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I’m so confused, I really would love to go into Nursing and become a nurse because that’s something I really really want to do.

However, as time goes on through my AS Levels, I’m starting to change my mind because two of my teachers (one for Chem, one for Biology) are absolutely crap. I’m warming up slowly to my Biology teacher (but he really can’t teach for shit) but my Chemistry teacher really annoys me, he is just so horrible. He’ll walk around and look at everybody else’s work and say something like whether they got the answer right or wrong but when he comes to me he just carries on walking, I don’t get a look or comment and he’s just so up himself and uses his power and argh I hate it.

I want to make a difference and I’m starting to think about teaching because I don’t want younger generations to have to put up with the crap I have to, Biology is the only subject that really springs to mind that I’d want to go on to do.

But I’m so torn between being a Nurse or being a Biology Teacher because I really really want to be a Nurse but then I really really want to make a difference (plus Biology is quite interesting).

Basically, help.


I’m getting that déjà vu feeling again…

Imagine bestfriend!Woozi being totally cool with you wearing his clothes because he thinks you look good in them.

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