luckily her sister was adopted too

This is Hunter! Hes a solid black cat with a deformity (third eye) and he represents not only black cats, but cats who have a physical abnormal trait. Hes purposefully a super lovable kitty in personality, and brings good luck to counter the “bad luck” mindset. His name is Hunter because when I was recently kitten searching and at a shelter, there was a black cat named hunter who was adopted on the spot by someone. I wasn’t abble to adopt a black cat as it was my sister and my mom adopting kittens out of the litter we were looking at, and the black kitten that was there was too busy doing things and didnt connect with them. However, we went back for her, but she had luckily found a home already with her sister. I love black cats, and I want to adopt a black cat when I am able to adopt another kitty later in life.

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Horrible AA Ships

Making this masterlist because I have seen SO MANY terrible ships in this godforsaken fandom even though I’m still new to it. Feel free to tell me about more ships to add, as I am not familiar with them all.

Below are mentions of pedophilia, incest, and abuse, so read this with caution.

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