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You’re in love, true love

Hey my loves! Okay so I started getting really bored with just posting/reblogging pictures of the 1D boys and so I figured I’d give writing a shot. I’m not really sure what this is going to turn out to be in terms of it being a series or just a onetime thing (that depends on you guys and how much you like it). I’m just letting ya’ll know that in the story Harry’s girlfriend (not the reader just yet) will not be given a name. For now she will be referred in terms of “she” and “her”. If there are other stories after this one that will probably change but for right now I’m just going to let it rock! Please leave your feedback loves.

P.S I can take criticism but remember there is a difference between helpful criticism and being down-right rude. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Pairing: Harry Styles and the reader
Summary: Management has hired you to be his cover girl. According to the public and the media you are dating the ever so famous Harry Styles but behind closed doors he belongs to someone else.

You don’t know how you got yourself in this particular situation. You were a college student living in a small town and could only ever dream of meeting a famous person and now you’re dating one. Well- kind of.

About 6 months ago towards the end of November you were just driving down the parkway completely jamming out to Where Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction. The song was amazing and gave you so many opportunities to make a fool out of yourself while screaming the lyrics into your hairbrush every morning while getting ready for class. You didn’t really know much about the boys and actually didn’t really care to. You’ve seen a few pictures of them and the boy with the green eyes and long brunette hair caught your eye but you never really took interest. Growing up listening to Randy Travis and Shania Twain really effected your taste in music, and country music was your genre of choice. However, ever since you discovered One Direction’s new album FOUR you couldn’t stop listening.
Anyways, back to how you got yourself in this mess. Basically, while cruising down the parkway you hit a huge pot hole and as a result you now had a nice gaping hole in one of your front tires. Luckily, the person driving behind you pulled over and offered his help in changing it. The man was very well dressed and was driving a brand new car which looked like it cost more than all 4 years’ worth of your college tuition. It was odd seeing a man like that around where you lived. Your town wasn’t filled with hicks but it definitely didn’t serve as home for millionaires. He introduced himself as Harry Magee and mentioned something about working for some management agency. To be honest you weren’t really concerned with his job title you were just happy your new tire was back on and you could be back on your way home in no time.
It only took Mr. Magee ten minutes to get the job done but what you hadn’t realized is for that whole ten minutes FOUR was still blaring out of your cars speakers. As Mr. Magee was finishing up he began conversation. “I don’t mean to be nosy but I’ve noticed that you have One Direction playing, do you like them?” he asked. “No worries, I don’t really listen to them often but their new album is amazing!” you responded, just as you saw his face light up and you could in vision the big light bulb going off above his head. And in that moment your world would change forever.
“Look I’m all done with your tire but I was wondering if you would be interested in meeting one of the boys I work with.” He must of saw the confusion in my face because he then decided to elaborate and explained that Harry Styles from One Direction was starting to casually date this new girl whom had a little bit of a bad reputation that Mr. Magee and his management team didn’t want effecting Harry’s career. Not really sure how you could help, you politely told him you didn’t think there was much you could do and that’s when he responded with “I just need you to act as his girlfriend in public, you don’t really have to date we just need a good cover girl to keep up his reputation.” You were just about to say no for the second time until he mentioned the money. Unfortunately, with school you had to take a few days off of work a week and pretty much became the definition of a “broke college girl” so after a few more minutes of Mr. Magee’s pleading you finally agreed to meet with the ever so famous Harry Styles. Nothing could go wrong, it’s not like you’re actually going to develop feelings for this guy he has a real girlfriend… well at least that’s what you thought.
November 29th just two days after Thanksgiving you met Harry Styles at a local café near you, it was small and private but it worked because you guys couldn’t be seen together just yet. You walked into the café with butterflies in your stomach not really knowing what to expect. You ordered a tea at the counter and scanned the room for a place to sit, and that’s when you saw them. He was perfect, pictures didn’t do him justice. He was tall, well dressed, and his one arm was covered in the most random tattoos but he rocked them. He was with a girl who was absolutely stunning, someone you could never compete with… you wondered why they wanted you when there was so many other girls to choose from. You were 5’4’’, chubby, with extremely long hair that really needed a trim. This girl whom you were assuming was his girlfriend was tall, tan, and Victoria’s secret model skinny. It took all the courage you had to go over and introduce yourself. Once you got over to the table, he stood with his arms out ready for a hug and in the most gentle and soothing voice said “I’m Harry, nice to meet you”. Once you heard the British accent you were shocked you didn’t pass out right then and there. The two of them were the kindest people you had ever met and you bonded great, talking for hours and blowing through cups and cups of coffee and tea. Upon leaving you guys planned to meet up the next day to just talk about what’s going on and how everything is going to work. On your drive home you felt it in the pit of your stomach that this wasn’t going to end well and you should stop it before it even started but there was something about that boy that made you want more.

If ya’ll want more let me know! This is my very first time writing anything so I’m just exploring and trying it out… love ya’ll.