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How to Charm Objects

You can charm almost anything, a blanket to help with insomnia, a bracelet to bring luck, nail polish for beauty or attraction, it doesn’t really matter.

The easiest way to charm an object is to first think about specifics. What do you want the object to do, what ability will it possess? Be as precise as you can WITHOUT using the names of people, specific week days, exact abilities.

(In example. If the charm is supposed to protect you from a certain bully, use the word ‘bully’ instead of the bully’s name so the charm can protect you from all bullies.)

Let’s say that someone, in this case her name will be Mary because why the fuck not, wants to charm a necklace so that people can’t see her. Of course she knows that she won’t actually turn invisible, but she will go more easily unnoticed by others.

Mary will cleanse her necklace of negative energies for a few hours, or maybe even a few days.

Put your item in a bowl and bury it in salt.

Once Mary feels like the negativity is gone, she’ll charge it with her energy.

You do this by holding your item in your hands so that they’re clasped around it completely, like this. () Feel the warmth of your hands flowing into the item, that’s your energy.

Now, Mary will write a poem/spell for her necklace. She wants to be unseen while wearing her necklace.

“Maybe she’ll write
‘Like a shadow
Gone unseen,
wandering eyes
lose my gleam,
up down
betwixt between,
like a shadow
Bring me invisibility.’”

She’ll burn the paper and set it in a fireproof bowl, then dangle the necklace in the flames and heat.

You can be as creative as you want, just make sure you know your intentions, and find a unique way to cast them onto your object. I hope this helped!?