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Stuck to this Corner Like a Streetlight

A/N: I’ve been obsessed with bakery AUs lately and I really wanted to write one! Feedback/constructive criticism is always encouraged! Hope you enjoy! This is so long I’m so sorry!

Things you should know: 1. I’ve never been to NYC in my life. So, I don’t know how streets work up there. Is 34th and Melso Street even a place? Probably not. Is it five blocks down from the Richard Rodgers? Hell no. 2. I do a very poor job of explaining ITH 3. I have nothing against Vanessa

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Pairing: Lin x reader

Summary: You bake cupcakes for Lin’s opening nights and he gives you tickets to the show. It’s enough until it isn’t.

Masterlist | Request!

You and Lin-Manuel Miranda had a friendship that came about in a unique way. It all started back in 2008.

March 5, 2008

You had just opened your bakery on the corner of 34th and Melso Street. You were beyond happy; opening a bakery was a lifelong dream of yours. Your bakery, “Cupquakes,” had only been open for three weeks, and business was booming; you already had ten orders. But the order made on March 5 was the one that you’ll never forget.

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Prince of the Forest

Words: 1100+

Author: Murdoch

Warnings: None

Reader gender: Unspecified

Series summary: There was a time when fae and man lived together in harmony. Over the years, the boundaries between the human world and the one of the faeries grew. But still, there were times when one could cross between the two worlds with ease. Little did you know, you’d end up right in the middle of it. 

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Day 13.
Marcus has many stupid habits, one of them is extreme curiousity: if there is something weird\mystical\paranormal going on or lays around - he’ll be nosy. He will read creepy books about black magic, he will go in obviously dangerous and haunted places, he will touch things with huge signs which say “DO NOT TOUCH!”.
Curiosity killed the cat… 

Cupcakes (Sirius)

Can you do an imagine where the reader and Sirius have been dating for awhile and Harry’s first birthday is coming up so they decide to make cupcakes but they end up making a mess and flour gets everywhere and super fluffy? Thank you x

A/N honestly this request reminds me of that Halloween cooking video of zalfie omg 

* * *

‘Y/n.’ Sirius said one night as you both lay in bed. 
‘What?’ You replied, not opening your eyes. 
‘Today is July the 30th.’ He said slowly. You sighed to yourself, wishing that sometimes (especially when it’s 11 o’clock at night) he would just get to the point. ‘Well done Sirius.’ You said, still not opening your tired eyes, ‘You’ve finally learnt how the world works.’ 
‘Y/n.’ He said again. 
‘What Sirius?’ You groaned, sitting up and looking at him. 
‘That means tomorrow is the 31st…of July.’ He said. You stared blankly at him, 
‘Wow Sirius your pick up lines have really gone down…hill…’ You said, slowly realizing. ‘Oh shit.’ You said, ‘Tomorrow is-’ 
‘-Harry’s birthday.’ Sirius finished. 

You both sprinted out of bed and down the stairs, walking aimlessly around. ‘How could we have forgotten Harry’s first birthday?’ You worried. 
‘Surely there is something we can put together for tomorrow.’ Sirius cried. 
You looked around and stopped as you spotted a carton of eggs sitting on the kitchen bench. ‘I’ve got it.’ You said. You walked into the kitchen and started pulling things out of the cupboards as Sirius watched you with his eyebrows furrowed. ‘What are you doing?’ 
‘Cupcakes.’ You simply said. Sirius nodded, 
‘Right! Good idea!’ He replied, joining you into the kitchen. ‘One problem though,’ He said, ‘I’ve never made cupcakes.’ 
‘Well lucky for you, I carry the smarts for the both of us.’ You winked. Sirius rolled his eyes, ‘Alright genius, what are we doing?’ You grabbed a bowl and started to throw in the right ingredients as Sirius stirred it all together. 
‘Hold on.’ Sirius said once you had finally created the mixture and were now pouring it into cute cupcake shells. ‘Why did we do this all without magic?’ 
‘The magic,’ You said smiling, ‘was creating these cupcakes.’ You winked. Sirius shook his head, ‘You’re a loser.’ He said. 
‘Right.’ You said, putting the tray of cupcakes into the oven. ‘Now we wait.’ You both started to pack up all of the ingredients when Sirius being Sirius dropped the bag of flour and it all poured out onto the counter. ‘Oops.’ 
‘Oh my gosh Sirius.’ You groaned, laughing slightly. You scooped up a handful of flour and threw it over him. ‘Hey!’ Sirius cried, looking at the white powder that now covered his top half. ‘Well it’s an improvement to say the least.’ You laughed. Sirius shook his head and before you could do anything he picked up a scoop of flour and threw it over you. ‘Sirius!’ You screamed, spitting into the sink as it had managed to get in your mouth. ‘Wow what an improvement.’ He said, mockingly. Without warning you picked up an egg and smashed it over his head, the yolk dripping down the back of his neck. ‘I really hate you.’ Sirius said before throwing more flour at you. Both laughing, you looked around the kitchen. ‘Bags not cleaning this up.’ You said, looking at the mess you had created. Sirius still had some flour in his hands and he blew it off, adding it to the rest of the mess. He put his arm around you and kissed the top of your head. ‘Well this is something I didn’t think we’d be doing at midnight.’ He laughed. ‘Aw it’s midnight which means it’s Harry’s birthday.’ You smiled, tiredly. ‘Happy birthday Harry.’ You whispered, Sirius arm still wrapped around you. ‘Happy birthday Harry.’ Sirius repeated.

Married life X Joker X Reader

Not 100% about this one but I hope you enjoy anyway

Being married to the king of Gotham city was always eventful. You hadn’t had a normal day since the two of you met in arkham asylum. Staring at each other from your cells and screaming at anyone that took you out of each others sight. When it came to Mr J being broken out he made sure he took you with him. You still remember your cell door blowing up and Mr J’s white hand reaching out of the smoke towards to. You leaping in the air as he noticed your very obvious cupcake tattoos on your chest. “y/n” you stuck your hand out.
He shook it “Beautiful… but I like cupcake.” You just smiled and ran out the door. Sprinting down the hallway grabbing any gun you could see. You still remember that feeling of freedom as you rang as fast as you could guns blazing.
Years on and your life had never calmed down. Not even for a second. Like when Bman decided to make an appearance at your own wedding. J was pissed but you were quite flattered. Safe to say you both got away injury free which was lucky.
“Cupcake!” you can hear J “Hey you listening to me?” he wave his hand infront of your face.
“Yeah sorry baby. Just zoned out for a second.” You smiled at him. You put both your hands on the table infront of everyone “Right sorry fellas my bad. As I was saying, Frost and Tony you guys go in first make sure you walk straight up to the main guy. Tell him someone’s there to see him. After me and J will come in guns blazing. Take the money and the drugs and then kill them all. Mich, Davis and Ant I want to make sure you’re behind us coving us. I don’t feel like getting shot today. You guys got it?” You look around none of them liked to give you eye contact. All you got was some faint yes and grunts. You slammed your gun on the desk “I SAID YOU GUYS GOT IT!” You get a chorus of “yes miss” “Good now let’s roll out.” All the guys walk a head of you but J pulls you back real quick.
“Mmhh baby I love it when you talk like that.” He grabs your butt and pulls you in closer, “I can’t wait to go home and have you tonight.” You can hear that deep growl in his chest that flips your stomach.
“Oh J I wish I could have you now.” Before you can say anymore he picks you up, wrapping your legs around him he slams you against the wall, kissing you so hard you could chip a tooth.
*ahem* you hear Frost behind you. You jump down off him. “Save for later baby” you whisper in his ear and walk off. You can hear him grunt at you while he watches your arse.
You climb into the drivers seat of your golden adventadour lamborghini. You loved it when J let you drive. He claimed into the passengers and the rest got in a black Audi behind you. You rev the engine with a huge smile on your face. As you speed off half the town could hear you and J laughing. Having someone as crazy as you was always fun.
You arrive at the “hidden” drug office. It was disguised as a fucking tanning salon. Fucking amatures you think to your self, no wonder they’re all about to die. Parked round the back Frost and Tony go up to the door. They step in and the whole place goes silent.
“Gentlemen!” Frost calls out even though everyone has eyes on him. “You have a visitor.”
You and J stroll in both with 2 custom pistols raised, his purple and gold and yours all gold. You felt amazing, your whole outfit just made you feel great, a proper dress suit but with no shirt on underneath just your gold bra. The only noise you could hear was your stilettos on the hard floor. “Hey fellas!” you smile at them.
J steps forward “Me and my misses would like to talk.” He always spoke with his hands “But there’s only one problem with the way we talk. We don’t use words,” he turned and smiled at you “ we use bullets!” that was the word. You both lit up the place with guns shots and blood laughing mechanically.
When the shots died down you looked around seeing all the bodies. “Everyone OK?” You shouted to your men. You got a chorus of *yes maam* “good” you smiled straightening your suit and wiping some of the blood off your face.
All of a sudden out of no where a guy jumps up from behind a desk at the back and shoots at you. You spin to avoid it but the bullet goes right through the middle of your palm. J doesn’t see where you’re hit and just charges at the guy screaming filling his body with a full magazine of bullets. He then turns and runs to you
“Baby! You OK? Where did he get you?” he looks terrified.
You hold your hand up where there’s a clean hole “He shot me in the fucking hand!”
He looks at it carefully and hugs you “Fuck me! I thought you were a goner! Let’s get home and patch you up.” You both turn to the door with your arms round each other. They can all hear you muttering “I said I didn’t fancy getting shot today and what do I get? Shot!”


The darn candy clues have promted me to make this post. The Camera keeps focussing on -A’s sweet tooth but I think that is so that we overlook the other flavours and miss the clues. The cooking murder mystery novels by Joanne Fluke have featured in recent episodes So I thought I would list all the food’s I could think of on pll and make my on recipe for solving the mystery


  • We have seen plenty of candy grabs (Hanna, Mrs Potter, Tanner, black hoodie)
  • The toffee ice-cream eaten by black hoodie and melissa (who took it from Aria)
  • Lets not forget Alison and Aria eating fro yo in the first secret
  • black hoodie with 2 tea cakes and honey in their tea
  • The pig cupcakes from lucky leon’s
  • Board shorts’s boysenberry pie
  • Black hoodie eating pie.
  • The peanut butter cookie
  • The girls eating lollies from Ezra’s family’s theatre for dinner (note that Alison didn’t want them)


  • The Good old KEY LIME PIE (which i think of as bitter sweet)
  • The lime in the vodka
  • Spencer and Melissa always have lemon in their tea


  • Black hoodie eating popcorn (2 seperate occasions)
  • Black hoodie eating the roast chicken with Tippi
  • Black hoodie’s bowl of cashews at the airport
  • Black Hoodie eating pizza and drinking beer
  • Back in S1 when Spencer used Hanna’s cheese fries to recreate landmarks and work out how -A could have gotten around.
  • Hanna asking if the Havarti cheese melts
  • Spencers Lasagne for the Spoby anniversarie.


  • Black hoodie with an apple
  • Jenna eating Cherry’s and lining up the seeds (funny connection to this is Alison asking Emily if she wanted to taste Jenna’s Cherry chapstick)
  • Hanna taking Ezra’s last carrot stick in shadow play.


The biggest connection I can make from all the sweet stuff is the need for dental treatment. Don’t forget it all comes down to teeth.

But its those subtle clues about savory that have me intrigued

Now this could be a hint that Ali is our savory fan, BUT don’t forget that she is pretending to be someone else here. I’m hoping whoever she is impersonating is the real savory fan (and they are Uber A) The earliest sign of savory was a black hoodie in the original lair eating popcorn. We all pressumed it was Mona but it could be proof that Uber A was around since the start.

I am so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends. Thanks to @buttermybooks @iprefertoread @bookphile and @beckatronsramblings​ for sending me such thoughtful Christmas presents. I love you guys so much!!!!! <3333 (Well I actually bought myself the mug so Merry Christmas to me. You can find it here.) 

November Book Photo Challenge

Day 02: Reading Playlist

A part of my TBR pile for November, and a Spotify playlist (Peaceful Piano) I like to listen to while reading.