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i speak in run on sentences and no one really appreciates that
kind of unfiltered language but it here is and
here it grates;;

all my ums and ahs and hrms maybes, probablys
and likes:
all space fillers to be
edited out

When I see you the sentence rests.
Words arrive completed.

Shukashuu’s thoughts on next month’s 1st LIVE from the March 2017 edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine!

All our best wishes for 1st LIVE, we’ll be cheering for you!ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ

  • Model: Natasha Poly | Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier | Fashion Editor: Daniela Paudice | Hair: Julien D’Ys | Make-up: Fulvia Farolfi | Nails: Megumi Yamamoto | Designer: Lanvin Resort 2014
  • Model: Alyona Subbotina | Photographer: Beau Grealy | Styling: Kate Sebbah | Designer: Rodarte SS 2012
  • Actress: Kate Bosworth | Photographer: Kaiz Feng | Styling: Brad Goreski | Designer: Tom Ford A/W 2011
  • Model: Coco Rocha | Photographer: Greg Kadel | Fashion Editor: Brana Wolf | Designer: Lanvin SS 2009
  • Model: Lottie Hayes | Photographer: Gregory Derkenne | Styling: Stephane Gaudrie | Hair: Tomoko Ohama  | Make-up: Yumi Endo | Designer: Prada SS 2014
  • Model: Kasia Struss | Photographer:  Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) | Milan Fashion Week: Gucci Spring 2013 RTW
  • Model: Kasia Struss | Photographer: Philippe Vogelenzang | Styling: Darcy Backlar | Designer: Couture Gucci Fall 2013

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It was your first time working on such a big shoot, but you somehow lucked out landing a magazine spread with Zico of Block B. The photographer was a friend of yours who thought your designs fit the concept for the shoot so she was more than happy to bring you on board. You were nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. This was single handedly the most important day of your life, It was the first time your designs were going public.

The first few outfits went really well, you only had one more outfit to shoot for. You were lucky that Jiho was so energetic and friendly. For a few moments you actually forgot that you were nervous.

You shuffled about back and forth on set helping to pick the best outfit for Jiho. He sat back in the dressing room as you laid out a couple of options for him. You had an idea of what his personal style was and wanted to choose outfits that complimented him. “How about one of these?” you looked over to him, only to find him staring at you. Immediately you looked back down toward the clothes, absently smoothing down out in an attempt to hide the rising blush on your cheeks.

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macaroniandcheesewhiz  asked:

Hey there, I am interested in milk snakes, and having a hard time finding active blogs that own them. I have a ton of questions, and I would rather talk to someone who owns them than a large store just interested in making profit. Do you have any suggestions? I've already looked up local reptile shows (not much luck), and random reptile magazines (I'm not sure if that info is accurate). Thanks for your time, and I understand if you're busy and can't get to this. Love your blog btw :)

Heyo! So I don’t know of anyone personally who owns milk snakes, but maybe some of my followers do? :)
And thank you friend! :D <3

CL’s Stylist on Crafting Her Hello Bitches Tour Wardrobe!

When you’re one of music’s best dressed performers, the fashion stakes are higher, and for K-pop queen CL, it isn’t enough to wear looks fresh from the runway. For the Hello Bitches tour, her first in North America, the superstar aimed to push things one step further with an onstage wardrobe that combined pieces from up-and-coming designers with custom items from her favorite houses.

Kicking off the nine-city tour with a sold-out show in New York, CL and stylist Matt Mazur debuted a fresh take on the streetwise look that has become her signature. For Mazur, who first noticed the star back when he was in college, working with her isn’t just another job, it is the experience of a lifetime. The two met almost two years ago through a mutual friend—Jeremy Scott, now creative director of Moschino—and soon began texting and exchanging ideas. Finding that their unique styles meshed, the pair quickly moved from being pals to collaborating on a world tour—a first for Mazur.

“I’m not a stylist by trade; I just started styling her—and that’s how I became a stylist,” said Mazur on the phone between fittings. “It’s been exciting. She’s someone I’ve known since I was 18 and so I’ve gotten to see her go from being a K-pop star to being personally invited by Carine Roitfeld to dinner during fashion month. I’m so happy for her.”

Here, he shares what goes into creating CL’s most fashion-forward looks.

The first look they collaborated on came together in less than a day.
MAZUR: “It was for Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent show in Los Angeles. She was in L.A.; I was I New York, and we FaceTimed once and I was like, Whoa, this is really happening! I requested jewelry from New York, and we pulled it all off in six hours. To this day it’s one of my favorite looks. She was wearing a blazer with the jewelry and had this platinum punky hair. I said we should just do one cross earring, and she liked the idea immediately, as we’re both very inspired by Madonna’s Truth or Dare period. CL loves real performers, the ones who dance, sing, and are characters onstage and off.”

Expect to see a more feminine take on CL’s onstage fashions.
MAZUR: “She likes to be more boyish; she’s very much a tomboy. I’m on the other end of the spectrum, so there is a good medium where we meet. We wanted to accentuate her body without making it vulgar, so we love cinching things now. Denim is something that in the past she wouldn’t wear onstage because it’s so casual, but now there are new ways to do denim—embellishment and patchwork. You can put a pair of jeans on with diamonds and it looks different. Exploring that method was something we were both interested in; we wanted each outfit to have a subtle relevance.

There is one outfit I love from Fortie; she’s this girl from England who did the peach corset Rihanna wore onstage at the OVO Festival with the denim chap Manolos. For CL it’s something her fans have never seen her in before, so I was like, we have to do this. They’re more used to a bomber and sweats, looking street, so to show her ladylike and delicate bridges the gap.”

Supporting young talent is essential.
MAZUR: “I was gravitating toward young designers who aren’t necessarily that established but are cool, the kinds of brands that are carried at Opening Ceremony, like Matthew Adams Dolan. We wanted to explore things you haven’t seen and aren’t that expected. We just did a fitting with Matt Dolan, and he designed this corseted oversize dress with these thigh-high cowboy boots. I love it and I think it is going to photograph so well. We’re mixing that with Givenchy couture because they’re doing a look for the tour, too. [The outfits are] very high and low, which suits both our personalities.

Supporting young designers is important. I think that’s one of the reasons why Rihanna is as big as she is [in fashion]; she wears so much young talent. Some of the other girls, they just know Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, so when Rihanna shows up wearing something people never heard of, it sets her apart—it’s one of the reasons everyone wants to be her. I love when people say I’m going to wear something no one has ever seen—that’s what Lil’ Kim did back in the day. Everything has been done, so you’ve got to keep finding something new and fresh.”

When CL sees a look she loves online, it becomes a part of the show.
MAZUR: “Misbhv also did a custom look that happened because CL texted me and said we should work with them. She’s really on it, always looking at shows and keeping track of what’s going on. It’s not something I would have initially thought of, but it came together really well and she loved it. In the end, it became the tour’s opening look.”

The one thing you’ll never see CL wear might surprise you.
MAZUR: “I want to put her in an all-pink outfit, but she hates pink! I’m always saying we should do pink, but she’s not having it. I’ve been trying to do pink subtly and work it in. There’s actually an awards show coming up where I think it might work, so wish me luck.”

Source: VOGUE Magazine

So I now have 5 copies of this magazine. I don’t need that many so I’ve decided to do a giveaway. It’s not going to be fancy or anything but if you like /reblog your url will go on in a list and I’ll pick randomly who I’m mailing it out too. I know a lot of people have been dying for the copy so it’s only fair!

I’m only leaving it up till next Monday the 7th of November.