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Please reblog if you have a space/gap between your teeth.

I’m really curious to see just how many people have one.

My dentist was shocked when I told them that I didn’’t want braces to correct it.
I love it. It’s me.

A lot of famous and successful people have a space too, feel free to add to the list:

Jorja Fox: 

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Anna Paquin:

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Elijah Wood:

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Elton John:

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Samuel L Jackson:

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Richie Cunningham Ron Howard:

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prompt: Troye hasn’t been okay since the show in Sweden. His sleep schedule is far too messed up, and things aren’t looking too good.

A/N: this was an idea I just kinda had?? I hope y'all like it!!
Exhaustion. Pure exhaustion. Troye hadn’t slept properly in about three days, and it was getting to him fast. Bags were forming under his eyes from lack of sleep. His head ached and it felt like someone was repeatedly banging his head against a brick wall. It was almost three in the morning where he was, and he knew he shouldn’t be calling someone so late.

2:54 a.m.: babe call me, tell me what’s going on

He took a deep breath, slowly sighing out before he pressed the call button on Skype. It’s not like it was late for the other side of the call, it was almost eleven in the morning the day before over there, but he knew all too well that he should be making attempts at sleeping. The call was quickly answered and Troye was met with a clearly concerned blonde.

“What’s up? You gonna tell me why you’re awake this late?” Tyler knew just how late it really was in Perth for him, and Troye knew all too well that the blonde was ready to interrogate him. “Or why you’ve been so weird lately?”

Their Skype messages about thirty minutes before the call had been suspicious to Tyler before he had told the younger boy to call him.

2:29 a.m.: Troye boy care to tell me why you’re up so late in Perth?

2:31 a.m: i’m fine, i promise, don’t start worrying

2:38 a.m.: by now i know when you’re lying to me, Troye

2:49 a.m: lots of shit is happening, Tilly. don’t freak out

That was when he received the message to call him. Troye knew the minute he said all that Tyler would get suspicious and insist on knowing what was going on like any good friend would do.

“You said a lot of shit was happening. Tell me about it. Is it you and Connor?”

“Ty, Connor and I are perfectly fine. I mean, you know I’d like to see him more often, but other than that it’s nothing with him.”

“T, you gotta talk about what’s bugging you. You’ve been acting weird lately, even Con’s asking me about it because you aren’t telling him things.” Tyler crossed his arms over his chest.

Troye bit his lip, looking away from the screen as he took a minute to try and think his words through. The headache was only getting worse, his head was pounding. “I haven’t slept properly in almost three days,” he blurted out, his exhaustion causing him to be completely blunt when he wanted to avoid it right now.

Tyler’s expression softened, his eyes wider and his mouth open with a gasp, and Troye knew he wasn’t getting out of the older boy’s questions now. “Troye, what do you mean ‘properly’?”

“I…my sleep schedule is more fucked up than ever. I get like…a few hours and then I’m awake for what feels like forever, then I have to do something so I can’t try to go back to sleep. Everything is really stressful, especially now with the album out and the tour about to start, and I’m lucky that there’s a gap between shows right now. The shows here in Australia are next month, so I mean a gap is good right now. I’ve been running on empty for a while, Ty.”

“It started recently? Or has it been bothering you?”

Troye nodded, running a hand through his messy curls. “Sleeping has only been a problem lately, but since I got back from Sweden things got stressful fast.”

“You haven’t mentioned this to Connor, have you?” Tyler watched Troye let out a long sigh and shake his head. “Babe, you have to tell him what you told me. We’re all worried about you. You can’t let yourself go on like this, especially with your tour.”

“I know. I know, I know, I know. I hate worrying you all.”

“Troye, babe, you were worrying all of us more by not telling anyone you were so exhausted. Listen, I have to get going, Korey and I have some plans. Try to get some sleep. Promise me you’ll talk to Connor and get back to me?”

Troye nodded, tangling his fingers in his curls. “I’ll try.”

Tyler smiled wide. “Bye, Troye. Hope you sort things out tonight and get some sleep.” The call came to an end and Troye fell back onto his bed, tugging on his hair in frustration. The familiar ringing sound came from his laptop a few minutes later; another Skype call.

I swear, if this is Tyler again. Troye sat back up and answered the call, not bothering to check who it was. He was shocked to see a pair of green eyes and a breathtaking smile staring back at him in that very familiar place he called home, something that made him smile brightly. “Connor.”

“Hey, Troye boy, you okay? It’s really late, why are you even online?”

The smile faded a bit from Troye’s face and he simply shrugged. “Lots of things are happening, Con. I’m a very busy boy.”

“Tyler texted me and said you talked to him about some stuff going on. Is everything alright? I’m worried, Tro.” The look in Connor’s eyes told Troye everything; they expressed his concern, the questions he clearly had as Troye shrugged in response. Troye watched as his eyebrows furrowed, and he was obviously thinking. Troye could read Connor like a book, and he knew the questions he was about to ask.

“Babe, what’s going on? Why didn’t you tell me things weren’t okay?” They were exactly what Troye had expected.

“I didn’t want you worrying over me. You had things going on the past few days.”

“I got worried when you didn’t tell me what was going on with you. You seemed so out of it lately. Tell me what’s happening.”

“I haven’t exactly…had a normal sleeping schedule the past few days. I’ve been working my ass off with no energy, and I haven’t gotten more than a few hours of sleep a night.”

Connor smiled, nodding along to what he was saying. “I get it. Tro, I wish I was there with you right now, maybe it’d help.”

“It would. You’ve always been good for me, babe.” Troye smiled, yawning. At least he was starting to feel tired. He took in the older boy on the screen for a moment before tilting his head in confusion. “Con? You going somewhere? You look like you’re about to leave, should I get off?”

Connor’s smile only widened as he shook his head. “I’m going somewhere, yeah. Coming to see you, silly.”

Troye broke out into a grin, laughing softly. “You can’t be serious. I thought that-”

“I moved my flight. I’m gonna be in Australia before you know it. Tyler texted me after he was finished talking to you earlier, and I had decided to move my flight up about a week ago when you started acting weird. Clearly I made the right choice.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Connor hummed softly, shrugging as he picked up his bags. “It’s for you. We had New Years plans anyway, they’ll just start earlier. Let me go, okay? You try and get some sleep, I’ll text you my landing time.”

“Text me when you make it here safe. I’ll see you soon, babe.” Troye smiled and blew him a kiss, the older boy sharing the smile as he ended the call. He shut his laptop down and closed it, laying back on his bed. Connor was coming to Australia sooner and soon Troye would have his beautiful boyfriend staying with him. He shut his eyes and yawned, stretching out his body. He couldn’t explain it, but he finally felt tired, like he could actually get a full night’s rest. He knew it wouldn’t actually happen until Connor was there next to him, but feeling this way was a start.
Troye rolled over in his bed the next morning, attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes as he grabbed his phone to check the time and what he had missed while he was asleep. He had slept on and off throughout the night, actually falling asleep at almost four in the morning before he kept waking up. 11:00 am and notifications from Twitter were most of what he missed, along with three texts. One that was clearly a wrong number (Troye didn’t recognize the number, and it was far too early for him to reply to figure it out), another from Blessing, and one that instantly warmed his heart and made him smile.

From: Con da Bon

4:30 a.m.: 20 hours 💜

Connor would be there in Perth, next to him, in less than a day. The thought alone made Troye jump out of bed and rush to go tell his family Connor was coming sooner than they expected. He’d be in Perth at midnight.

“Why so giddy all of a sudden?” Troye turned to see his mother smiling at him. “Let me guess! Connor?”

Troye’s smile only widened, and he knew he probably looked crazy with the smile he had on. “Connor’s gonna be in Perth by midnight.”

Laurelle’s expression brightened significantly at the news; she absolutely adored Connor, as did the rest of the Mellet family. “I thought he was supposed to be here closer to New Years.”

“So did I. But he changed his flight. For me. I can’t believe he did it.”

“Well, he knows he’s always welcome here. I can’t wait to see him!” Laurelle smiled over at her son before poking her head into another room. “Connor is going to be here around midnight!”

Following Laurelle’s announcement, there were a chorus of excited responses from the rest of Troye’s family.

Connor would be in Perth soon. The whole Mellet family was ecstatic.
Troye didn’t have much trouble staying up to wait for Connor to land. When it was after midnight, he had gotten in the car and headed to the airport. It would still be a bit before Connor’s flight landed, but Troye was willing to wait and wanted to be there when Connor landed. His phone vibrated, letting him know he had a message.

From: Con da Bon

1:13 a.m.: Just landed. I’m expecting one of those cheesy romance movie scenes with the flowers when we reunite! :P

Troye laughed softly and rolled his eyes fondly at the text. He stood back up and stretched out his legs, watching people file out through the gate from Connor’s flight. His eyes almost immediately fell on the oh-so-familiar boy with green eyes and the grey beanie they shared.

Connor headed straight over to Troye, hugging the younger boy hello with a wide grin. “Hey Troye boy. Missed you.”

“Missed you too, Con.” Troye pulled back from the hug and couldn’t hide his absolutely dorky grin. “Come on. Let’s head out.”
It was 2:38 in the morning, Troye and Connor laying in Troye’s room in a tangled mess but neither of them seemed to mind. They were catching up, Troye resting his head on Connor’s chest as they did.

“Tour’s been really great. I love it. It’s like, exhilarating.”

Connor hummed softly, nodding along to what Troye said. “You deserve it. You’re just…so good at what you do.”

Troye let out a soft laugh, closing his eyes and yawning. “You’re my biggest fan, and I absolutely love it. I love you.”

“Yeah? I love it too, and you. Love you tons. Get some sleep. We can talk more in the morning.”

Troye didn’t argue. Connor was there next to him, the stress was fading and he couldn’t help but let sleep take over.
Troye woke up to an empty bed, having rolled over and felt no Connor there next to him. He sat up and ran his hand through his hair. Had he been so delusional that he imagined all of that? Did he have to wait a real day this time?

He pushed himself to stand up, his hands inside the sleeves (making sweater paws) of the red Undefeatable hoodie he and Connor shared. He headed out of his room and into the kitchen, prepared for disappointment. However, what he was faced with instead filled him with relief. Connor was in the kitchen with Laurelle and Tyde, coffee in hand and a wide smile on his face. He was still in the beanie from when Troye had picked him up from the airport.

“Troye’s up!” He heard, turning to see all three of them smiling over at him. His mother had been the one to announce his precense.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Big shocker.” Troye laughed and walked over to Connor’s side, kissing his cheek. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Laurelle ‘aw’ and felt an elbow in his side; Tyde. He rolled his eyes and rested his head on Connor’s shoulder, yawning. Laurelle smiled knowingly and grabbed Tyde, leaving them alone in the kitchen.

Troye smiled up at Connor before lifting his head up, kissing him gently. “I thought I was delusional before. When you weren’t there I thought I imagined our reunion and had to wait for real.”

Connor smiled, resting their foreheads together. “Well, I’m really, really here.”

“I know.” Troye let out a small hum, kissing him quickly before speaking up again. “I’m so happy you’re home again.”

“I’m happy I’m home too, Troye.”

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Despite the way he scolded Wales for his comment about ‘smashing heads’, Arthur knew his brother had the agenda for the evening properly sorted out. Potter had been taken off guard and had retreated behind good graces and smiles- very like him, and likely genuine in some small way. He had tried to ensure his interaction with Rose was a short as possible without brushing the poor girl off entirely, and he and Owen exited the interaction smoothly.

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