luckily she didn't

So I sent this pic to one of my friends, I gave her no context and she has no idea who Dan and Phil are or who Dan was looking at in this pic and this was her first reaction lol. ^^
I got the idea from someone here on tumblr and I had to try it out myself, I sent her a bunch of pics after this one and it was really fun to hear what she saw and thought about it from an outsider perspective, hah.

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I was kneeling down to stock a shelf of mittens today when some old lady walked by and said "Your pants are too tight, you look like a whore". Luckily she didn't stop at any point, and was gone by the time I got over my shock, because if I had the chance to respond I would definitely have gotten myself fired. They're skinny jeans, lady. Fuck off, I look amazing.

Friend: I found your fanfictions.


Friend: I read some of them too.



Disney Cinderella Transformation Sequences

Cinderella (1950)/ Into the Woods (2014)/ Cinderella (2015)

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I'm a server at a Chinese buffet and as I was getting a table's drinks ready, my boss sprints past me with a broom over her head. She was chasing a baby mouse!! Luckily she didn't kill it- she chased it out of the back door. Later I saw her sheepishly hand out $20 gift cards to all of the customers. It wasn't funny to me then but now it's a slightly humorous story to tell.

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I had a first the other day: a lady said she had a point coupon but forgot it at home. I go "Oh I'm sorry ma'am" and continue ringing and she goes "So there's nothing you can do if I forgot it?" And I just go "... no." And tell her her total. Luckily she didn't flip out but why would she think I could do anything? Lmao

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headcanon for mike and doll's wedding: after the ceremony, mike lift's doll up bridal style to run out of wherever they got married. only, when he ran past Fritz, mike once again got influenced by Fritz's bad luck and tripped, making them both fall face first on the ground. luckily doll didn't mind. she actually thought Mike's clumsiness was cute