lucky cat project

Here is another OC that I drew.

Name: Fuwa

Abillity: To manipulate superstitions/luck

Species: Neko/Cat Youkai (not to be confused with a Nekomata)

Boss ranking: Stage 2 Midboss/Boss/EX Stage Midboss

Age: At least 300 years old

Fuwa is the protector of the Temporal Ruins, which are located on top of an icy mountain. The bullets that she and her Lucky Cat Statues fire spawn money, and besides doing her job protecting the ruins, she also runs a fake ‘shrine’ up on the ruins and calls herself a ‘God’ (even though she isn’t) in order to con from the donations that people give to her.


Lucky Cats - LOLcats

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The LOLcat line-up:
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Skifcha (Dubstep Cat) / Nyan Cat / Business Cat / Keyboard Cat
Venus / Long Cat / Colonel Meow / Furball
Princess Monster Truck / Lil’ Bub / Tardar Sauce (Grumpy Cat)


Don’t let the name fool you - this Jessica Rabbit is a cat.

She’s with the KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri and her friends there are hoping her Christmas wishes will be answered.  All that she wants is to be adopted into a nice, loving home.

Jessica is a doll, and she gets along great with people AND other cats.

Want to bring Jessica Rabbit into your home?  Hop to it and email or call 816-513-9821!