luckiest girls today!!


It finally arrived from Trollsmond !!! T7T
I was afraid something happened on the way to me, but the Mail-woman came in the last minute or else I has to wait longer because of the holidays we’re having on monday and tuesday :“D

But omg, this girl made it possible for me to play because I wouldn’t have the money for it for possibly the whole year T_T <3
I’m so thankfull!
Ma Art-skills are yours for 4 whole pictures with color and all stuff! 

@haranatsuga I’m the luckiest girl today, I swear!!! I love him so much and I cannot imagine that I can see him on the street *cryalots*. He walked so fast but so polite to stop and take picture with me, and hug me!!!!!!! I think I cannot sleep tonight!!!
#chrisevans #captainamerica #civilwar #leipzig

today i made a perfect juice, got a ps vita, fed the chickens, walked the dog, met chris hardwick, went to the ant-man premiere, bought dinner 4 bae

feeling like the luckiest girl in the world today