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I’m not late, you’re just EARLY. Have some dickkory feels for dickkory week 2017, with a dash of Mar’i because I love her and DC needs to make it HAPPEN.

Dick Grayson experienced life with Kor’iandr in threes.

On his third mission as the Teen Titan’s newly appointed leader, it had been the fateful day that he had met her.

The only word at the time that entered Dick’s mind the minute he’d laid eyes on the powerful warrior woman before him, was stunning. From the shock of her thick, rich, flame red curls to the eerie glow of her bright, flashing green eyes, he’d known he stood no chance.

From the moment she’d kissed him, Richard Grayson was a dead man walking.

Their relationship from that point onwards was a roller coaster ride of tumultuous proportions. More often than not, they were passionate lovers, for how could anyone be anything less around a woman of Starfire’s caliber? However, there were three separate occasions of which they were something more than friends, but not quite a definition of romance.

Three instances where he’d broken her heart, like the menace that he felt he was, for who else but a monster could turn away a creature as lovely as her?

Yet each and every time, Kory’s kindness and forgiveness knew no bounds. She maintained their friendship, loved him thoroughly through the years, regardless if they were involved or not. Her feelings for him never changed, never waned, and he would always have a friend in her, no matter what.

They were always close, and maybe that was why it was so easy to fall back into a relationship with her. Like magnets, they were drawn to one another, unable to function without the other in their lives in some fashion. Kory was more than just a teammate and a lover; she was important to him, and no matter what, that never changed. Lovers came and went between the both of them, but to one another, they were always constant.

It should have been a sign.

Truthfully, he should have seen it coming.

“When this is all over, Dick Grayson, you’re going to marry me,” she’d informed him quite bluntly in the midst of a heated battle.

It came off sounding almost like a threat, but one made in obvious jest to help lighten the seriousness of the situation they were in. An apocalypse usually did bring out any remaining last regrets and secret wishes from the lips of those losing the war, especially in a never-ending battle with the world destroyer, Trigon.

“If you’re proposing to me, Kory, then the answer is yes,” he’d retaliated, not without a cocky grin as he took out yet another of Trigon’s goons single-handedly.

He heard her scoff in between heavy breaths while she expertly dodged attack after attack before blasting her enemies with a furious swipe of her starbolts. “Do not flatter yourself, Nightwing. On Tamaran, marriage proposals are only considered prosperous if they are met in bloodshed!”

Starfire let out a fierce battle cry as she uppercut a demon and sent them flying into the air. Richard punched another in the nose, feeling the cartilage and bones crunch beneath his knuckles. “Looks like plenty of bloodshed to me, Kory.” He wiped at the dried blood smeared under his nose, around his mouth, and along the side of his head, where it matted strands of his ochre coloured hair.

That earned him a gleeful smirk, along with a chuckle of amusement from the warrior princess, who although did appear strained, did not seem to have suffered any wounds at all. “Consider it a done deal, then, Richard. However, if you are truly worthy of being my husband, then you will need to survive this!”

Nightwing brushed his wet hair from his face, the sweat streaming down the sides of his handsome visage due to exertion. “If that isn’t one hell of a motive, I don’t know what is!” He shouted, taking on his infamous stance as he beckoned the swarm of demon spawn to come at him.

However, once Raven helped banish Trigon to another dimension yet again, and the other Titans helped eradicate the remaining vermin, Starfire and Nightwing stood still amidst the lifeless bodies of the creatures they’d slain, and breathed deeply. 

It had been a joke, hadn’t it?

Yet, when his eyes met hers, Richard Grayson knew that he was going to marry this battle worn goddess of a woman, and judging by the tug of a smile on her lovely lips, she knew it, too. With a smile so wide it hurt, he then took her hand in his, never more grateful to know that not only would he live, but that he’d spend the remainder of his days with the golden girl of his dreams.

“I believe it is a human custom for you to purchase me a ring?” She grinned, and his heart leapt at the sight of her unabashed, glowing beauty.

She was a mess; her flame-like hair askew, a tangle of vibrant curls and luscious locks. Bits of mortar and rock could be found in her tresses. Her outfit, already so revealing of her golden complexion, was torn and covered in the blood splatters of her enemies. Her face was marred with soot and ash, but still her luminescent eyes glowed, and Richard could lose himself in their green pools for the rest of his life.

Which was what he planned to do.

Together, hand in hand, they walked away from the scene of the battle, giddy and bubbling with the excitement of starting their new life together.

“I suppose this is a bad time to tell you that I am with child…?” Kory suddenly intruded, albeit sheepishly.

And that was how Richard Grayson was defeated; not by an army of demons born from hell, not by Trigon the terrible, but by the mere notion of being a father.

Dick experienced things with Kor’iandr in threes.

On the anniversary of their wedding day, three years later, which also happened to fall on their sweet daughter, Mar’i’s birthday, Kory had given him yet another surprise.

Twins,” she told him gleefully, throwing her arms around his shoulders in a staggering hug. “Can you believe it?! Oh, Richard, on Tamaran, twins are considered a true blessing! A symbol of endless love and happiness!”

She squeezed him tighter, all the while Mar’i ran around them in circles, shouting, “Twins! Twins! Twins!” He’d gotten their daughter a pastel pink balloon to celebrate her birthday, and she dashed about while it trailed behind her, trying hopelessly to keep up with the toddler. Her hair, dark like her father’s but thick and curly like her mother’s, was already well past her shoulders and down the small of her back.

Dick hugged his taller wife tightly, drowning any doubts or lingering feelings of dread with the sheer joy and love he felt for her and his daughter; his new family. He smiled into her hair, the smell of strawberry and vanilla in his nose, and gushed into her ear, “Looks like I’ll be outnumbered if one of them is a girl. Three to one, maybe two? I can’t wait, Kory. I can’t wait to meet them.”

He looked up to kiss her sweetly then, not caring for the strange stares he received from the others in the doctor’s office, as well as the disgusted face Mar’i made in response. She stuck out her tongue and shook her head. “Bleh!”

Maybe three was just their lucky number…


Chance and Choice (Part 10 - END!)

Summary: Reader has just about given up on love. A gag trip to a psychic reveals the supposed name of her soulmate. Will she ever find him?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 802

Warnings: language, FLUFF, unrealistic romance

A/N: This is an AU drabble series I’m trying out. It’s my second thing ever posted. PS - au Venice Bucky could get it.

Thanks for reading.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

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“As blasphemous as this feels, I really preferred Finding Dory to Finding Nemo. The first film was cute and all, but I felt like Marlin deserved to lose Nemo, after all he did to him, and Nemo vice versa. Seeing Dory struggle to remember her family, even in the first film made me feel better about the resolution, an knowing that Dory’s parents were so considerate of her disability made me so happy too, as opposed to Marlin and ‘my son has a lucky fin’.”

Positive representation of amputees in film and TV is important

Many people don’t realize how important representation is. When I was younger, the only comparisons kids had for my arm in the media were Captain Hook and Darth Vader. Therefore, those representations left kids afraid of me. Amputees are all bad guys, right? Amputee children currently have much better representation - Nemo and his lucky fin, Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, and finally Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road. My hope is that film and TV will continue putting amputees in real and positive roles. Most times when you see an amputee on a show/film - the fact that they are missing a limb is why they are there; it defines their role. My hope is that we will get to a point where any character could just happen to be an amputee - because that’s real life. I want to be able to audition for any role that fits my character type and have them think that the fact that I’m missing my arm does not change the whole character. The fact that I have one arm does not find it’s way into every conversation I have in my life - so it shouldn’t be like that on TV or in film. I feel as though the media does not give the audience enough credit. They think the audience will need a reason or an explanation but aside from maybe one mention - I don’t think the audience will find it necessary. In Mad Max, Furiosa’s missing hand was not even mentioned once. Did that hurt the film in any way? Did it confuse the audience in any way? If ratings and reviews show anything, then absolutely not. Representation is important. Real representation is even more important.

Villianus Personae

I knew we’d see this soon enough. And yep, 7, 11, and 14 are nixed. I do love that their hats are painted the same way as pool balls. Now we get some names!

… Wait. Time shenanigans? What do you mean by that? Are we doing more time travel stuff in a very confusing way?

Alright, let’s go through the list.

Crowbar is 7 because a crowbar looks like a 7. Matchsticks is 11 because if you take two matchsticks, you can make an 11. Quarters is 14 because the standard quarter year timeframe is 14 weeks.

Itchy is 1 because the Japanese word for 1 is “ichi.” Doze is 2 because it’s close to the Spanish word, “dos.” Trace is 3 because it’s close to Old French “treis.” Clover is 4 because 4 leaves in a clover is supposed to be lucky. Fin is 5 because a “fin” is a Canadian slang term for a $5 bill. Die is 6 because most dice are 6-sided, and the singular form of dice is die. Stitch is 9 because of the old proverb, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Sawbuck is 10 because it was originally a slang term for a US$10, because the $10 bill used to have the Roman numeral X, and it was reminiscent to the crossbars of a sawbuck which is used to hold wood to cut into smaller pieces. Eggs is 12 because there’s a dozen eggs in a carton. Biscuits is 13 because you bake biscuits, and a “baker’s dozen” is 13 items. The closest thing I can come up with for Cans being 15 is that there are some beer companies in Canada that package 15 cans of beer in one pack.

That’s your reference lesson for today :)


I’m going through my Documents and finding old stuff that was almost but never quite finished and somehow managing to wrap some of it up.  PS sorry for the sucky title. Again.

Here’s another drabble thingy I found. This one features Maks. Enjoy, my  babies. Much love to you all.

Set just after Val and Elizabeth Berkley’s elimination in season 17.

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