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Dinner with a Stranger (2/3 or 4)

Dinner with a Stranger (2/3 or 4)
Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Warnings: mention of abuse, fluff
Word count: 1180

A/N: so this story now has a life of its own… good luck readers!

Tom pulled up at Y/N’s hotel at 6:55pm, finding a quick parking spot, he walked into the lobby and found her sitting with her back to the door. He silently walked up behind her chair and cleared his throat.

“Excuse me, ma’am, but do you have plans for this evening?” He asked, his voice soft. Y/N turned and smiled up into his sparkling eyes.

“Why no I don’t. What did you have in mind?” Y/N questioned.

“Dinner?” He asked, one eyebrow raising as he watched her stand and turn toward him. She looked amazing in grey slacks and a navy blouse. Her heels brought her head up to his shoulders. He extended his arm and Y/N smiled as she took it and fell into step with him as he led her to the car.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe you won't know the answer to this but how many calories does the gas station caffe ( hot chocolate, vanilla frappuccino) has

There are a whole lot of many different gas stations all operated under different firms and with different ingredients. Just google x firm x gas station coffee and hopefully something will come up. Good luck!

Best quotes from the new dnp craft video

“Friends are important. then you have more knives”

*laughing* “Lying makes you go to hell!”

“This one’s long with a big head. Like him!”

“Throw the smallest over your shoulder! No one wants that.” 

“I’ve selected as many knives as i have friends. Two!”

*heavy breathing*

“Next, grab your potato! Grip it with all your strength.”

“Slice it like it will remember it.”

“Chopping things fills me with good memories.”

“Sometimes its nice to look up at the stars and remember that theyre all already dead.” 

“The universe is so big….and cold.”

“If you make a mistake while cutting, just think about it for the rest of the day!”

“Phil. Too hard. You hurt it.”

“Space is violent.”

“I only trust my potato with my true friend”

“Im going to place mine [potato] in the trapdoor under my bed.”

*satanic shit*

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last monday, but I figured  Arin would be a good one next for yall, and as a bonus, as per the grump, heres the rest of his tweet aahaha

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing