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Aesthetics for the signs
  • Aries: lipstick marks on white collars, every firework exploding all at once, laughing at your own jokes, cherry coke, blurry photos of good moments that refuse to be captured, telling the stars to fuck off and making a myth out of yourself
  • Taurus: not knowing how to do something if it’s not with all of your heart, past lives like a compass within you, porches and lemonades, getting your hands dirty, misplaced wisdom, loving yourself like making a home out of your bones
  • Gemini: curiosity and the places it takes you, forks in the road, friends holding hands, realizing that you are exactly where you should be, paint-stained clothes, finding shade on a hot day, recreating yourself endlessly
  • Cancer: memes and artwork, dreaming furiously, thunderstorms during long car rides, smiling with your eyes closed, a river running, looking at the stars while everyone else is busy looking at the ground
  • Leo: nights when you glow golden, lucky dimes, confidence like a hearth warming your soul, hot July afternoons, more than what meets the eye, books loved so much that they have tattered spines
  • Virgo: order around you - order within you, an eye for details, seeing flowers bloom after a long winter, impossible dreams coming true, looking back and realizing how far you’ve come, losing yourself in strobe lights, sand between your toes for the first time in years
  • Libra: history books that pull you in, feeling like you are ancient / feeling like you are young, aiming true, favorite childhood memories, patterns in the sand, shaky voice that still speaks in a room full of closed hearts
  • Scorpio: challenging yourself - the world can wait, juice in wineglasses, learning how to swear in Latin, the calm before the storm, wind tangling in your hair, blueberry lips, finding a soulmate by the light in their eyes
  • Sagittarius: forging your own destiny, regretting only the things you didn’t do, purple lights in shop windows, smiling at animals, suddenly realizing that you are humming, writing poems on napkins, supernova stride
  • Capricorn: the sea turning into a mirror, coal turning into gold, staying up long enough to see the day break, remembering stories, pouring honey into your tea, running out of pens, hoping despite the odds
  • Aquarius: instead of breadcrumbs in your wake – stardust, believing in incredible things, mismatched socks, places that feel otherworldly, laughter like teeth, doing things for the aesthetic, glowing as if lit up from within
  • Pisces: your favorite shirt - worn out from loving, favorite songs making up the essence of who you are, realizing you are in love, sugar rushes, living for that which you burn for, rewinding cassettes with a pencil, a heart that makes everything better

two hours later, i am ushered out of the colony. a menagerie of unfriendly sounds trilled in the cold ostralian night. that’s fine. it’s the familiar sounds that worry me.

the psuedomoon glimmered on the roof of my fancy little car. metallic and beaten, like an old lucky dime kept around out of sentimentality. that’s what it was. couldn’t get rid of it. can’t get close to others, being who i am. can get close to a car. funny how that works.

i ducked my head in and started the engine.

Star of the Show (Leon Draisaitl)

Prompt: Since Leon Draisaitl is doing soo good so far this game can you write an imagine about just like being super proud of him and the reader tells him that and there’s tons of fluff and that’s like when he realizes the reader is the actual love of his life and that he wants to marry her? Sorry it’s long lol

Leon Draisaitl x Reader

Requested: yes!

Includes: fluff!

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DuckTales Intro Analysis Thingy

And now, ladies and gentlemen, because I have nothing better to do with my time, I’m gonna be analyzing details of the DuckTales intro sequence. The reboot’s, not the original series. Because somebody’s gotta do it. Plus I’ve always wanted to do one of these analysis-type thingies.

First image of notice is of course with these guys chasing Scrooge and crew. Of them there’s the Beagle Boys and Ma Beagle, the ghost and wolf henchmen from the premiere (both of which I forget the names of), and Gabby, also from the premiere. As well as some pigeon-looking character with a smart phone and hoverboard that looks to be a new character. This tells me that, of course we’ll be seeing the Beagle Boys (and why wouldn’t we since they were staple villains in the original), and that we’ll also see more of the side villains from the premiere since I doubt they’d be given the privilege of being in the theme song if they were just one-shots. (Which, yes, likely means we will see Gabby again to all who are worrying about that)

Second image of notice, firstly, Gyro Gearloose confirmed to return and with some kind of robot. We also see that pigeon character again in a sports car and in some kind of cyber grid-like area. So, maybe he’s the head of some tech company who’s gonna be a rival to Scrooge?

Third image of notice and we see some kind of giant pirate ship. Either this is the ghost pirate’s ship or it belongs to some new character who’s also themed after pirates. Or maybe it’s just there to drive home the sense of adventure the series is going for.

Fourth image of notice where we see the dragon from the premiere. Beakly is also there, perhaps indicating that she’ll also join in on Scrooge’s adventures.

This one just gives us a better look at some of our antagonists, including Mr. Pigeon again, as well as showing off that robot that was with Gyro in that other image. Perhaps this robot will appear in the same episode Gyro debuts in.

And then there’s this brief dime transitioning across the screen. For those who don’t know, Scrooge has a “lucky dime” that was the first pay he ever earned before he became the richest duck in the world, and because of that he considers it his most prized treasure. So we’ll likely be seeing that brought over into this reboot as well.

And, that’s all the interesting stuff I could find in the theme song alone. Did I miss anything? Or do you just think I’m overthinking things and wasting my time? You’re probably thinking the latter. But regardless good day to everyone!

Waddle she ask next?

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Webby has some questions for Donald. 

Uncle bonding time. 

“Donald!” A small voice sounded behind the sailor.

Donald turned, and met the gaze of the small duckling looking up at him wide eyed.

“Webby, what’s the matter?” Donald said stepping back a little from the enthusiastic child.

“I was just wondering, if I could ask you some questions?” She queried, clutching the journal in her hands a little tighter.  

Donald rolled his eyes. This was around the twelth time Webby had asked him if she could ask him questions, usually about his past with Scrooge. It felt more like an interrogation than anything else, and made him feel a little uneasy.

“Again? Aren’t you running out of questions by now?” Donald said as he knelt down to be at eye level with the small girl.

“Are you kidding? I’ve been writing questions down to ask you, ever since Scrooge first mentioned you! There’s got to thousands in here!” Webby said as she flicked through the pages of the book.

Donald chuckled sheepishly. “Webby, why don’t we go get some ice cream or something, and you can ask me some questions there.” Donald suggested. His plan was to distract the kid with the frozen treat, so that she would forget her idea, it always worked with the boys.

Webby’s face lit up, “Sure! I’ll go get my bag! I’ll meet you by the front door!” She shouted as she sped off down the corridor.

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Dime for your thoughts

Professor!Genevieve x student!Reader

Word Count: 2.3K
WARNING: Cuteness and adorable fluff and heart eyes
Summary: The lucky dime around your neck holds a special place in your heart. It is a reminder of the first day you met that special someone. No one knows what it means to you except for the professor that is the object of your affection.
A/N: This is my submission for  @teamfreewill-imagine 21st Birthday Professions AU Challenge. This is my first fan fic ever and I hope it doesn’t suck XD Happy birthday!

People at school had always called you weird for carrying around that silly dime on a chain. Not many saw it because you always had it tucked under your shirt, closer to your heart. It probably was a silly thing to do with the dime but you couldn’t help it. The coin had special meaning, significant value, far more precious than just ten cents. It wasn’t just a dime, it was like your own personal luck charm. Every time you held it or felt its weight against your skin, you were brought back to one special memory.

It was a Monday, four years ago. It was your first day at the university and you were beyond stressed and panicked. You didn’t want to be late for any of your classes and so you had rushed across campus several times throughout the day. You didn’t make time for breakfast and you had skipped lunch to buy some text books that you hadn’t gotten yet. So it was safe to say before your final class that you were hungry. This was only the first day, you couldn’t imagine what the rest of the semester was going to be like.

Shuffling through your bag, you were getting frustrated that you couldn’t find your money. You knew that you had put your wallet in your bag this morning before leaving your room. Your roommate had even commented on it, the pattern on it unique, because you had painted it yourself. Relief washing over your face, you had finally found it. In the process of pulling it out though, coins fell from its pockets and rolled across the floor. Some slid under the vending machines while there was one dime that had other ideas.

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Ok so some thoughts on the new Ducktales episodes!

  • I love Webby!!
  • I love Gyro! He is so different from the original but I like him!
  • Louie is a BAD influence lmao
  • I was wondering if they’re gonna continue talking about the meta plot and they ARE, gosh, I didn’t expect we would get more info about Della so quickly, and this is only the third episode! :D
  • They are introducing the lucky dime and it was mentioned that Scrooge is spending 15 millions dollars on magical defense, in the same episode! Magica IS coming, guys!
  • This show is soo gooood!!!
One thing I did disapprove of with the reboot, particularly in The Great Dime Chase

was when Scrooge called his dime ‘lucky’ (to be fair, the original Ducktales series made this mistake too)

That dime aint lucky for shit, but it was driving force for him to keep trying for his fortune

It was his motivation and inspiration in his youth

Twas out of spite that he worked so hard and got American currency as his first earnings in Scotland that he couldn’t use; he kept it with him as a reminder to tell everyone that ‘Fuck you, I’m going to be rich’

It aint lucky

On Magica & the “Lucky” Dime

Before I got around to reading the Barks stories in chronological order, I had been under the vague impression that Magica and the dime made their debut at the same time. I never really thought about it much, honestly; it just seemed natural to assume that the dime had been created specifically to provide a motivation for Magica.

In fact, this is not the case at all. The dime did gain a much greater significance after Magica’s introduction; but it actually made its debut over eight years before Magica’s – in the 1953 ten-pager “The Round Money Bin”. It then appeared in “The Second Richest Duck” (1956) and again in “Billions in the Hole” (1961) before Magica was finally introduced later in that same year.

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50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer (Part III)

Quick summary of essential writing strategies based on Roy Peter Clark’s podcast Roy’s Writing Tools (based on his book Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer). This is Part III with strategies 21-30. Part II is here.

Strategy 21: Know when to back off and when to show off
Two modes in writing: understatement and overstatement (hyperbole).
The more serious/dramatic the subject, the more the writer should back off in order not to let language distract from the story. The story tells itself.
The more playful/inconsequential the subject, the more the writer can play around with words.

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Let me tell you about Pizza Dog. Pizza Dog isn’t his real name. His real name—at least these days—is Lucky, and before that, it was Arrow. But dogs named Lucky are a dime a dozen, and when you’ve got a comic where the main character’s epithet has its own epithet, well, sometimes you’ve gotta let a Pizza Dog be a Pizza Dog.

Lucky appreciation post