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I was tagged by the lovely @andromeda-sims, thank you, this was fun! <3

I will tag @strawberrymark @peonypyxels @randomcoffeesimmer @simtrovart @sandy-sims I have no idea if you’ve done it already so pls ignore if you did or don’t feel like doing it! 

Sim’s name: Julie Rivers

1. What is your sim’s favorite food?
Either sushi or a homecooked stew. 

2. What is your sim’s favorite color?
Neutral tones. 

3. What is your sim’s zodiac sign?
I did an internet test for this and it said Aquarius. 

4. Does your sim believe in “love at first sight”?
No, she believes in attraction at first sight.  

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Sims Question & Answer

Tagged by Natalie :) I’ll do Effie since I’m knee deep in character stuff for her atm (sorry Sully, your abandonment continues)

Lady Evelyn Alice Antoinette St. Cloud Dormer (poor child)

1. What is your sim’s favorite food? Chocolate. All sorts of chocolate. She secretly believes her favourite food would be McDonalds if she ever tried it, she thinks there must be a reason everyone likes it.
2. What is your sim’s favorite color?
Light blue.
3. What is your sim’s zodiac sign? Aquarius. She wouldn’t know if you asked her though.
4. Does your sim believe in “love at first sight”?
No, she doesn’t entirely believe in the first part either.
5. What is your sim’s sexuality?
6. Is your Sim a cat or dog person? (or both?)
Both, but prefers dogs.
7. Adding to the previous question, if your sim were to have a cat and/or dog, what kind/breed(s) would it be?
She has three Labradors, a Siamese and a white British shorthair. Also some birds.
8. Does your Sim have a best friend? She has a friend, Sully.
9. Does your Sim have a favorite life stage?
Her current one.
10. What is your sim’s ethnicity?
½ British European, ¼ Irish & 1/4  Japanese.
11. If your Sim could travel to anywhere in the world, where would they visit? She’s fortunate enough to have that available to her. She really wants to visit Egypt.
12. If your Sim was a castaway on a distant, uncharted island, who would they bring?
13. Does your Sim have a favorite tv show and/or movie? She doesn’t watch tv but sometimes watches films and documentaries while traveling. Her favourite film is Singin’ In The Rain.
14. Does your sim believe in the “simulation theory”? No.
15. Does your Sim have a favorite kind of clothing to wear?
Dresses, mostly. Not tight fitting and fairly modest in the amount of skin she shows.
16. Does your Sim have a lucky charm? The necklace her mother left for her.
17. What kind of music or singers does your sim listen to? Classical, jazz & swing. If it’s more modern, soft acoustic stuff.
18. Does your Sim have a favorite family activity to do together? She likes playing the piano with her father, they don’t do it much now she’s older.
19. What is your sim’s age? 22
20. Does your Sim have a dream job?
A job has never really figured into her goals. She has dream hobbies and pastimes though. She’d like to travel more.
21. What is your sim’s favorite beverage?  Fruit teas. The fruitier the better. Alcoholic, a very nice white wine or cognac.
22. What is your sim’s favorite dessert? Crème brûlée.
23. Does your Sim have any siblings?
24. What activity/hobby makes your sim the happiest? Playing the piano, painting, reading.
25. If you could meet your sim, would you be friends with them? Yeah mate, for the party invites and the food.

Lucky Charms (Baekhyun x Reader)
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A sigh escapes your lips as you collapse on the living room couch. Worriedly, you place a hand under you chin staring at you apartment. It looked as if a bulldozer had overturned the place. You’ve only been searching for 15 minutes, and losing hope as each minute had gone by.

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sagawolf710  asked: you go,I know this may not be much but consider it as a lucky charm.*Gives a jade necklace to Solaris

Cue happy hawk sounds; it’s rather rare for the sun god to receive gifts. “Thank you! I hope it does give me some good luck in the future; it’s certainly very pretty at least.” And now we have a jade necklace on the hawk.