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  • Aventurine:  It also helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. It is also said to bring luck, especially in games of chance.
  • Amethyst: Promotes calm and healing. Wear when you need relief from worry, stress or depression.
  • Opalite: Outstanding gem for healing. And, for Cancerians, this stone is also useful for transitioning periods.

Zaffar Khan is Luck By Chance’s Richard Henry Lee: he serves a vital plot function, has the catchiest musical number in the whole movie, and though he’s only there for like ten minutes, they are the BEST ten minutes. That’s why he gets a picspam!

You can also think of this as a tribute to That One Time Hrithik Roshan Was Intentionally Hilarious And Had Normal-Sized Arms.


The 1975 were wonderful. Got everything I’ve ever wanted ☺️. And to people saying I stalked their studio and where they eat. I would be if I knew where it is. And this restaurant, if you knew me and read the full story on my IG:trvmanpink is my favorite restaurant. I go there weekly. All the staffs know me and they knew I liked them so they thought it’d be nice to notice me when they comes. I’m obsessed with them, yes but I don’t stalk them. Tell me, would you rush to where they are if u knew EXACTLY where they are. Don’t hate, just be happy. Wish all the fans the best of luck. Everyone deserves the chance to meet them as much as I do.

// L O V E // - Troy.


Crossover Time: Om Kapoor (Om Shanti Om), Zaffar Khan (Luck By Chance), and Cooper Anderson (Glee).

Zaffar Khan had accepted the role because it had sounded ideal on paper. A three-hero film, co-starring the insufferable-yet-bankable Om Kapoor and what the producer had described as “a rising star from America” who couldn’t speak a word of Hindi but could do his own playback singing. In reality, however…

“So… is this song comedic or dramatic?” Cooper Anderson asked. He usually directed his incessant questions to Om—probably because Om was louder—but the latter hadn’t seen fit to make an appearance yet today.

“Cooper-ji,” Zaffar said, his formality dripping with sarcasm that went totally unnoticed, “our characters just found out that their beloved professor is dying.”

“Yes…” Cooper pursed his lips. “You know, you’re not really giving me much to go on here.”

“Okay. Look.” Zaffar pointed his finger at the script. Cooper snapped to attention. “You see this word in the song title? Gham. It means sad.”

“Gum,” Cooper repeated. Zaffar didn’t bother trying to correct him. “Okay. Dramatic, then.”


“No!” Om burst onto the set, oblivious to the platoon of stylists trying to fix his hair and to the fact that he was three hours late for the shoot. “No, mm-mm, not anymore! I’ve just spoken with the producer—”

Zaffar sensed where this was going.

“—and he agrees that this scene needs some spicing up,” Om continued. “None of this quiet, sad, boring stuff. I mean, what the fish, who wants to see that? So I thought we’d make it an item number!”

“Of course you did,” Zaffar muttered.

“So we don’t want dramatic, we want excitement!” Om declared. He snapped his fingers at Cooper. “Got that, Hollywood?”

“Got it! You guys give me a minute. I’m going to go prepare.” Cooper wandered to an empty spot on set and began spinning in slow circles.

Om grinned. “You’re all so lucky to have my creative genius around.”

Zaffar sighed and went to find the choreographer.

(As you could probably guess from the marked increase in quality, the Cooper gifs aren’t mine! The one on the left is from cooptopia’s post here, and the one on the right is from this post by ragingbomer.)