I’m making a comic!! Slowly but surely the pages are being made. I wanna have a few done before I post it. This is one character of many within it.

I’m really trying to get a wide range of different personalities, sexual orientations, races, and other such things with this comic.


A scene from one of my favourite Pokemon episodes of all time: Hapinasu the Happy Nurse (Ignorance is Blissey)

Musashi (Jessie) fails to pass Pokemon nursing school, not due to insufficient knowledge or skills, but simply because it’s designed for literal Pokemon nurses, and she was unfairly held to non-human standards.

She leaves during the graduation ceremony, but the clumsy Hapinasu (Chansey) she looked after and helped succeed would never forget their friendship, and chases after her, breaking half the pendant she received, to offer as a token of friendship.

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