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Here’s another comic voice dub, though this time I voiced everyone myself.

Please give credit where it’s due!

Ducktales/Disney Avatar AU, Part 2.5

Well, as you noticed in the part 1 of this AU i divided it in parts. The first one I talked about the old and new Avatar team, and now it’s time for talking about the people of the nations! (People who will help or have helped tthe avatar, y’know).

Enjoy some messy Artwork by the way. Just… I didn’t have drawn aaaaaaaaaall the characters. I am trying to make this big and  now I have noticed this is bigger than I thought…

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Inspired by @steampunkseahorse
Day 1: your favorite animal
Day 2: your favorite color
Day 3: inanimate object
Day 4: news anchor
Day 5: a male character
Day 6: a female character
Day 7: fat character
Day 8: black and white
Day 9: sepia
Day 10: dancing/dancer
Day 11: singing/singer
Day 12: hanging with friends
Day 13: good guy
Day 14: bad guy
Day 15: skinny/lanky character
Day 16: robot
Day 17: wings
Day 18: monster
Day 19: a character’s ghost
Day 20: shop keeper
Day 21: a building
Day 22: a troublemaker
Day 23: something related to the sea
Day 24: four legs
Day 25: four arms
Day 26: favorite character
Day 27: draw yourself
Day 28: magic
Day 29: pet
Day 30: food (yay! You did it! Celebrate!)