lucky cat duck


Here’s another comic voice dub, though this time I voiced everyone myself.

Please give credit where it’s due!


Inspired by @steampunkseahorse
Day 1: your favorite animal
Day 2: your favorite color
Day 3: inanimate object
Day 4: news anchor
Day 5: a male character
Day 6: a female character
Day 7: fat character
Day 8: black and white
Day 9: sepia
Day 10: dancing/dancer
Day 11: singing/singer
Day 12: hanging with friends
Day 13: good guy
Day 14: bad guy
Day 15: skinny/lanky character
Day 16: robot
Day 17: wings
Day 18: monster
Day 19: a character’s ghost
Day 20: shop keeper
Day 21: a building
Day 22: a troublemaker
Day 23: something related to the sea
Day 24: four legs
Day 25: four arms
Day 26: favorite character
Day 27: draw yourself
Day 28: magic
Day 29: pet
Day 30: food (yay! You did it! Celebrate!)
Bendy and Boris: The Quest For The Ink Machine Dub (Part 16)

Not much of our main buds, Bendy and Boris, but we gets Ozzy and Lexy (Felix). I friggin watched Felix the Cat cartoons on YouTube and found out that Sheba sounds like that purple poodle off of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Like dayum…

Credit to blog ~ @thebbros