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Wild Beer / Good George / Burning Sky Shnoodlepip, 6.5% abv. 

There are good breweries and there are good breweries. Some will cause an involuntary nod of respect as they produce quality beer after quality beer, consistently nailing established styles, “go-to” kinda breweries. There’s also the nut jobs. The wild haired mad scientists never satisfied with established styles when there’s so many possibilities out there. The “am I feelin’ lucky” breweries. The Wild Beer Co. are one of these. Nestled in a hay strewn barn in deepest Somerset, they tease and charm their motley collection of ingredients into some of the most progressive, exciting beers seen on this crumpet loving island. And they have allies. 

Shnoodlepip is a collaboration of three brewers of three nationalities from three breweries. Kelly Ryan from Good George in New Zealand, Brett Ellis (from the US) of the Wild Beer Co, and Englishman, Mark Tranter, from Burning Sky. An exercise in experimentation, they came up with a beer brewed with local Sharpham Park Spelt, with pink peppercorns, saison and brettanomyces yeast strains, aged in French red wine barrels, and infused with passion fruit and hibiscus flowers. They then put it in a pink labeled bottle. There are nowhere near enough pink beer labels. There was no way I was missing this. 

I waited for the sun to come out before cracking this one open, it seemed only right. The colour is a lovely pink tinged orange, almost like the beer’s blushing. The fluffy white head does a grand job of covering its modesty. The nose is spectacular. I inhale again and again, trying to wrap my head around its bewildering bouquet. Flowery perfume, champagne, a hint of vinegar, spice, caramel drizzled biscuits, and definite passion fruit. I gotta admit, I’m struggling to isolate the aromas, I may not be up to this.

Only one way to find out. A sip. FUCKSTICKS!!! I may be in love. There’s a sweetness at first, but gentle, a mere caress. A summer picnic erupts into existence on my tongue. There’s a mountain of berries, wooden platters of dripping passion fruit, lychee, and papaya, candied wild flower petals, lemon drizzle cake, and bottles of scrumpy cider. All trampled underfoot by a gang of playful rabbits having a fight with white wine vinegar filled filled water balloons. A peppery spice and lingering dry tartness wrap up this smooth, medium bodied beer. That was fairly epic, I wanna go again!

So yeah, it’s fair to say I’m a fan of Shnoodlepip. A tart, crisp, refreshing, stunningly complex yet flawlessly balanced and dazzlingly characterful brew. it’s like drinking a funky kaleidoscope. My utmost respect goes out to these three dashing international beer heroes, and while I have no doubt there’ll be plenty of people who simply won’t like or “get” this beer, I adore it. Cheers!