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The first Friday 13th :

Black cats (crossing your path) are considered a sign of good luck in the Uk and Japan. And I hope everywhere else anno 2017…

So, here is a black cat for good luck today. (Maybe my headaches will soon go away) 

(via : Raphaël Tuck Postcards -UK -( real photograph printed in england, copyright London

A kiss for good luck
  • Spock: I calculate our chance for successful completion of this mission at 23.846 percent.
  • Kirk: Well how does a kiss for good luck change our odds, Mr. Spock?
  • Spock: A kiss, sir?
  • Kirk: An old human tradition. If you get a kiss for good luck from someone you care for then there is no way you can fail.
  • Spock: That is highly illogical Captain.
  • Kirk: When have you ever know humans to be logical?

I honestly can’t run this blog anymore!! I am going through a very bad state in my life. I am starting to have reoccurring panic attacks due to the extreme hardships I am going through these days.

I am not going to delete but will change into a Hiatus theme and be inactive until further notice.

P.S: this might be irrelevant, but since most of my followers are younger than me, I would like to give you guys the advice to take the path in life in which you believe you are going to shine. Be honest with yourself and may you achieve your goals and be the person you want to be!!!

Luck pt. 2

Request“Luck” was soooo good! Any chance for part two with meeting the cast and taking care of the baby?

Words: 1525

Pairing: Lin x Reader

part one is here

Exhausted wasn’t the right word. You were so far past exhausted you needed a new word just to convey how tired you were. Regardless, you swung your legs out from the warmth of your blankets and got to your feet. The alarm clock next to your bed read 3:46 am as your baby girls cries echoed throughout the apartment.

“(Y/N?)” Lin whispered, his voice groggy as he slipped into consciousness.

“Go back to sleep Lin-Manuel, you have a long day tomorrow.” You replied, leaning over and placing a kiss on his forehead.

“You sure?” He mumbled, more alert this time as he registered the sound of Elizabeth crying.

“Yes, you’re the one with two shows tomorrow.” The concern on his face was prominent, illuminated by the glow of the streetlights outside the window. You placed a kiss on the edge of his mouth before walking to the crib, courtesy of Lin’s mother.

“What’s wrong my darling?” You asked, reaching into the crib and picking up your crying baby girl. She continued to wail incessantly so you checked her diaper, searching for a cause, but finding nothing. Not knowing what else to do you began rocking her and softly singing a lullaby.

However, nothing seemed to be working. Your little girl wouldn’t stop crying. Before you could stop them, you had tears running down your own face. It was just so overwhelming at times and you were so tired and your little girl was crying and you hadn’t the slightest idea why.

“Hey.” Lin said from behind you, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your shoulder. “Everything will be okay.”

“Why won’t she stop crying?” You sniffled. Lin moved from behind you to in front of you and motioned for you to hand him Elizabeth. You obliged and he began rocking your daughter, singing to her in Spanish.

He was too good to you. Ever since you gave birth he had practically moved in with you. Neither of you formally asked the other out, so to say, it just happened naturally. You two fit together so well you didn’t know how you didn’t see it before.

Not to mention he absolutely adored Elizabeth. No matter how tired he was when he came home after a performance he would always find time to play with the infant. Seeing the two of them together was heartwarming.

“I love you, Lin Manuel.” You said, gazing lovingly at the man standing in front of you, rocking your now sleeping baby. He looked up at you, a warm smile on his face.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

“They really wanna meet you and Elizabeth.” Lin pleaded as you finished changing your daughters diaper.

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea to take a six-month old to the show, what if she begins crying, it would disturb everyone else.” You tried to reason, placing Elizabeth in her highchair so you could feed her.

“My voice comforts her, you know that, I’ll be seeing practically the whole time, it will be fine. You’ll be a good girl won’t you Eliza?” He asked, turning to coo at your babbling baby. 

A particular set of babbles caused you and Lin to freeze.

“Da da da da da.” She cooed happily, arms outstretched towards Lin. You turned to each other, wide eyed, his holding unshed tears. It wasn’t something you talked about, it wasn’t something you thought you had to think about. And it wasn’t, not really, you knew the answer already.

“Dada.” You confirmed, choking on your own tears, causing Lin to do the same. He picked up Elizabeth and held her tight to his chest.

“I think that was her saying she wants to see the show.”

Able to dispute Lin’s logic, but deciding not to, you ended up sitting in the packet Richard Rogers theater the next day, Elizabeth sleeping in your arms. She woke whenever Lin’s voice rang through the theater and only became fussy once, but immediately quieted down when you gave her a bottle.

She woke to the roar of the applause when the show was finished. You frantically wiped away the tears running down you face as you were escorted back stage. You knew Lin was a genius, he had played you a majority of the songs from the show on his piano at home and you listened to the soundtrack from his first musical, In the Heights, more times than you could count. But seeing it live, it was moving to say the least.

“I hear my niñita!” You heard Lin call the moment you arrived backstage. The man himself appeared immediately, drawn by Elizabeth’s cries. He placed a chaste kiss to your cheek while grabbing your daughter from your arms.

“You are a genius Lin Manuel.” 

“No wonder he’s so big headed, he has a beautiful woman constantly talking him up!” Another man laughed, you recognized his as George Washington from the musical.

“Oh shut it Chris.” Lin said, turning his attention away from Elizabeth for a split second.

“Christopher Jackson.” The man said, offering his hand to you with a charming grin. “You must be (Y/N). It’s a miracle to hear Lin talk about something other than you or your little girl.”

“A pleasure to meet you.”

“The famous (Y/N)!” A female voice exclaimed and a woman with long dark hair rushed towards you, Eliza. “I thought we’d never convince Lin to let us meet you! I’m Phillipa.”

“It’s my pleasure, I’m so glad I finally got to see the show, it was utterly brilliant.”

“And look at this precious little one! She is cute as a button!” You laughed as more and more of the company arrived, immediately fawning over your daughter, not that you could blame them.

“No one can resist a baby.” A voice next to you commented with a laugh and you turned to see a tall woman standing next to you, Angelica. “I’m Renee.”


“(Y/N), I know. Lin never shuts up about you.” She laughed, putting an arm around you shoulder. “How’s the new mom life treating you?”

“It’s exhausting.” You say with a smile.

“The first year is the hardest, you’re paranoid about everything.” Renee said, rubbing your shoulder.

“Do you have kids?”

“A son, I remember that first year. There’s times you think you won’t make it, but it all works out.”

“Thank you, I really needed to hear that.”

“If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call, you can get my number from Lin.” The woman’s kindness warmed your heart.

“(Y/N)!” Lin called, finally breaking free of the crowd, Elizabeth happily babbling about.

“I thought you would never talk to me Lin Manuel.”

“I’m a proud father what can I say?” Your heart felt so full of love you thought it would burst. Less than a year ago you were a struggling, single mother-to-be who couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But now, now your life was so full of light it still seemed like a dream at times.

“I think it’s past Elizabeth’s bedtime.” You commented as you little one let out a yawn that had everyone ‘aww’ing. 

“Alright, I just need to get changed and I’ll be back in a flash.” Lin said, handing Elizabeth back to you and kissing your forehead lovingly. You chatted with a few more members of the ensemble while waiting for Lin.

“That was amazing Lin Manuel, it really was.” You praised as you rode in the back of a dark cab, head leaning against his shoulder as Elizabeth slept in your arms.

“You’re amazing.” He replied and you raised your head to see him gazing down lovingly at your and your daughter. “You’ve given me so much (Y/N), you love, a family. I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

“I’m the lucky one Lin Manuel. You take care of me and Elizabeth, I have a family in your parents, and I have you.”

“Marry me.” Your breath caught in your throat and your eyes shot up, meeting his slightly panicked ones. “Wait, no, my mom’s going to kill me if she finds out this is how I proposed. Forget I said anything.”

“Yes Lin Manuel, a million times yes.” You might not have known each other long, you used to criticize people who married people they knew for less than a year but it was different with Lin. You weren’t a lovesick school girl, you loved Lin and he loved and your daughter. There wasn’t anyone else you wanted to be Elizabeth’s father.

“I don’t even have a ring yet.”

“When has anything in our relationship gone in the right order?” You pointed out, an enormous grin on your face as you gazed into the intelligent brown eyes you fell in love with.

He pressed his lips against yours and you couldn’t be more thankful to your ex. Because of him you had a beautiful little girl and a man so perfect you still doubted he was real at times. Your life was far from perfect, but you considered yourself the luckiest woman in the world.

A/N: The people asked, and by people one person, and I (tried my best to) delivered! Hope everyone enjoyed! I am taking requests at the moment so feel free to drop by my inbox! Thanks for reading!

Indicators of Wealth in Astrology

Pluto aspects to Jupiter and Venus
Pluto aspects to Moon and Neptune.
Jupiter/Venus aspects.
Favourable aspects from Jupiter/Venus to rulers of 2nd, 11th house.
Jupiter, Venus, or Sun in 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 11th houses
Abundance of Earth/Water signs, especially Cancer and Capricorn.
Planets in Cancer, Capricorn, or 10th House 
Abundance of Taurus and Sagittarius.
Multiple planets in 2nd, 8th house.
Aspects of chart ruler to 2nd and 8th house ruler.
Strong stelliums.
10th House ruler aspects to Venus, Jupiter, or Saturn
2nd house ruler in 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th house
5th house cusp in Sagittarius shows luck through gambling or taking chances.
5th house cusp in Capricorn shows better rewards from long-term investments.
Planets in 8th show money from marriages or inheritance.
Pluto/Neptune aspects show money made through occult means/practices.

felix felicis potion

as a huge harry potter fan AND a witch, I just had to recreate the felix felicis potion – and here’s my recipe!

a few notes up ahead:
I have replaced nearly all the ingredients – for various reasons. one being that a couple of them do not actually exist, another being that I only use vegan ingredients (including honey) in my potions, and another being that one of them was near impossible to actually get a hold of
that being said, I made sure to understand the purpose of the ingredients as well as I could, and then replace them appropriately. all of the ingredients should be fairly easy to get!

the main idea of this potion is to help the drinker attract good luck, positive energies, and chance encounters. exact quote from my book of shadows:
“intent: create powerful, light-spirited, cleansing luck potion that attracts positive energy”

I have tried it once and it has worked for me for about half a day, but I had VERY little left to drink. you should try and get at least half a liter of water for this, because it does get quite condensed during straining.

you will need:

  • at least half a liter of charged, safe-to-drink water; you can charge it using a crystal that best reflects your energy/intent, the more powerful the better.
  • 2 tsp ginger (power & protection, instead of murtlap) / I used powdered
  • 4 leaves of laurel (energy, attraction of psychic and positive energy) / I used dried whole leaves; I also use them for spells
  • 6 leaves of basil (magical energy, good fortune) / I plucked them off my little basil plant
  • 4 tsp of allspice (good luck) / dried, whole allspice
  • 1-2 tsp of honey (cleansing, health, and to achieve the signature color better – aesthetics are also important (to me)) / store-bought, organic honey
  • a bottle of appropriate size !! I actually had to scramble for a bottle because I am a chaotic little flutter
  • a strainer (I use one of these coffee makers that strain when you press down)
  • a pot
  • some paper towels

this is my recipe – of course, you can adjust this according to allergies, your beliefs, or other doubts, but here’s how I made mine!

what you’re going to do:

  • first, pour the water into the pot and bring it to a boil.
  • while it is heating up, start adding all ingredients except for the honey and stir well with either a wand or whichever instrument you want to use.
  • stir clockwise as much as you need to.
  • once the potion is boiling, do not reduce it to a simmer!! keep it boiling (and bubbling) for at least 5 minutes and stir as much as you need.
  • once any dried ingredients you used are soaked and you feel the steam rising up carries a sweet, pleasant scent, you can start straining!
  • for this, you first want to strain any bigger leaves and pieces and pour the rest of the liquid into a glass or teapot, preferably one you can pour out of easily.
  • next, you will take the paper towels and carefully pour the potion that is probably still rather thick with powder into the final pot or bottle through the paper towels, only leaving clear, golden, powderless liquid behind. this is a bit difficult, and you might have to gently press the potion out of the paper towels, just make sure they don’t pop and release the residue!
  • once that is finished, you can add the honey and stir until it is completely dissolved.
  • the last step is to charge it under the sun! you can do this for as long as you want, I prefer to use the morning sun as it hits our balcony quite nicely, but that is your call. you can use a sigil to help along the charging process, but make sure not to get any ink into the potion! best place the sigil under the bottle if you want to do that.

and you’re done!
if you want it to work, I suggest about half a shotglass (so I think … 1cl?) for it to last throughout the day. I had about a quarter shotglass and it seems to have lasted approximately half a day.

go forth and have fun, friends! <3 good luck!