lucky happy life

I’m so lucky,

I’m so lucky to have a family that goes out of their way to make sure that I get what I need.

I’m so lucky to have a group of friends that I can turn to with everything and anything knowing that they will support me even if they don’t agree with me.

I’m so lucky to have someone who loves me and treats me well.

I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to have a college education.

I’m honestly just so lucky.

So….I’ve been wanting for Ray to be more than just comic relief, but giving him bonding times with Eobard Thawne wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. That being said….I am not complaining in the slightest. Having Eobard fucking Thawne say that he respects Ray as a fellow scientist, and then having Ray immediately go to him as a ‘super computer’ of sorts. And then there was the bit about Eobard telling Ray that his decision to become the Atom could be construed as selfish, but that there was nothing wrong with ambition and striving for something greater than yourself. I just….I wish I had campaigned for some Ray/Eobard scenes ages ago cuz damn these two were great. 


Happy Mother’s Day

Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for these two women. I put my mom through so much and she continues to support and love me. She raised 5 kids, four of her own and one just kinda fell into her care but she never complained once. And I still don’t know to this day how she did it. If you know me, you know I never shut up about my mama ‘cause I love this woman so much. Kendra gave me that beautiful little girl right there and as much as I tell her thank you and I appreciate you every day, I still feel like it’s not enough. We promised each other that we would would coparent and that our priority would be Hazel’s happiness the day she was born. We’ve done that so far and I’m beyond thankful for her.. 

Happy birthday to the love of my life. Can’t believe you turned 32 already. It seems like yesterday when I first saw the 19 year old Ronny being this perfect human being you really are! I guess I never put of my rose-colored glasses. Thank you for everything you inspired me (and millions of others) to do. Especially thank you for what you archived in the last year. Honestly. Thank you! Thank you for showing the world what you can archive if you believe and fight for it. Sonhar é grátis. You’re absolutely right! I’m wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Please stay healthy, please stay fit, please never listen to all the dumbass haters, please stay the perfect human you are. I love you. I’ll always support you. I’m always staying by your side. Day by day, month by month, year by year. Happy Birthday, my love ❤

I like to think that I have a wild side; a reckless heart and a brave soul. I have a certain thirst of 2 am adventures, an entire night under the moonlight with his body keeping me warm. I love the thought of getting blind drunk on the terrace with someone who matches the frequency of my heart and mind, oblivious of the fast paced world around us. I have a certain fondness of the thought of leaving this deadbeat town for long drives without any destination, blasting my favorite albums on full volume and singing along even though I can’t sing to save my life. I love the thought of doing something just because I want to do it, without fearing the judgment of people, of being spontaneous, living in the now, about not being bothered by the mistakes I make, because at the end of the day, these all will become stories that I will want to look back with a smile on my face when I recount them, years later.

But in reality, I’m just a reserved person who does not leave my room and turns all her work in time. I am the nerd people make fun of, a book in my hand wherever I go, because I prefer the comfort of its pages than the people around me. I am the quiet person at the back of the class, who is often overlooked and forgotten; who is sorry way too much, and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, yet ends up getting hurt the most. I keep thinking; wishing that one day, I will become that happy-go-lucky girl which resides in my mind, but that “day” never comes.

I have this adventurous heart that wants to fly in a body that refuses to leave its comforts. And it’s depressing.

—  something i wrote a while ago and i’m proud to say i’ve changed //

If you ever feel that all men make shitty boyfriends, just know that when my boyfriend and I had our first argument, he yelled at me very loudly. So I got super quiet, looked down and softly said “please don’t yell at me…I am like a little flower and my petals will fall off.” He had the most regretful and concerned look on his face. It’s been 9 months since that day and he has not raised his voice at me once

anonymous asked:

Isn't MadMoon abusive?

why would you ask us, a narnia blog, this

i’m…. honestly not sure why you’re asking me of all people in the universe? i’m legitimately confused because i have maybe posted like. three madmoon things? so it’s not like i’ve been super hardcore about them and getting asks about this surprises me

but to answer your question… no? i personally do not? think so? why would it be? because they fought…? is that all it takes for something to be abusive? i’m. confused..? how many question marks? i mean if madmoon were actually canon i don’t see it being abusive tbh shadow moon is a very loving partner and i truly do believe temper aside mad sweeney is just a bit of a stupid who’s trying to get by and doesn’t really know how to human properly but he’s far from bad


Today is a good day 😁

Accepted the offer on the house 😱 this is really happening hah!

Had a mortgage meeting and have been given an extra 15k more than we expected! Houses are much better in this range, going to see an amazing one on Friday 😍

We also have a house viewing this afternoon and tomorrow!

All systems go atm 😁 trying to fit a run in this afternoon… Or evening… Depends when I get time!

Little man is much more awake and alert today 💜