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They say that his birth was foretold by the Great Seer of this Age, an omega child born unto the House of Xavier and most beloved of the gods. Powerful amongst the Gifted Ones the child will grow to rule a kingdom mighty and vast, a legacy of dominion over land and sea. That he will be beautiful beyond mortal countenance and desired by all who see his face. Empires will fall by his command and kings by his design; the world torn asunder by war and then made new from its ashes.

These are the words that herald the arrival of Charles Francis Xavier, 124th of the line of Xavier and heir to the throne of Westchester.

This is his story.

This absolutely STUNNING piece of artwork was a gift from my darling dwaroxxx (now @varrix), who has kindly - and masterfully - brought the characters from my fic to life! Intended to be a cover for the finished work, it shows a scene from the as yet unwritten Part 2; King Charles of Westchester going to war, with King Erik of Genosha and Logan Howlett at his side…


Charles Luciano was arrested around 25 times throughout his life. Here are some of his mugshots. The top image was taken between 1929 and 1931 - I’m assuming - since he looks younger than his 1931 mugshot, but still has the droopy eye he got from his attack in October, 1929. The rest of the images were taken on February 2, 1931, April 18, 1936, and June, 1936 respectively.  

Update - 

MEYERLANSKY said: It’s actually likely that the first mugshot is from before the ’29 ride; I usually see it dated ’28, when he was questions about Rothstein’s murder. There’s another lineup with Charlie and the Diamond brothers that was taken before the ride, and he’s got some droop in that picture as well. The tendon damage from the attack exacerbated it for sure, but it seems like Charlie had a natural uneven-ness to his face even before it :P 

Sometimes a little bit of worry makes you see things clearer

This is a piece of fluff with just a pinch of angst, that just appeared on my screen when I was trying to do other stuff. I hope you like it :)

Erik is feeling anxious, there are some communication issues and a happy ending. Featuring Dadneto, Charles, Wanda and Azazel

”Why are you so depressed dad? I thought you would finally be happy now that me and Pietro are in college.” These are first words Wanda says to Erik during their weekly Skype session one November morning. It takes a while that the words register, during which Erik notes how mature his little girl looks and how messy her dorm room is.

“Wanda, what happened to your… wait what? I’m not depressed!” Erik says and cringes when Wanda bursts out laughing.

“Dad, I can see it on your face. Something is wrong. What is it? Is there something going on between you and Charles?”

Erik’s shoulders slump in front of Wanda’s stare. He can’t lie to her nor can he lie to himself.

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X MEN: Sleeping Habits

Little things I think the X-Kids would totally do during their sleep.
Scott- He probably lays in the weirdest positions, like one of his legs is bent up by his chest, and the other is spread out on the bed. He lays really awkwardly and totally snores and drools. What a boy. He also wears short shorts to bed, and wears the tight bandana around his eyes just in case.

Jubilee- She has one of those sleeping masks that is two eyes done up in makeup, all realistic looking. She has all sorts of soothing sound machines, special oils, and masks to put on to ‘help her beauty flourish.’

Kurt- He kicks in his sleep and flicks his hands and feet like a cat or puppy. He also twitches his ears and tail, and will make tiny squeaks and hwimpers when he dreams. The team totally loves it and thinks it’s the cutest damn thing, and sometimes will secretly pet him to calm him down in a dream or watch him purr. He also can fall asleep almost anywhere, and has various positions such as curling up in a tight ball, or hanging over furniture and people.

Ororo- She can sleep through ANYTHING. Coming from Cario and being on the run half the time, she can sleep through sirens, people, yelling, fighting, the city, etc. And not to mention the sound of thunder and strong wind are practically family to her, written in her heart. It actually sooths her back to sleep after a bad nightmare, as she focuses on the rolling vibrations and remembers who she is for those few seconds.

Jean- She still has trouble sleeping, and for the most part will sleep still and lightly when she can. She probably doesn’t sleep too long or very deep, and will doze off or catch a few hours every night when she isn’t plagued with nightmares.

Peter- He snores every now and then, and to everyones surprise will sleep for hours on end very deeply into the morning. They have to bang on his door to get him up, but once hes awake and moving, that’s when he never stops. When he passes out for the night, his brain finally gets the rest it desperatley needs and will throw him in a peaceful slumber (most of the time).

Warren- This bad boy never wants to be caught sleeping, of course. “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!” But yes, this bird does indeed pass out on the bed every night and get what every living animal needs to survive. But what he really, REALLY doesn’t want the team knowing- is that he sleep flies. In a fast dream where he’s fighting or flying through the sky, his wings will every now and then flap enough to lift just the upper half of his body up and off the bed. It usually ends when his wings drag his body into the wall, knock a heavy object over, or maybe just drop him on the floor and jolt him awake.
But one night, when the team is having a late, late movie night, Warren is the first to fall asleep after such a long day. And when he starts dreaming of flying after nothing, full speed in the city?
His wings start flapping, and everyone is suddenly wide awake as giant white feathers are flying in their faces. It starts off slowly, as he beats his wings just a bit and everyone looks at each other in confusion as the huge limbs hit them repeatedly.
“Uhh, Warren?…”
Then the feathers take off, and Peter is the first to bust out laughing as Warren is lifted up a few inches and he hits the coffee table.
You should have seen his blush when he was snapped awake and met with the teams reactions.
- Sometimes when Warren is sleep-flying, and he is whimpering from the hot nightmare and crying out every now and then as his limbs take consiousness, Kurt will be the only one awoken by the repeated smacking against the walls at the ungodly hours. He sighs tiredly as he knows exactly what is happening, and will easily bamf into Warren’s room to find the angel twitching and frowing in a cold sweat as his wings hit the ceiling and walls in a frantic. Kurt frowns at his angel, and will move to sit on the bed by Warren’s front as not to be hit with the giant feathers.
“Varren, Liebe, please…” He will whisper. He puts a steady hand onWarren’s face, trailing over the scars and rubbing his claws through his hair. Warren sighs, his body relaxing as Kurt sooths and comforts him, and his wings begin to fall still. Kurt will always make sure to rub those thick circles right between the shoulder blades, and he smiles gently as he watches Warren relax and fall limp once more.
Sometimes Kurt will leave Warren to continue sleeping peacefully when he is calmed and stilled, bamfing away with a simple “Gute Nacht, Liebe.”
Or sometimes, he is simply too tired (totally the reason,) and will just lay down against Warren’s chest and fall asleep close to him, taking in his typical sent of rock and roll and pure fighter.
This was good for them. Kurt didn’t kick or whine, and Warren’s wings remained still and sleeping.

- Charles sometimes wakes up, or maybe just can’t sleep, with aching pains in his waist and thighs. It’s rare when this happens and keeps him up all night in a warm sweat as his body aches and leaves him motionless. He will lay in bed, grunting and wincing quietly as he tries to push through the invisible boulder sitting heavily on his gone legs, but fails terribly.
But then Erik just seems to know, and will let himself in quietly and swiftly. He sits on the edge of Charles’s bed, and looks knowingly down at him as he lifts a hand to rub strong motions into Charles’s weak hips and thin thighs.
“You okay?” He looks down at him, not an emotion written on his face other than slightly raised eyebrows.
“Yeah…. I am now,” Charles relaxes, and is soon lulled back into sleep pain free and safe.

i really hope the alvarez arc isnt the last because there are SO many questions left unanswered and things that need to be explored further, like more about future rogue/rogues shadow, chagot and carla and happy’s parents, ivan and laxus’ mothers, wendy and natsu’s connection before X777, more about ankhseram etc.
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Love is a form of prejudice. You love what you need, you love what makes you feel good, you love what is convenient. How can you say you love one person when there are ten thousand people in the world that you would love more if you ever met them? But you’ll never meet them. All right, so we do the best we can. Granted. But we must still realize that love is just the result of a chance encounter. Most people make too much of it. On these grounds a good fuck is not to be entirely scorned. But that’s the result of a chance meeting too.
—  Charles Bukowski
Something You Can’t Replace

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Word count: 1011

Summary:  Hey! Can you do a Charles x reader after XMA where he’s insecure about his (lack of) hair and she tells him that she’s ok with it even though she’s miss grabbing them during sex :3 thanks !!! And it ends with fluff >

Warnings: I swore a bit so if you don’t like swearing oops too late. Charles deserved to be cussed at tbh

A/N: Story time! When I first saw XMA it was also my first time seeing a X-Men movie. I instantly loved Charles and his beautiful hair and I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GONNA BE BALD EVER! ONE SECOND IT WAS THERE THEN IT WAS GONE??? but I got over it and the truth is I love Charles no matter what’s on his head. I still freaking loved his long hair god it gave me liiiiiife I wanted to pull touch it. I said touch. 

I take requests so everyone is very welcome to send me some! 

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I’m going to be disappointed if not everybody knew immediately that Siegrain was Jellal, Wendy was a dragon slayer, Faust was the Edolas Makorav, Shaggote is Carla’s mother, Lucky and Marl are Happy’s parents, and Millianna was the hooded wizard for Mermaid Heel in the GMG
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Famous mobsters' signs
  • Aries: Joe Gallo, Vincent Gigante, Vincent Mangano, "Crazy Phil" Leonetti
  • Taurus: Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, Tony "Big Tuna" Accardo, Tony Spilotro
  • Gemini: Henry Hill, Sam Giancana, Angelo Bruno
  • Cancer: Jimmy "The Gent" Burke, Meyer Lansky, Jack "Legs" Diamond, Paul Vario, Dean O'Banion, Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll
  • Leo: Salvatore Maranzano, Dutch Schultz, "Big Paul" Castellano, "Longie" Zwillman, Bugs Moran, Carmine Persico
  • Virgo: Mickey Cohen, Carlo Gambino, Roy DeMeo, Joe Valachi
  • Libra: Albert Anastasia, Joe Profaci, Stefano Maggadino
  • Scorpio: John Gotti, Santo Trafficante Jr.
  • Sagittarius: Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Vito Genovese, Joe Adonis, Joe Colombo, Tommy Lucchese, Owney Madden
  • Capricorn: Arnold Rothstein, Joe Massaria, Al Capone, Joe Bonanno, "Big Joey" Massino
  • Aquarius: Frank Costello, Johnny Torrio, Frank Nitti, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, Nucky Johnson, Tony Corallo, John Franzese
  • Pisces: Benny "Bugsy" Siegel, Carmine Galante, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Neil Dellacroce, Vito Rizzuto, "Little Nicky" Scarfo