I wrote this for @scenarios-on-ice, for one of her head canons about training with Yuri. It was supposed to be just that but it’s out of control now so it’s basically a Reader/Yuri P fic where you’re part of YOI. 

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попутчик: (n) stranger you connect to on a trip

Unlike a travel companion you’ve known before, a ‘poputchik’ is a complete stranger who happens to travel in the same direction and share your coupe on a train. You are free to open up completely to your best friend pro tempore, because you know that the person will get off at a far away stop, never to be seen again, taking your secrets safely with them…
…unless you become lifelong friends from thereon.

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anonymous asked:

okay so we've all heard about the minyard-josten rivalry but what about a kandreil rivalry?? maybe it takes place after they go pro, and some of the exy fandom has ship wars about andreil vs neil x kevin vs kevin x andrew, even though everyone thinks they high key hate each other. imagine the fandom's + media's surprise when it eventually comes out that they're actually all dating each other and live together with two cats (how domestic)??

ok honestly,, two of my favourite things in aftg fandom are kandreil and the rivalry,,,,,, thank you sO MUCH FOR THIS (and I have to link this, because it’s is the only other kandreil rivalry post I’ve seen and it’s wonderful, so if you want more <3)

also this is gonna be super long. i got carried away. just a warning.

  • ok so despite the high profile nature of neil’s first year and just… kevin in general…
  • no one really knows much about the relationships between the foxes because honestly collegiate exy isn’t that closely followed
  • people know kevin endorsed neil initially, and they can find out that andrew and kevin spent a lot of time together but that’s pretty much it
  • it’s not until they’re all on pro teams that anyone starts noticing or speculating

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encountered a pro trump racist white guy during my lunch break today. first he wastalking mad loud about sexually obscene shit about dick and sex around little kids on purpose, he looked homeless but like he was using that to be a dick head racist. anyways he continues with talking that nasty shit on purpose and tactfully changing his tone around people from racist to helpless homeless if the person grilled him or said something.

so he goes on about that and in my head im thinking “lord dont tell me im about to have to fight one for my ppl” as im finishing my lunch. this fam that looked latinx or so walks in and he starts the racially charged shit at them “the fuck you luckin at? when trump deports all of your asses and sends you back to mexico youll be eating your beans and tacos” and im like “it’s time”. i finish up crumble up my shit and stand up mad slow and start walking to him. he got scared and went “yeah??” and stood up started putting his shit on and started acting like a victim yelling “change please?” so i get him even more shook cus i got work to do and i aint wasting my time on that garbage get on the phone and speak to a homie about him while i stood right in front of him on some “yeah come through he wearing green shoes and some dusty grey sweats you got this” and he kept trying tospeak over me and even tried askin this black dude scared like “does any one have change for the homeless please??” and i told him “yo he was dead ass on some white supremacy shit just now bro” and the black dude deaded him and no one helped him so he started pacing around when he saw i was for sure talkin bout him on the phone. anyways my day sucked, i really wanted to fight the dude but i know i woulda been the one in cuffs.