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“Hi, I don’t know if you take requests for you dark!side Scripts, but I really wanted to know what would happen if she met Dark. And if you stumbled upon the meeting!!! Thaaanks” 

Oh! I didn’t expect someone to want a fic about Scripts! 
Hope you enjoy.

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Scripts didn’t quite understand how she managed all this. 
She put it all down to sheer, dumb luck. Something she gladly accepted. Because without it, she would be dead.
“Let me out,” Dark, yes, the Darkiplier, growled. “And you’re death will be quick.” 
Scripts had her back to him. A stupid thing to do, but it was the only way she could keep Dark from seeing the shocked expression until she composed herself.
Her luck started when her lure had worked. Dark appeared, seeking the information she had craftily passed in his direction.
Then the luck advanced when Dark lost his temper and stepped into the circle of markings on the floor. He had been so enraged by the lies she spun that his caution flew out the window.
Finally, her luck exploded when the markings were strong enough to keep Dark from using his abilities on her or taking another step closer.
They were faint inside her head. She couldn’t stop him completely, but his power was weak enough to ignore with enough will-power.
She had the Darkiplier in her basement. But…..what was she going to do with him? She hadn’t expected to get this far.
Scripts looked up when she heard footsteps stomping down the basement stairs. 
Her good mood soured when Scribbles entered the underground space. 
“Scripts, what on earth are you doing down……” Scribbles eyes widened when she hit the bottom stair. Her green eyes staring, open mouthed at the entity in the center of the room. “That….That better not be…I’m dreaming. I’m having a nightmare!” 
Scripts rushed over to Scribbles, grabbing her arm firmly and yanking her to the back of the room. 
“Ow! Ok, not dreaming. Dark is actually-”
“Yes.” Scripts hissed angrily. Shoving Scribbles into a wall. “Now shut up. What hell are you doing here?”
“This is my house! I live here.” Scribbles snapped. “What the fuck is Darkiplier doing in my basement? Why do you have a fucking Darkiplier in my basement?”

“That is a very good question, my dear.” Dark said, his impatient tone replaced by a smoother drawl. “I’d like to know that myself.”
Scripts pointed a finger at Dark, “Shut it. I’ll deal with you in a moment.”
Dark curled his lip, glowering coldly. “I’d watch that tongue, young one. This little circle won’t hold me for long. I’ll get out eventually, and it would be less fatal to you if we part ways on good terms.” 
Scripts faltered, something Scribbles hasn’t seen her do before. 
“Ok, seriously. How the hell did you manage this?” Scribbles hissed in a whisper. 
“Dumb luck.” Scripts replied with venom. “Sheer, dumb luck. I didn’t think any of this would work.” 
That was the good thing about Scripts. She was blunt, no beating around the bush when it came to answers. Something Scribbles was concerned about right now.
“And you still tried?” Scribbles exclaimed. “I may not like you, but I worry about what would happen to you if Dark got his hands on you. You tricked him didn’t you! Scripts you idiot! Do you realise what you’ve done? This is….he’s gone.” 
Scripts froze. “What?” 
Scribbles’ eyes were wider than before, her face empty of blood. She grabbed her evil half by the shoulders and spun her around to look at the room. 
The ink circle was empty and Scripts could feel the pressure in the room increasing. 
It was getting colder, the light-bulbs hanging from the ceiling were losing their brilliance.
If Dark was loose, why wasn’t she dead?
“Right….” Scripts moved back to stand behind Scribbles. “Take one for the team, girl.” 
With a rough shove Scribbles was sent hurtling into the center of the room. Her feet stumbled across the ink markings and she instantly felt dread surge through her body. 
She cried out and fell to her knees. Her body trembling with the sudden intrusion of Scripts power. 

However, her dread was replaced by fear when she noticed a pair of shiny shoes in front of her. 
Scribbles scrambled back, hitting an invisible wall as she tried to get away from Dark’s sneering gaze. 
“Oh, so he’s still trapped.” Scripts sighed with relief. “Good. Scribbles, entertain him while I go get something.” 
“What?” Scribbles couldn’t tear her eyes away from the entity. “Scripts! Don’t leave me here with him!” 
“Sorry!” Scripts replied song-like, her voice void of any warmth. “I’ll be back soon.” 
But as Scripts climbed the stairs, the basement door slammed closed with a thunderous bang!
Scripts sighed irritably and turned on her heel to stomp down the stairs. 
She approached the circle, keeping her distance as she crossed her arms over her chest and arched an eyebrow. 
“Open the door, Dark.” She demanded. 
“You’re not going anywhere till I am freed.” Dark replied with a deep rumble. 
“That’s not going to happen.” 
“Then you’ll be trapped down here until I break this seal,” Dark said with a roll of his head. “And trust me, you don’t want to make me wait.” 
Scripts huffed a laugh, “If you could break out of that circle, I’d be dead already.” 
“Although this is true, I’ll admit you are stronger than I anticipated. I applaud you for your craftsmanship, but it won’t hold me for long.” Dark glanced down at Scribbles. Causing her to swallow audibly and flinch as he moved to face her. 
“And you, foolish girl, what part do you have to play in this?” 
“N-Nothing. I just got home from work.” Scribbles explained. “Honest. I didn’t know Scripts was here until I heard voices.” 
Dark hummed softly and returned his attention to Scripts. 
“You have twenty seconds to remove these markings yourself before I break them. I will not ask again, child.”
“You in a rush?” Scripts asked, a little cockily. But her fingertips began to drip with ink as she felt her power in the markings loosen. 
“I am a busy man,” Dark said stonily. “And my patience is wearing thin.” 
Scripts stepped back, her arms unraveling from her chest and ink flowed from her hands, dripping onto the floor as the markings frayed and cracked. 
Scribbles got to her feet, staring as the black seals on the ground disappeared in a small burst of black flames. 
Dark lunged at Scripts, his fist crashing into her cheek and his other hand snaking up to clasp around her throat. 

“A newborn child,” Dark hissed as he slammed Scripts into the concrete wall. “You’re just as foolish as an infant. I’ll teach you a harsh lesson on respect, rodent.” 
Dark threw Scripts onto the ground, his shoe catching her ribs and sending her flying across the room. Shadows surged forward, swallowing her in its mass. 
Scripts lashed out at the clawing darkness. Her ink only splattering against the walls, slicing through the wooden table near the struggle.
Tendrils of black liquid snaked across the ground to grab at Dark’s ankles. But his foot came crashing down on the limbs and Scripts screamed in pain. 
“Err, Dark, sir..” Scribbles stuttered, braving to step forward. “If you wouldn’t mind, I have neighbors and this racket would probably get me a complaint.” 
She felt cold as Dark regarded her. Her body was screaming at her to run, but his gaze had locked her feet into the ground. 
“You are correct,” Dark finally said after a moment. “This little pest is quite a noise-maker. I’ll take her somewhere more fitting.” 
Dark waved his hand and Scripts flailing form disappeared in the expanding mass of shadows. To which sank into the ground and vanished. 
Scribbles seized up when Dark passed her. A cold presence flowed through her and she felt as if her body had been dunked in ice-water. 
“And for future reference,” Dark stalled on the stairs to speak. “If your little pet irritates me again, you will be joining her in class.” 
Dark smoothed down his suit jacket and continued up to the top of the stairs. He left the basement door open and as the pressure lifted, light and warmth flooded into the room. 

Maan! I won the lottery! 

I got the first prize in a raffle draw! I’m so lucky!

Ever heard someone you know saying this? And after that they give you this very emotional story of how they’ve won or how they got the prizes they’ve won?

Or ever seen Muslims who abide with these lucky charms or go copy the rituals of nonbelievers when it comes to asking for rizq, they do lottery, they put green stuff in their house for luck even statues to lure in luck… Astagfirullah.

They do everything but raising their hands to make du’a to Allah.

And when you try to tell them they should make du’a rather than doing those, they answer you back with “intention is in the heart.” Astagfirullah.

I will not go deeper in this issue, rather I want to enlighten you with a story about how when someone makes Allah Azza Wa Jall his guarantor in this dunya, things become easy for him and there is ease in situations that he or she goes through. 

It might sound as if it is not related to the lottery stuff, but read on and in sha Allah we can all ponder about the soul striking event that took place in this story.

Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu Anhu said that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam related the story of a person who asked another person to lend him one thousand dinars.

When the lender asked him to bring a few witness, the borrower said: “Allah is enough as a witness.”

Then the lender asked him to bring someone who could stand as a guarantor, the borrower replied: “Allah is enough as a guarantor.”

The lender agreed and gave him the loan for a fixed period.

The borrower went on sea voyage and carried out his business. When he had made his money and looked for a boat to return home to pay the lender at the specified time, he could not find one. So he took a log of wood, split it, put the money inside the cavity with a letter addressed to the lender, and sealed it.

Then he stood on the seashore and prayed to Allah, saying, “O Allah, you know well I took a loan from so-and-so. When he asked me for a guarantor for the loan, I mentioned Your name. I tried my best to find a boat so that I could sail back home and pay him the loan but I could not find any. Now I entrust the money to You.”

On the day when the specified period of the loan was over, the lener went to the sea, to look for a ship that would bring the borrower to pay him back. As he looked out to the sea, he saw a log of wood floating on the waves. He picked it up thinking he would use it later as fuel. When he reached his home, he split it to burn it, and discovered the one thousand dinars and the letter.

A few days later, the borrower came home and brought him a further one thousand dinars. The lender asked him: “did you send me something?” The borrower replied: “I told you I could not find a ship.” The lender said: “Allah conveyed to me the money you deposited with Allah in trust. Take back one thousand dinars and go home in peace.”


Subhan’Allah. The beauty of having Allah to witness everything that we do. Alhamdulillah.

It was not by luck that the piece of log came to the lender and definitely it was not by chance that he took it.

As Muslims, we do not believe in luck and chances, we believe in the Qadr of Allah Azza Wa Jall. 

It was written.

It was written that the log of wood be handed to the lender and that the lender would see and read what was meant for him. 

This is only one of the grandeurs of having Allah as our Guarantor and Witness in things that we do, so make it count. 

Remember, the beauty we get from this oath of having Him as Guarantor and Witness can also have a reciprocal of ugliness and that only comes when we do not do what we say or we do not commit to something we said we have committed. 

Indeed, Allah is All Knowing and All Aware. [49:13]

Also, see how the lender did not take advantage of the borrower, he could have easily taken the other one thousand dinars, but he did not, why? because He knows Allah was the Witness and Guarantor.

It’s sad how people are so easy to swear in the name of Allah these days, I hope anyone who does so, knows the weight and impact that this simple act can bring to you both in this dunya and especially in your grave. 

And we pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall enlightens everyone’s heart on trusting Him than taking chances on things that do not guarantee us of anything.




Story was taken from Sahih Al Bukhari Al Kafalah: Bab ul Kafalah fil qard, Hadith 2291

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I know most of you love Luke Windsor but I can't really stand him. Like why is he always there babysitting? I'm starting to think they're secret lovers.

Hi, little gray face!

Ya know, it’s been years since I went fishing, but I do remember that the success of the catch is significantly impacted by selection of appropriate bait. Also, it greatly helps if the bait is fresh. Maybe try another pond and a newer lure? Good luck and Happy Thorsday! :)

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Prompt idea: Chiaki, Hajime, Mukuro, and Naegi play Pokemon go and accidentally trespass.

A/N other pokemon go prompts: 1, 2

the double date prequel prompt

Uncharted Territory - pokemon go hinanami naekusaba

Since the last double date turned out to be a success, they figured that they might as well go on another one. Well, it was less of a date and more of a journey of sorts. Not just any journey but a pokemon journey at that.

Team Valor - Nanami
Team Mystic - Hinata
Team Instinct - Naegi, Mukuro

Nanami and Hinata weren’t just the seniors in the group but also the veterans when it came to the game. They’ve been playing this ever since the first day it was released and they’ve had this sort of friendly rivalry between themselves so they’re at a competent level. Even though the two were on separate teams, that didn’t ruin their friendship at all. In fact, it was just more fun for them. Hinata hasn’t beaten Nanami yet but he hasn’t tired from trying.

Naegi and Mukuro on the other hand just started out exactly one week prior to the excursion. It sounded like fun and so they tried and fumbled around with it. Even though they both started at the same time, Mukuro’s level was surprisingly higher than Naegi’s. This was because she overprepared and played a few extra hours… well more than just a few. Anyways, they’re also on Team Instinct mostly because Naegi arbitrarily chose so and Mukuro wanted to be on the same team as him.

With all four of them on a journey together, it was a whole new experience.

Naegi’s luck has lured all sorts of pokemon from the endless supply common types to the elusive rarest of the rare types. Mukuro’s skill has gained them access to hard to reach places and she had even climbed a building from the outside just to catch a pokemon. Nanami's expertise has helped them with the success rate of capture as she taught them tips and techniques. Hinata’s rationality has stopped them from getting in trouble especially whenever the two girls thought of doing anything extreme.

Together, they were a force to reckoned with.

Mostly because they always ended up trespassing.

“Guys, is this really okay?” Naegi asked worriedly.

And then Mukuro dropped down from the gate as she unlocked or rather, broke the padlock on it. “It’s open.”

“Yeah, because last time I checked, trespassing is illegal.” Hinata said matter-of-factly.

“It’s okay. We’re only going to be here for a short while.” Nanami reassured the guys.

“And what if we get caught?” Hinata asked her incredulously, not at all okay with this.

“We won’t.” Nanami answered confidently and then she turned to the other girl of the party. “Right?”

“Right.” Mukuro nodded back.

Before Hinata could argue any further, Naegi’s meak voice interrupted him. “Uhh, guys. I think I found the pokemon.”

Good news was that it was an ultra rare pokemon.

Bad news was that it was surrounded by a pack of rabid dogs ready to pounce on them.

“It’s okay. We’ve trained for this.” Nanami didn’t look the least bit worried.

“Sigma formation go.” Mukuro ordered as she positioned herself at the forefront of the group.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Hinata muttered as he went to his defensive position.

“But look on the bright side, isn’t this exciting?” Naegi chuckled weakly despite being afraid himself.

Some might say that they’ve taken this too far. And maybe they have. Literally.

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Just wondering if you have tips gor a heel? My year old is useless with it, and I am getting so frustrated. I just want to enjoy our walks!

I’m not a dog trainer, I can tell you how I taught it, but the likes of @keepitupwiseguy, @molosseraptor, @bigpointyears or @doberbutts are likely to have more useful tips.

With Mango I had zero luck luring her into a heel (so keeping food by my hip and having her stay in position that way), and actually taught heel by accident. I wanted to teach a ‘watch me’ command, so began by marking and rewarding every time she looked at me while we were out (we use ‘yes’ as a marker, but if you don’t use a marker you could also just reward). Once she was looking to me for treats regularly I added the cue ‘watch me’ just before she showed signs of looking at me. Within a relatively short time she would then look at me when I said ‘watch me’. Because I always had the treats in my right pocket, she was always being treated from my right hand, so eventually while walking Mango decided ‘watch me’ meant ‘look at human from their right hip’, as that was a useful habit to make I started only treating when she added the ‘on the right’ bit, and viola, heel.

Surprisingly she somehow manages to differentiate ‘watch me’ while walking to needing to be on the right and ‘watch me’ while in any other position (normally sit) as just watch human. She’s a smart cookie.