luckily no one walked by at the time

Chapter Two


Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,416

Your first day at the ice cream shop, but guess who else works there…

     It wasn’t like you at all to be late, but you found yourself in this exact predicament as you ran down the paved sidewalk towards the ice cream shop. One of those days you thought with certainty you set your alarm on your phone. Luckily you awoke just in time, throwing on a v-neck and some shorts you found on the floor before grabbing your sketch book. He said it was never busy, so you figured you’d have some time to kill during your shift.

      What a great impression for your first day; you thought, huffing to blow the bangs out of your eyes. The bell above the door rang out as you entered. The smell of sweet sugar hit you immediately when you walked in. It brought on a sense of nostalgia, similar to walking into a candy store.

     It was empty inside except for a single mans figure. He was leaning back in a seat reading, his feet set upon the table in front of him.

     “You’re a tad late,” his voice called out from behind the book which hid his face.

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Sirius Drabble

Word count: 696

Warnings: None

Request: 24 with Young!sirius?

Drabble: 24. “Why did you get this for me?”


Winter and the Christmas spirit had engrossed Hogwarts and everyone had already left to go home for the holidays but your parents were abroad visiting relatives so you weren’t able to go home. Luckily one of your friends, Sirius, hadn’t gone home either, he would much rather avoid his family around this time of year. Therefore, you both spent your holidays walking around the halls, irritating the teachers that were still there but laughing and talking obnoxiously loud, having snowball fights on the grounds and sitting in the common room by the fire at ungodly hours having deep heart-to-hearts.

On Christmas day you woke up to a loud voice calling your name. “(Y/F/N)! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE AND OPEN THESE PRESENTS WITH ME! DON’T IGNORE ME I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME BECAUSE THE OTHERS CAN.” You chuckled and rolled your eyes as you slipped out of the warmth of your bed and made your way downstairs. Sirius was at the bottom of the staircase grinning excitedly whilst a very irritated James, Remus and Peter glared at him from the couch. “Jesus you’re a heavy sleeper.” He sighed and dragged you over to the Christmas tree that sat in the common room. You all sat down on the floor and sorted through the presents to find yours, there was only a few other people there along with you and the Marauders so it didn’t take long to find everyone’s presents and put them in piles.

Much to Sirius’ irritation, you and Remus decided that everyone should open one present then the next person opens theirs and so on until there weren’t any presents left. You were half way though your pile and you had received so many great things from your family and friends, Remus had got you a book collection that you had been dying for, Peter had got you loads of your favourite snacks, James had gotten you new quidditch gear. Sirius had just had his turn and he unwrapped his present from James. “A mirror! Mate I know I’m a tad vain but isn’t this taking the joke a bit far?” He asked as he laughed and set the mirror on his pile of gifts. “No, it’s a special type of mirror, it can be used to see through it’s partner mirror. And I have the partner mirror, so if we’re away from each other we can talk through them.” James explained excitedly causing Sirius to grin and nod.

“Okay, (Y/N)’s turn again!” Remus said and they all looked at you. You picked up the small box that had the tag, “To: (Y/N) From: Sirius x” You lifted off the lid and saw a beautiful heart shaped locket that had small rubies scattered across it. “Sirius this is gorgeous, it must have cost you a lot.” You gushed as you carefully lifted it out of the box. “Mate, usually you get her pranking gear or something for class, why did you get her a necklace?” James asked as he tucked into the biscuits his mum sent. “Yeah, why did you get this for me?” You asked him, looking at him curiously. “I-uh, there should be a note at the bottom of the box.” Sirius stuttered as his face went bright red.

You found the small piece of paper at the bottom of the box like he had said and you unfolded it, your eyes scanning the words quickly. “Dear (Y/N), I’m constantly getting nervous when I try to say this to you in person so I thought a putting a note with a gift would be alright. I like you, a lot. I’ve fallen for you and I don’t regret it, everything about you makes me happy and makes me love you so much. I understand if you don’t feel the same way but I thought you should know how I feel. ~Love Sirius” You were grinning at the note and you wrapped your arms a round his neck tightly when you finished. “Can I assume that you feel the same?” He asked nervously as he hugged you back and you nodded vigorously.

Clean up after yourself!

So I work at a place were everything is selfhelp-service right? And apparently it’s really hard to understand that that includes cleaning up after themselves, so people alway leave their stuff after they’re done. normally we just clean it up for them cause we can’t possibly tell everyone to clean it up. But one time there was this huge group (like 30 or more people) who left a huge mess. And I was already tired with only the thought of cleaning up everything. Luckily my manager was there so she said to me “ okay that’s enough” and before I knew it she walked up to them and told them to clean everything up, “cause it’s a selfhelp-service and we have better things to do than cleaning up after you” in a really stern voice. The look on their faces was priceless! They looked a bit scared and guilty, and they cleaned everything up and left so fast that we couldn’t even say thanks😂

I work as a clinic escort, attempting to keep anti-choice pieces of shit from interacting with women walking into abortion clinics. 

Well today this anti-choice piece of shit pepper sprayed one of the escorts. 

The escort was attempting to take a picture of this woman’s license plate. 

Luckily the police arrested the anti and the escort was alright, but if she hadn’t turned her head in time she would have been sprayed directly in the face. 

I learned how to deal with pepper spray in preparation for police violence at the Republican National Convention. The only time I’ve put it to use was today, at an abortion clinic in Detroit. 

We are fighting a literal war on women. 

Spread this woman’s face like wildfire. 

Imagine Having A Pun-Off with Thorin

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For some reason, you always caught Thorin at the wrong time. Well, wrong time for him and fun time for you.

For example, you once walked into the throne room to catch him falling down the little stairs and landing in a heap with the bottom of his coat flung over his head. Another time, you had walked into the kitchen to speak to Bombur and you had witnessed him slip on a wet spot on the floor. Luckily no one had noticed, but Thorin sent you a glare that meant,“you will not utter a single word.”

Ever since then, every time you were in seeing distance of the king, he would majestically eat shit. Not literally of course and you would laugh at his pain.

You double over as he falls on his majestic bottom. You go over to help him up and he thanks you, embarrassed.

“What has gotten into you these days? Every time I see you, you fall over. Not like I don’t enjoy it, but it is getting old,” you tell him as he takes a seat on his throne.

“If I knew what was wrong I would’ve stopped it long ago,” he snaps and that makes you giggle. “You know, it’s not everyday I get to see a king fall on his ass. Oh wait, I do,” you say breaking into laughter.

He just glares at you, not understanding your humor.

“I hope you get to the BOTTOM of this soon,” you say straightening up. “Oh here we go again,” Thorin mutters and he’s cursing himself for not having anyone with him in the throne room. He had his guards, yes, but throwing you out was too much.

“You must be really bussing your ass to run the kingdom,” you say again, internally laughing at your own pun.

You had a knack for having these random spurts of punniness and all though it was quite funny in the beginning, the Company grew tired of it. It was quite sad that no one returned your puns and you grew bored of the Company easily. The only one who would make an effort was Bofur but he was not here right now and that makes you frown.

“Sorry. I forgot who I was talking to,” you apologize, bowing your head a bit making Thorin frown. He liked your puns quite a bit but he was never going to admit that.

“It’s quite alright. I suppose I’ve been tripping over nothing,” he says, watching you for a reaction. That makes you giggle and your giggle makes him smile.

“Or perhaps you’ve been falling for me,” you say with a smirk and he laughs. “Perhaps. You are an ASSet after all ,” he says and that causes you to smile. Who knew the king could be so punny?

Vampire Diaries: Phoebe Tonkin remembers Hayley's introduction.

This week, Phoebe Tonkin remembers the introduction of Hayley…

My first day was with Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan, and luckily I kind of knew a lot of the cast — it didn’t feel like I was walking completely into a new environment, and everyone was so welcoming. My first scene was where we meet Hayley, and the second scene I did that day was with Joseph where we meet for the first time.

On Vampire Diaries, in one day, they’re shooting two episodes, and the scene with Joe, he was needed on another set so my actual lines are to a stand-in and not to Joseph because he was needed doing some other debaucherous activity on a different stage. So I had a very sweet stand-in read his line and I had to pretend it was Joseph.

I didn’t even really know much about Hayley when I signed on. I knew that she was a little mysterious, that she had a bit of a darker past. I didn’t know that much about what she was going to do while in New Orleans. That was all news to me as we got the scripts.

I remember Joe and I were kind of the only ones who knew we were doing the spin-off and we heard a couple of rumors about a baby. We really had no idea what the premise of the spin-off was going to be; we just knew it was going to happen. Then I remember hearing about the pregnancy and being like, “Well that makes sense why Klaus and Hayley had a little bit of a romantic tryst on a dining room table. That serves that purpose.”

I remember the fan reaction to Hayley wasn’t particularly positive. I was essentially coming between the two stan favorite couples, Tyler and Caroline, and then of course, Klaus and Caroline. And then when Hayley sided with Klaus and he killed all those people on her behalf, the fans were definitely very vocal. I remember I was very scared about what the reaction was going to be to my first airing night, but I definitely think that with The Originals we’ve luckily been able to explore the character and her reasons for doing certain things and making certain decisions.

Obviously, my time on Vampire Diaries was very special and was a big launching pad for the next four years of my life. I’m very, very grateful. - (x)

More Than Words

Summary: In which the way you feel about Bucky is more than you can put in words.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,502

@avengerstories - I hate you (you know exactly why) but I also love you and your help with editing this.

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When Bucky first tells you he loves you, you act like you don’t hear him. Hiding from the words and their unbearably heavy implication is much easier than confronting them.

The second time Bucky tells you he loves you, you play it off with a joke. It’s not a funny one and you can tell Bucky doesn’t appreciate it, but it’s the best you can do. Dealing with the aftermath of a bad joke is a walk in a park compared to having to do something as emotionally taxing as talk about your feelings.

The third time Bucky tells you he loves you, you’re right on the verge of falling asleep. Luckily for you, he thinks you’re already sleeping and doesn’t expect a response. Instead, he presses his body against yours and hides his face in the crook of your neck, as if doing so will keep him safe from all the monsters that haunt him at night. He falls asleep easily that night. You don’t.

The fourth time Bucky tells you he loves you, you run. Correction, you try to run but you don’t get very far. Bucky doesn’t let you.

“We need to talk.”

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Sherlock x Reader: How You Meet

A/N: This is my first x reader! There are probably many faults in this but it is only my first one. I hope you like it. x

You breathed in the London air as you emerged from the tube station in Baker Street, from which you walked down to the flat 221B to meet your childhood friend Doctor John Watson. The last time you had seen your friend was two years ago when he had left the army. John was depressed last time you saw him and he was not the same. But then again it was expected. He had seen his comrades being blown up and possibly worse. He’d even been shot himself! Luckily from what you had heard of him recently, he was fine. You went to the same primary school, secondary school and later university. He was four years your senior however your families were close which resulted in you both being. You had travelled by train from your hometown to London. Before catching the tube down to Baker Street, you had dropped your luggage at the hotel you were staying at which was opposite the British Library. You were that happy you were practically skipping down the street, your h/c hair flowing behind you. You found yourself stood outside the black door of 221B with a beaming smile on your face. You had been waiting for this moment. The door flew open after you had knocked and stood there was an elderly woman.


“Hello, are you Miss Y/N?” The woman asked.

“Yes,” You said smiling.

“I’m Mrs Hudson, the landlady however I am often treated like the housekeeper!” The friendly woman laughed. “Where are my manners? Come on in dear!” You entered the corridor and a faint sound of violin could be heard from upstairs.

“They’re just upstairs,” Mrs Hudson informed you.

They?" You questioned.

"Yes, his flatmate. Did he not tell you?”

“Oh, yes he did.” You recalled the phone calls you had with John and when you had read his blogposts. “I’ll be upstairs.” You ascended the stairs and walked into a messy living room. You found a tall, brown and curly haired man looking out the window playing his violin. ‘He must have seen me as I was walking down the street,’ you thought to yourself. You did not yet know what his facial appearance was as his back was facing you. In an armchair sat one of your closest friends.


“John!” You exclaimed. As soon as you spoke the music stopped and your friend jumped up from his seat.

“Y/N!” He replied rushing over to you. You had noticed his limp had gone. He pulled you into a hug. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you also,” You replied.

Pulling away your friend gestured to the man who was playing the violin. He had now turned to face you. “Y/N, meet Sherlock Holmes.” The man he had pointed to was around six foot with a mop of curly brown hair on his head and had a pair of pale blue eyes. He was wearing in a white dress shirt, a black blazer and black slacks to match. He was also wearing shiny black dress shoes. You also noted that he had very nice cheekbones.


You held out your hand and said, “I’m Y/N, Y/N L/N.” He shook it. His light blue eyes were looking into yours. It was like he was reading your very soul. “You’re analysing me,” you stated crossing your arms and raising an eyebrow.

“Yes,” He said. “I do have a habit of doing that…” You both were staring at each other for about a minute before John broke the ice.

“Alright Sherlock,” John said smiling. “Let’s not deduce Y/N right now, she’s only just got here! I don’t want her to storm out because she’s mad at you. I haven’t seen her in two years!” He chuckled. “He can be a right prick at times.” You laughed.

Sherlock had chosen to ignore his comments. “You’re a teacher and you had-”

“Sherlock!” John yelled cutting Sherlock off. “Please don’t.”

“Well Miss Y/N, I am sure you and John have a lot of catching up to do.” And with that, Sherlock turned around and walked into his bedroom.


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A/N: There is light cursing in here so caution. Enjoy! :)
Paring: Roy Harper
Length: 1,019

“(y/n) wake up you’re late for work.” Roy said, as he tried to move the blankets away from your face. You took the liberty to make him a face and turned to the other side. You had told him last night you were given the day off.

You slightly opened one eye to look at the time it was 7:00am. You slowly got hold of the blankets again and pulled them up to your head. ‘I swear one of this days’ you thought to yourself. Suddenly you felt the side of the bed where Roy laid lifted, indicating he got up. You smiled under the blankets finally some peace and quiet.

“Since you don’t want to do this the easy way, let’s do it the hard way.” Roy mumbled under his breath as he started walking to the kitchen. Luckily, you were beginning to drift back to sleep without any trouble. You swear you could hear someone running from the distance, you brushed it off thinking it was part of the dream when suddenly it all went quiet… too quiet.

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Destiny Is Calling - (2/?)

Part 1 

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: who would say that destiny would make you come across with the man you hate?

A/N: hope you enjoy this part. Thank you all of you who have read the first part and have left me beautiful messages! 

@myhighanddry-blog (thank you, you are so sweet, really.)

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

‘H-hi, you are Y/N?’ James Barnes says, he looks confused.

'Yeah, I cannot believe this is happening,’ your blood is boiling one more time: Mr. Blind is the director of the publishing house.

'How are you? How do you feel? Are you better? Did you go to see a doctor?’ James gets out from behind his desk and starts walking towards you.

'Luckily, I am fine. It was blood more than anything. Look, I do not want to talk about the accident anymore because I will start to insult you again and I am not in the mood to be angry. It is enough to have you in front of me.’

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Elijah Oneshot: I'm angry cause I care!

a/n: alright my first oneshot requested from a lovely anon, hope you love it nonny! 💕

Laying in Elijah’s bed you suppose you should’ve expected this. Being human and all, nothing good could of happened from trying to help them take down Lucien. Especially a newly vamped up Original version of Lucien. He took one look at you and didn’t hesitate to throw you against the farmhouse Nik and him were fighting at. Luckily for you, your boyfriend showed up in time, feeding you his blood and telling Rebekah to get you to the compound.

Sitting up in his bed, you finally saw Elijah, who was standing by the door, tray in hand. “Hey” Elijah nodded walking in further “I made you some soup, crackers and some water, figured you might need a pick me up, after today” you nodded as he set the tray down, it did look good. “Thank you” you waited.. Knowing Elijah he would wait for you to eat, after knowing you’re well, only then he would start his lecture. “Y/n do you even understand what could of happened to you today?” You looked up, maybe he wouldn’t. “of course I do Elijah! But I couldn’t, I wasn’t going to let Lucien hurt you or your family! Dont YOU understand what loosing you would put me through!? What if you ended up like Finn, huh? Then what would I do?”

He was quiet before saying “that wasn’t the point y/n! We had a plan! And You put yourself in serious danger! You always put yourself before anyone else, he could’ve killed you! He knows how much you mean to me!! He would’ve used you against me, taking the one person who means more to me then anyone!” You licked your lips “Elijah, I know what I did was crazy. But I love you! Doesn’t that mean something?!” You loved him, God did you love him. He stood up “I can’t, I can’t lose anyone else I love, and I just don’t think you understand”

You looked at him, tears welling up “what are you saying?” Surely you were imagining things, Elijah the man you loved more than anything. The one you could picture having a future with, having kids with and a home of your own. He couldn’t be breaking up with you. “Y/n I-The only way I can protect you is if I take myself out of the situation. I think we need to break things off.” You felt your heart shatter. But he wasn’t going to see it, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. You nodded, standing up and slipping on your shoes “fine, if you really think you being in my life is such a horrible thing.” You walked closer to him “but I hope you know, you will never find anyone who loved or cared about you more than I ever have. I hope you look back and realize the mistake you made, breaking up with someone who just loved you and was trying to help!” You grabbed your purse off the chair and walked downstairs, shoving past Kol and out the compound gates.

You didn’t know where you were going, you just know you somehow ended up back at the scene of the crime, so to say. The farmhouse from earlier today. Walking around the grass area, you rubbed your gloved hands together, it being winter in New Orleans it probably wasn’t smart to voluntarily sulk outside of an abandoned farmhouse. You thought back to the fight, you KNEW it wasn’t smart to try and help them fight Lucien, but you couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. Look what happened to Cami, she loved Nik just as much as you loved Elijah. She NEVER stopped trying to help him. Surely he could understand.

Hearing a twig break behind you, you jumped turning relieved when a gloved hand touched your shoulder “it’s just me” relieve flooded through you “Elijah what do you want” breathing out the cold air you waited, gasping as he cupped your face, pressing a kiss to your lips. Pulling away he rubbed your cheek “I came to apologize. Rebekah, after you left she beat some sense into me.” You nodded, biting a smile “oh? And what’d she say?” He smiled “she said that I was being daft and you love me more than life itself and you putting yourself in danger, you’re just trying to help. You’re scared of loosing me, the same as I am of you, and if I can’t see that then I’m a blind idiot.” You smiled “she’s right” he nodded, his lips trailing the bridge of your nose “I know, but you have to understand I’m only angry because I care about you… I love you” you nodded looking up and kissing his lips “I know, I love you too and I promise I won’t TRY to put myself in anymore danger… That can kill me” he laughed nodding “alright fair enough” you both laughed, Elijah kissing your forehead “now c'mon get in the car so we can go home.”

Being a Badass

Title: Being a Badass 

Prompt: @castielohcastiel: Dean x reader, fluff, and prompt “Why are you walking funny?”  ***Note from me: I know…this is more hilarity than fluff…but as soon as I read the prompt, this idea popped in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone…I hope you like it.

 Summary: Dean likes to be a badass…but this time, being a badass took a wrong turn.  Luckily, only you and Sam were the only ones who knew about it…for now.  

 Warnings: Language.  

 Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather, @percywinchester27, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @thewicked-end, @nerdwholikesword, @chelsea072498, @pizzarollpatrol, @savingapplepie-eatingthings, @cici0507, @wayward-mirage, @charliebradbury1104, @melonberri, @bellastellaluna, @pinolief2001

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You were curled up in one the nice chairs in the library when you hear the bunker door open. A smile ran across your face as you jumped up quickly and ran to the front stairway.  Sam and Dean had been gone for a week and a half on this last hunt, and you missed them terribly.  Especially your boyfriend, Dean.  

You couldn’t wait to run into his arms and have him lift you up, kiss you, and swing you around in a circle, just like he did after ever hunt.  You were no hunter, just a civilian who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with a vampire…or maybe it was the right time, because that was how you met Dean, and that was how your relationship with him started.

“Dean!”  You let out a squeal as you turned the corner, but then stopped.  He wasn’t even to the bottom of the stairs yet, he had a tight grip on the railing as he slowly made his way down, shifting and doing a little hop every other step.  His other hand was down by his hip, as if he was trying to restrict his movement.  “Why are you walking funny?”  

Dean’s head snapped up as he reached the final step and gave you a nervous smile.  “Oh, it’s nothing.  Just a…little sore…”  He said.

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The taxi had to pick them up soon; luckily they didn’t have a lot of stuff, only one suitcase. Nate still wasn’t feeling well and claimed to be hallucinating at times so Tobias helped him walk out of the hotel.

“Are you sure?” Nate asked suddenly, so quiet that only Tobias could hear.

“About what?”

“All of that, I mean… Mega Rock Fest is so important to you. Ted and the band, they’d be disappointed to know that you’re letting them down at the most essential moment.”

thegreatkishiberohan  asked:

One more please HC for Diego where he turns into a dino every time he blushes

[ this is going to go horribly.]


- Steel Ball Run is going great, he’s come in first a few times, turned into a dinosaur once, life’s good.
- That was until he realised that there seemed to be a horrible side effect for whenever he gets embarrassed.
- First time it happened was when someone mentioned that he would have made a cute couple with you, luckily it was in the hotel lounge late at night so there weren’t many people who saw the egoistical boy turn into a dinosaur.
- Second time it happened, was when he lost to Johnny and tired out his horse so much he couldn’t continue for a while. It was a disaster, his horse was now tired and terrified of his dino form, walking back was a mess.
- At least then, there was no one to see the confused dinosaur. Bless that.
- And each subsequent time it happened Diego just swore to find a way out of this, knowing it would lead to some horrible instance soon, he wasn’t THAT lucky.
- The most memorable time it happened was when you spoke to him after that same part of the race, he just turned back into a human only to see you telling him not to give up and that you were concerned when he wasn’t in the top 10
- Then it was dino time, queue a mix of a dino/human scream of irritation, and his embarrassment when you got over the initial shock and said he was cute as a dinosaur just left him in his current state even longer.
- “ Stop talking to me!” He tried his best to push you away so he would have less of a chance to get flustered but you laughed it off and said you know he doesn’t mean it before BAM DINO TIME!
- It’s horrible he hates it but to see you smile every time he gets blushy and turns into a dinosaur was half worth it, thank god you didn’t get scared away.
- The irritation kicks in when you purposely pull off some embarrassing stunts and getting him involved, that’s when he actually scolds you for it, though your pure apology of course turned him into a dino again but you promised to stop and he was ok with it. 
- Will this hell ever end, he hopes you’ll end up with a stand that can help him or Jesus save this man. Dino love is pure love.

Feb 11, 1992…

It was my first year at NYU and my roommate Brad happened to have landed the role of the singing voice of Aladdin. I knew the recording session was happening that day, and wished him good luck the night before.

Brad left me a message on our dorm room answering machine: Quick! Hurry uptown now! I could attend the recording session in progress, as his guest!

Luckily I had walked back to my room after classes in time. And luckily I actually clicked on the machine to check messages; I often didn’t do that. This was an age before mobile phones so the urge to constantly check messages etc, was not in my programming. But I checked and I heard the message.

I immediately ran downstairs from our 15th floor dorm room in Rubin Hall (room 1508) on 5th avenue. I hopped in a cab. There was a lot of traffic… I remember regretting not taking the subway. I was freaking out, worried I would miss it…

Luckily, I got to the studio in time to watch both songs recorded: ‘A Whole New World’ and 'One Jump Ahead’. Brad Kane and Lea Salonga were singing. Alan Menken was there, as well as Ron Clements and John Musker (though I didn’t know what they looked like then to know it). There was a 65-piece orchestra playing. The music sounded big and beautiful. Hard to describe… I was already a huge fan of the Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast, and the music sounded similar to those, but so big and right there like you could reach out and touch it. It was emotional. It was huge. It was awesome.

This was beyond exciting for me, this super nerdy college freshman who was dreaming of one day working in animation…and especially, working at Disney. What are the odds that I ended up with a roommate that gave me this opportunity? Crazy.

This day definitely inspired me even more to stay on my path to try and work at Disney Feature Animation. And I did get there, just a little more than 4 years later, starting as an inbetweener on Hercules.

At the Aladdin session, lyricist Tim Rice was sitting near me and he was rewriting lyrics on the spot for the 'One Jump Ahead’ reprise. He was trying things, scribbling ideas down, running xeroxes by himself and then handing them out to everyone in the room, including me.

I saved it of course…

Here’s a little piece of history that I’m certain most of you have never seen…

Red Hands

Title : Red Hands

Pairing : Gabriel X Reader

Word Count : 3,180

Prompt : The song Red Hands by Walk Off The Earth. The reader is having a bad day, and when the boys ignore you, there is only one thing to do; begin a prank war. Luckily, you know someone who pulls the best pranks, and the Trickster is never too far off.

You were having a perfectly normal day.

You had even baked the boys some lunch for the first time in years. Most of the time, you didn’t have time to cook, let alone have time to eat it. With the never-ending stream of crap that spewed into your lives in the forms of werewolves and vampires and demons, you never had any time to be a normal human being.

And thank God, because as it turned out, being a normal human being was really REALLY boring.


“I swear Y/N, if you say you are bored one more time I will lock you in the dungeon. I swear to god.” Dean hissed, his voice tight with annoyance.

You heard Sam chuckle at his brother’s comment, but he kept his attention on the book he was reading, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. It was the first book you had ever seen Sam read that was pure fiction. You could tell things were slower than ever when Sam had abandoned his usual research in order to pleasure read.

“But Dean.” You sat up from where you had been lounging on the sofa. “Not even Cas wants to drop by, and he is the most tedious person in the history of existence.”

Dean grit his teeth and ignored you for the most part. “Go read a book or something.”

“I’ve read them all.”

“Then take a freaking nap.”

“I’m not tired.”

“For the love of—” Dean stood up and moved into the kitchen. He threw open the cabinet and returned to where you sat, a bag of chips in his hand. “Eat, then. Whatever you do, just shut up. Please.”

You frowned at him and he stared back at you as you angrily snatched the bag away from him. “Fine.” You stood up and moved away from the living room. You shot Dean and Sam a look as you moved to the stairs. “You guys are the worst!”

“Eat the freaking chips, Y/N.” Dean snapped, turning his attention to one of his Busty Asian Beauties magazines.

You grumbled to yourself as you stomped up the steps, agitatedly. Living in constant peril had its negatives. Apparently, you and the boys could only be entertained when your lives hung in the balance.

You glanced over your shoulder. Dean was still sitting at the kitchen table, his headphones stuck in his ears. You hesitated as a thought struck you, and then you moved past your room and snuck down the hall. You opened the door to Dean’s room as quietly as you could and slipped inside.

You didn’t know why, but trying to find secrets about the oldest Winchester to use on him later seemed like the best bet at the moment.

You sat down on his bed, popping a chip into your mouth, looking around. His room was really neat; it kind of surprised you. You always figured Sam would be the organized one of the two. You looked around and spotted a box peeking out under the corner of the bed. You crawled over the surface and laid on your stomach as you pulled the shoebox up for inspection.

You pried open the lid gingerly and your face split into a sly grin. “Oh my gosh.” You lifted a scrapbook and flipped open the pages. “No way.” You suppressed an amused giggle as you flipped from page to page full of Pokémon cards. You set the book down and lifted up a pair of pink panties. You frowned with an amused snort. “What the heck, Dean?” Was he keeping souvenirs of his hook-ups now? You bit your lip to keep a laugh at bay.”

You noticed a piece of gold and you lifted up a small chain. It was a locket. You opened it gently, only to find that it contained nothing. You frowned and lifted up a picture from the bottom of the box. You felt a slow smile work onto your lips. It was a picture of you and the boys, Castiel mushed in between Dean and yourself as Sam leaned in from the side. It had been taken on Dean’s phone three years ago. He had claimed to have deleted it, but you were glad that he hadn’t. At the very bottom of the box were five DVDs. You grinned maliciously and lifted them up in your arms.

Dean was going to be so upset when he went looking for his “movies”. You grimaced as you looked at the picture on the cover of the top DVD, a girl was bending over facing the camera, biting her bright red lip as a figure stood behind her…

“Why?” You grimaced to yourself, trying not to let the image eat into your brain.

“I know, that position is hardly realistic, let alone pleasurable.”

You whirled around, almost forgetting not to scream at the golden voice behind you. It took you a few seconds to calm your frantic heartbeat so that you could shoot a menacing glare at the intruder. “Gabe!”

The angel was leaning cockily against the closet door, his arms folded over his chest, a sucker stick poking from the side of his pursed, handsome smirk.

“What the heck are you doing here?”

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(I saw this and this is my first thoughts ↓)
You’ve decided to join a swimming club and today is your first day. You’ve found the way to dressing room and fast changed to swimsuit.
-Uhm could you tell me where can I find a coach? - you asked shyly one of the boys walking by. He politely gave directions and described how coach looks. You thanked and fast went that way to the pool searching for described person. Luckily you’ve found him soon enough.
-Good afternoon, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, erm, I’m new here.
- Oh hello Y/N!, nice to meet you. I’ve heard that we’ll have a new member. Unfortunately, I don’t have time right now to show you around. You won’t mind if I’ll ask someone else to do it? - kind looking man smiled at you worriedly.
-Uh, of course not. - you smiled back
-Alright.. Makoto! - coach called someone gesturing them to come. Soon you saw tall well-built boy running towards you.
-Yes? How can I help? - he asked as soon as he came. His kind green eyes layed on you interested to see a new person. All you could do is to keep your eyes away from his still dripping wet muscular chest and try to hide your blush as he brushed his hair back.
-This is Y/N and they’re new here.. Could you show them around? - coaches voice scattered your thoughts.
- Of course! - sweet smile shined on boys face - I’m Makoto Tachibana, nice to meet you. I’ll be glad to help you. Shall we go? - his eyes glimmered in the light and you could feel as your knees getting weaker with every word that escaped his lips.
-Nice to meet you too.. O-of course. Let’s go. - you managed to answer and started walking right next to him thinking how to hide your burning red cheeks.

Yoongi Scenario: Attitude.

Request: omg could u make a yoongi one and like the reader is a classical music major while yoongi is from a completely different department which specializes in hip hop and you guys meet in an unpleasant way which leads to an argument about what music is better? thank you so so much i love you guys!!! 

Genre: Fluff.

You were walking as fast as your legs could, pressing your team to also walk quickly, you were running late for rehearsals and you couldn’t waste time of practice, first because the Music Exhibition Festival was coming in just three weeks and second because right now the university was running low with practice rooms for everyone to rehearse their routines, so you either had to look for one outside of campus or fight for a slot to use one in campus.

Luckily you had managed to snatch one for a good two hours and a half, so you had to hurry up to not lose even one minute of that precious time.

-Hurry up girls- one of your team mates said since you all knew how important this was for everyone, you were already with practice clothes on beneath the sport’s wear that you all had on top, that way you would lose less time changing and getting ready for the actual practice, of course the ballerinas you put on just before start.

Being the head group of classic ballet represented a great pressure, doing a whole routine without instructor or any sort of guidance was a challenge. But that was precisely what the festival was about, if you could manage to pull off a great performance then you’d gain attention not only of the directives of the university and all the professors, but also of potential companies and sponsors that would consider to work with you. It was big deal to say the least, and you were planning on taking it very seriously.

You were in the correct hallway just midway to the practice room when you saw a group of boys coming your way, they were dressing informally, some of them with neutral and basic colors but some others with really flashy styles, they looked like they belonged to the hip hop department, not on this building, so you didn’t think much of them besides that, until the group of boys stopped just in front of the door you were looking for.

You had to hurry your legs to go faster to actually get there before a blond guy opened the door. If he got there by mistake then it would just take time of your practice, so you better save time telling him to refrain from entering a reserved room.

-I’m sorry, but this practice room is already taken-

Yoongi stopped his movements, turning slightly too see who was talking to him, he saw a group of girls wearing sport jackets and pants, all of them delicate looking, kind of like dolls, he didn’t have to think too hard to guess they were a group of ballerinas.

-I think you are mistaken- he answered, not wanting to lose his time with this type of girls, looking at the one who had just spoken he figured she must be troublesome to say the least.

You frowned, quickly putting yourself in the way of the blond guy and the door, your girls stayed behind but the three boys that were with him all looked at you weirdly. The guy raised his eyebrows.

-What are you doing?-

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My only Sunshine

Heeey, who would’ve thought that I would finally upload a new imagine c’: I was just listening to k-pop again today for the first time in forever and suddenly felt the urge to write.. so I thought why not finish an imagine I had started to write long ago? I hope this isn’t as bad as I’m thinking and that my writing is at least not getting bad c:

Hospitals have always been creepy to you. Having to sit in an almost empty room all day long because no one came to visit. Hearing a pair of feet walking down the long hallways at night, hearing children cry for their parents or patients moan in pain. It has always been hell for you having to go there.

So here you were once again, but this time not because of a broken hand or the flu, luckily. The last time you had the flu, you couldn’t walk on your own for two days because you feet couldn’t even carry your weight. This time you weren’t here because you were ill, no. This time it was your boyfriend, Andy.

Honestly, it was no surprise to you that he was now in a hospital. All of the touring from one country to another had to have its disadvantages at some point. It’s been a week since he’s been in the hospital because of pneumonia. He looked awful and his voice was deeper than it ever was. He almost sounded like an old man with a deep , scratchy voice.

With a quiet squeak, you opened the door to Andy’s room. He was already sitting on his bed, waiting for you with a big grin and after you quickly sneaked inside, he already crushed you in a big hug. “There you are, clumsy”, he chuckled, his deep voice only making you blush even though it sounded kind of weird. That’s the effect he had on you even after all those years. “Hello, handsome”, you giggled quietly, “How are you feeling?”

It was like those words caused him to slightly sway and take a few small steps backwards quickly. Your gaze softened and worry was written all over your face.

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Dear Jiary | 161020

Meeting Place | Dear Jiary (Jackson)

Genre: F
words: 1.4k

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