straight.
  • Niall: Someone get me a bucket now.
  • Liam: I'm done. Final guess. Louis' mouth? Not like you've looked at much else.
  • Harry: Wrong again. The answer is...drum roll pleeeease baby?
  • Louis: *drum roll*
  • Harry: LOVE OF MY LIFE
  • Liam: Every. Fucking. Time.
  • Niall: It's a wee bit cute.
  • Louis: MARRY ME
  • Harry: YES BABY
  • Liam: They remember their wedding right?
  • Niall: Only thinking about their wedding NIGHT by the looks of things. Time to evacuate.
  • Liam: Oh fuck. He's getting louder, Harry's about to do the only thing he can to shut him up.

mythology aesthetics: thanatos.

thanatos is the personification of death and the twin of hypnos (the personification of sleep). they are regarded as the most horrid twins who only bring bad things to the world. however, this god rarely ever appears in person in mythology. 

requested by anonymous.

An outsider overhearing an argument between Tucker and Wash and when Wash walks away, they just go up to Tucker like “wow, you’re lucky to have a husband that cares so much for you” and Tucker doesn’t even correct them, just glares and asks “that looked fucking lucky to you?!”

Church asks why Tucker didn’t correct them and Wash is in earshot, so he comes over. Tucker just shrugs and is like “I’m kind of flattered. Like Wash is kind of the dad, so that would make me the mom. Which would be cool.” Wash is speechless but Grif is like “Why would that be cool?” and Tucker says “cuz you’d all have to fucking listen to me. otherwise, no one gets food”

But Tucker gets really into it and every time hell breaks loose, Tucker starts slamming his fist on tables and yelling things like “you kids are giving me a headache!” and “this was not how I raised you!” and “you dare defy your mother!?”

Wash asks him to stop for fuck’s sake but a lot of good that does

Tucker starts coming to Wash’s rescue when others argue with him like “kids, listen to your father” and slipping his arm into Wash’s every time Wash wants to make an announcement and saying “your father and I have been talking”

Grif starts to yell random things like “ARE YOU GETTING A DIVORCE OH GOD NO” and “I’M SIXTEEN, I’M A GROWN WOMAN”

Caboose starts calling Tucker mom

Tucker starts threatening Wash with no sex. “Captain Tucker, we don’t have sex” “BECAUSE YOU WON’T LISTEN TO ME” “No, really, like we have never had sex” “THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING” “You can’t threaten to stop what’s never even started” “YOU’LL MISS IT” “Oh my god”